2019 Session I: Rosa M. Ailabouni

Randi Bates
Crane Center for Early Childhood (CCEC)

Hair Sampling for Stress Measurement in KICS

This presentation shows the feasibility and methods of sampling hair for cortisol concentration in high-risk mother-toddler dyads. We approached 142 low-income mothers of the Kids in Columbus Study for consent to cut approximately 150 hairs from the posterior vertex of the scalp from themselves and their toddler; 94 dyads participated.

Irene Hatsu, Cazilia Loibl, Chrisse Edmunds, Glennon Sweeney
hatsu.1@osu.eduloibl.3@osu.edu, edmunds.32@osu.edu, sweeney.270@osu.edu
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition

PANEL: Varied Effects and Implications of Food Insecurity Across Different Life Stages and Settings

Food insecurity (FI) is harmful at every life stage with detrimental effects on all aspects of health and well-being. We present on the effects of FI among children, youth and older adults in various settings. Discussions will encompass health, financial well-being and efforts at empowerment and transformative policies as related to food insecurity.