2019 Session II: Suzanne M. Scharer

George Newell, David Bloome, Alan Hirvela, Matthew Seymour, John Brady, Theresa Thanos
Newell.2@osu.edu, davidbloome@gmail.com, hirvela.1@osu.edu, mseymour21@gmail.com, brady.123@osu.edu, theresa.siemer@gmail.com
Teaching and Learning, Adolescent, Post-Secondary & Community Literacies

PANEL: Teacher Participation in a Research Study: Epistemology, Ontology, and Potential for Improving Teaching and Learning

Our panel explores how the Argumentative Writing Project positioned language arts teachers as collaborators. We conducted ethnographic and discourse studies in case study teachers’ classrooms to consider how they enacted the principles of dialogic literary argumentation. We focus on issues that emerged regarding the potential for teacher learning