Session II: Tanya R. Rutner Room

Session II Oral - Tanya R. Rutner

Session II Oral Presenters – Tanya R. Rutner (from left): David DiSilvestro, Catherine Saenz & Tingting Zhang. Not pictured: Eun-Sol Her.

Eun-Sol Her
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Soobin Seo, Advisor

Title:When The Health Halo Effect Becomes Stronger: The Role of Internal and External Cues
Abstract:Researchers have identified a health halo effect that explains why people unintentionally overeat when they perceive the food as healthy. This study examines the internal and external cues strengthening the health halo effect in a restaurant context by considering willingness to order desserts when provided with healthy or unhealthy entrees.

David Disilvestro
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Ouliana Ziouzenkova, Advisor

Title: The Effect of Thermogenic Capsules on Mice Fed A High Fat Diet
Abstract: This study shows the efficacy of encapsulated thermocytes in increasing thermogenesis and attenuating weight gain induced by a high-fat diet.

Catherine Saenz
Human Sciences, Kinesiology
Jeff Volek, Advisor

Title: Resting and Exercise-Induced Testosterone Responses in High-Level Ultra-Marathon Runners Habitually Consuming Low-Carbohydrate and High Carbohydrate Diets
Abstract: Low testosterone (T) is associated with lower muscle mass and bone mineral density. Ultra-marathoners are prone to training-induced hypogonadism but it is unknown if diet manipulation can mitigate this phenomenon. Resting and exercise-induced T in high-level ultra-marathoners were studied in athletes consuming low carb versus high-carb diets.

Tingting Zhang
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Jay Kandampully, Advisor

Title: Generational Differences on Consumers’ Complaint Behaviors and Post Recovery Responses
Abstract: This research employed a longitudinal method to identify the generational differences of consumers on their complaint behaviors and post recovery responses.