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From Left: Morris Council, Jessica Bennett, Hollie Byrum, Mary Sawyer and Marnie Shapiro

From Left: Morris Council, Jessica Bennett, Hollie Byrum, Mary Sawyer and Marnie Shapiro presented at the 2014 Student Research Forum. Copyright 2014 – The Ohio State University. All Rights Reserved.

Jessica Bennett & Morris Council
Educational Studies, Special Education
Dr. Ralph Gardner, Advisor

Title: Effects of Computer-Assisted, Culturally Relevant, Repeated Reading Intervention on Oral Reading Fluency of Students At-Risk for Reading Failure
Abstract: Repeated reading interventions are an evidence-based practice to increase oral reading fluency. Computer-assisted instruction allows students to spend time independently practicing this activity. The use of culturally relevant material provides background knowledge so students are able to quickly reach their fluency goals. Implications will be discussed.

Hollie Byrum
Educational Studies, Special Education
Dr. Helen Malone, Advisor

Title: Effects of Reinforcer Quality on Pre-Academic Skill Acquisition With Students With Significant Disabilities
Abstract: Recent studies have focused on the use of eye gaze as an effective selection method for students with significant disabilities. This study will extend this line of research by being one of the first studies to teach a skill during a reinforcer assessment.

Mary Sawyer
Educational Studies, Special Education
Dr. Sheila Morgan, Advisor

Title: The Effects of Training and Coaching on Treatment Fidelity of Evidence-Based Practices in a Special Education Classroom
Abstract: Behavioral skills training was used to teach a preservice teacher to implement multiple evidence based practices within a response to intervention (RTI) framework. Instructional coaching was used to support high levels of treatment fidelity in her special education student teaching placement. Results and implications for future research and practice will be discussed. Contact:

Marnie Shapiro
Educational Studies, Special Education
Dr. Nancy Neef, Advisor

Title: How Can We Maximize a Supervisor’s Efficiency?
Abstract: We employed a multiple baseline design to evaluate the efficacy of a self-instructional package to train students to implement a paired-stimulus preference assessment. The results suggest the instructional package is sufficient for individuals to acquire the basic skills for accurate implementation. Contact: