2019 Session III: Round Room

Karis Inboden
Human Sciences, Human Development and Family Science
Xin Feng, Advisor

A Naturalistic Observational Study of Maternal Emotion Socialization: Prospective Associations with Children’s Regulation of Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are among the most common forms of childhood psychopathology. This study examined if, and to what extent, mothers’ emotion coaching behaviors and emotion expression predicts children’s adaptive and maladaptive regulation of anxiety above and beyond child fearful temperament, child sex, and maternal anxiety

Paul Granello
Educational Studies, Counselor Education

A Faculty & Staff Stress Intervention

The purpose of this program is to share the results of a six week faculty and staff relaxation intervention conducted by the SMART Lab.

Micah Gerhardt
Human Sciences, Human Development and Family Science (HDFS)
Xin Feng, Advisor

Parental Affection and Mental Health in Later Life: The Mediating Role of Personality

Positive parenting early in children’s lives is thought to help protect children from mental and physical health problems. Personality traits have been posited to serve as mechanisms that link parenting and future mental and physical health outcomes. This study suggests that parenting is related to children’s health through children’s personality.

Priyankar Dey
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition

Green Tea Prevents Obesity by Alleviating Gut Dysbiosis in Association with Improved Intestinal Barrier Function that Limits Endotoxin Translocation

We provide evidence that green tea extract protects against diet-induced obesity consistent with a mechanism involving the gut-adipose axis that limits endotoxin translocation and consequent adipose TLR4/NFκB inflammation by improving gut barrier function.