2014 Session I

Session I oral presentations will be held from 8:30AM — 10:00AM in breakout rooms located on the 3rd floor of the Ohio Union. Click on the room link for more information about the presenters as well as presentation abstracts.

Lauren Porter, Ahran Koo and Lauren Bailes

From Left: Lauren Porter, Ahran Koo and Lauren Bailes presented at the 2014 Student Research Forum. Copyright 2014 – The Ohio State University. All rights reserved.

Barbie Tootle Room: Lauren Bailes, Ahran Koo, Lauren Porter

Suzanne M. Scharer Room: David DiSilvestro, Jia-Yu Ke, Sin Nee Ng

Hayes Cape Room: Shaina Ervin, Justin Haegele, Megan Parietti

Rosa M. Ailabouni Room: Umar Abdullah, Juhyun Do, Shiao-Chen Tsai, Yanty Wirza

Tanya R. Rutner Room: Elizabeth Beggrow, Deborah Lan, Amanda Roble