2018 Session I: Tanya R. Rutner

Scott Dueker
Educational Studies, Special Education
Helen Malone, Advisor

Teaching Addition to Learners with Moderate to Severe Disabilities Using Video Prompting

Academic performance for learners with moderate disabilities falls far behind their typically developing peers. Using SS design, three learners with moderate disabilities were taught single and double-digit addition video prompting. Results generalized to a different setting and social validity was high for parents, teachers, and learners.

Kristin Farley
Teaching and Learning, Reading & Literacy in Early & Middle Childhood
Shayne Piasta, Advisor

Characterizing and Identifying Associations of the Quantity and Quality of Early Childhood Language and Literacy Learning Opportunities

This study characterized the quantity and quality of children’s language and literacy learning opportunities as measured overall and across individual domains, and examined the associations among these multiple measures of quantity and quality. Findings revealed important differences in the learning opportunities afforded to young children.

Mehmet Kart
Teaching and Learning, Language, Education, and Society
Tiffany Wild, Advisor

Teacher Perceptions of Resource Room Practices for Students with Visual Impairments

Inclusion practices have been spreading for students with visual impairments. The resource room is one of the service delivery options of inclusion settings. The purpose of this study is to explore how resource room teachers describe resource room practices based on their experiences with students with visual impairments in a resource room.

Jacob (Jack) Popovich
Educational Studies, Workforce Development and Education
Chris Zirkle, Advisor

Describing the Effects of Select Digital Learning Objects on the Financial Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior of Community College Students

This research describes community college students’ financial attitudes, financial knowledge, and planned and actual financial behaviors in the areas of Budgeting/Saving, Credit, and Student Loans.