2018 Session II: Suzanne M. Scharer

Yiting Lan
Human Sciences, Consumer Science
Drew Hanks, Advisor

Investigating how the number of nutrition content claims on the front of packages influence consumers

There is evidence that nutrition content claims on front of packages assist people understanding products nutrition information and choosing healthier food. This study was interested in investigating how the number of nutrition content claims on the front of packages influences consumers.

Sunwoo Lee
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Sherman Hanna, Advisor

Factors Related to Retirement Saving portfolio management, and Objective and Subjective Retirement Adequacy in Korea

This study explored the intention of retirement saving portfolio management based on the retirement adequacy level of married couple households. This study attempts to identify what types of households do not intend to manage saving portfolio, even though their lack of retirement funds is highly probable, and examine their characteristics.

Youngwon Nam
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Caezilia Loibl, Advisor

Financial capability of pre-retirees is related to better financial management, saving and credit use

Nationally representative data document that financial education in the workplace and greater experience with financial services are related to higher financial capability of pre-retirees, with regard to higher financial skills, emergency savings, planning for retirement, lowered financially fragility and use of alternative financial services.

Guangyi Wang
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Sherman Hanna, Advisor

The High Return Investment Ownership of Chinese Households: An Endogenous Probit Model

We investigated the determinants of Chinese households’ high return investment(stock, business, real estate)ownership. Besides household characteristics such as age and education, and risk preference, we found there is an significant interrelationship between each ownership choice, e.g., stock ownership is negatively related to business ownership.