Session I: Barbie Tootle Room

Lauren Porter, Ahran Koo and Lauren Bailes

From Left: Lauren Porter, Ahran Koo and Lauren Bailes presented at the 2014 Student Research Forum. Copyright 2014 – The Ohio State University. All Rights Reserved.

Lauren Bailes
Educational Studies, Educational Administration
Dr. Ann Allen, Advisor

Title: Professionalism, Mindfulness, and Citizenship: A Complex Path to Effectiveness
Abstract: This study examines the effects and interactions of four organizational characteristics on organizational effectiveness: mindfulness, teacher professionalism, organizational citizenship, and organizational justice. This inquiry uses a series of regression analyses to build a path model that tests the usefulness of organizational characteristics in predicting effectiveness.

Ahran Koo
Educational Studies, Art Administration, Education and Policy
Dr. Karen Hutzel, Advisor

Title: Art Education for Underprivileged People
Abstract: This study centers on examining situations of disadvantaged people and art education The art projects in this study include community-based art projects with black communities and low-income families, intergenerational and interracial art projects, and service learning programs in school curriculum.

Lauren Porter
Educational Studies, Quantitative Research, Evaluation, and Measurement
Dr. Ann O’Connell, Advisor

Title: Examination of Variability in Educator Access to Early Childhood Professional Development
Abstract: The proposed study will examine teacher usage of professional development modules administered for Ohio Department of Education Step Up to Quality certification, with a special focus on region trends in usage. Using HLM, the trends will be examined before and after modules are released in online formats. Contact: