2019 Session II: Rosa M. Ailabouni

Emily Phillips
Human Sciences, Kinesiology
William Kraemer, Advisor 

Examining the Effects of Resistance Training on Cognition, Mood, Motor Function, Strength, Body Composition and Bone Density in Adults with Down Syndrome

Adult individuals with Down syndrome are an underserved population that are at great risk for a host of different pathologies from aging and lack of activity. Resistance training (RT) could be one modality that can significantly influence areas of interest. Our study will look at the effect of a RT intervention on many of these variables.

Keeley Pratt, Megan Ferribly, Catherine Van Fossen, Haley Kiser
pratt.192@osu.edu, Ferriby.2@osu.edu, vanfossen.49@osu.edu, kiser.105@osu.edu
Human Sciences, Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS)

PANEL: Keeping the Family at the Center of Family-Based Weight Management: Evidence using Family Systems Theory to Intervene on Pediatric and Adult Obesity

Four speakers will detail their use of Family Systems Theory in weight management research from recruitment, enrollment, assessment, intervention, and analysis. Particular focus will be on how FST can complement and expand current family-based behavioral approaches to weight management.