2019 Session II: Cartoon Room

Poster #33
Jingyi Zhu, Zhenjie Weng, Grace Kim

Foreign, Second & Multilanguage Education Presentation
Alan Hirvela, Advisor

Teacher Agency in Classroom-based Empirical Studies: A Research Synthesis

Teacher agency continues to receive growing attention in the field of language education. This presentation reports the major findings from analyzing the classroom-based empirical studies on teacher agency conducted in ESL/EFL/bilingual contexts and offers research and pedagogical implications for researchers, practitioners, and teacher educators.

Poster #34-36
Eric Anderman, Lynley Anderman, Alison Koenka, Alyssa Emery, Naima Khandaker, Robin Sayers, Jackie Von Spiegel
Educational Studies, Educational Psychology

School Adjustment in Internationally Adopted Youth (IAY)

Three linked posters will present collaborative research on the motivation and schooling experiences of internationally adopted youth. Two posters will report separate empirical studies, based on data from adopted youth and their parents. The third poster will present parents’ views on what they wish teachers better understood about their child.

Poster #37
Piaosa Zhang, Kangkang Luo, Jiaojiao He
Teaching and Learning, Science, STEM
ding.65@osu.edu, Advisor

STEM Curriculum:STEM Curriculum Design and Implementation For K-12 Students And Pre-Service Teachers

The Chinese Ministry of Education recently published the Mandatory Primary School Science Standards that highlights the critical role of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in STEM education. In response to the new standards, we have developed integrated and inquiry-based STEM curriculum for 5th and 6th graders. We also developed materials for pre-service teachers to engage in cooperative teaching experiences using the curriculum.

Poster #38
Qiao Guo

Teaching and Learning, Science, STEM
Lin ding & Mandy Smith, Advisor

Feasibility of MOOC-based English Blending Teaching and Learning Model in Local Universities

MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) is one of the fastest growing methods of knowledge acquisition that goes beyond the limit of time, location, and space. This study is designed to investigate how instructors at Ningbo University of Technology, a local higher institution in Zhejiang Province, P. R. China, view and practice MOOC in their classroom teaching.

Poster #39
Jinyu Zhao

Teaching and Learning, Science, STEM
Lin ding & Mandy Smith, Advisor

Construction of Evaluation Model for High School Biology Scientific Inquiry Literacy

Literacy of scientific inquiry is foundational to the study of biology. It embodies the discipline’s characteristics and values deeper engagement with the biology curriculum. In order to evaluate inquiry practices in biology more accurately and to further develop students’ scientific inquiry literacy level, we construct a three-dimensional assessment model of scientific inquiry literacy utilizing biological knowledge, scientific inquiry skills, emotional attitudes and values based on the three-dimensional structural model of Gilfert’s intelligence.

Poster #40
Shuhui Zhao

Teaching and Learning, Science, STEM
Lin ding & Mandy Smith, Advisor

Intervention study on children with developmental dyslexia in Chinese

People of dyslexia often have normal intelligence and can receive sufficient reading and education opportunities, but there are still individuals who have difficulty in reading. The study is designed to help Chinese students with dyslexia to improve their reading ability through a set of intervention courses, including speech intervention, orthographic awareness and morpheme awareness interventions.

Poster #41
Song Xue

Teaching and Learning, Science, STEM
Lin ding & Mandy Smith, Advisor

Empirical Research on Chemistry Teaching Based on Modeling- Take the study of high school chemical atomic structure as an example

This quasi-experimental study is aimed at developing a modeling strategy for classroom instruction and analyzes how this teaching strategy affects high school students’ learning of chemistry in China.

Poster #42
Yunke Hu

Teaching and Learning, Science, STEM
Lin ding & Mandy Smith, Advisor

A Study on Secondary Students Historical Thinking Abilities Training in Ontario and Its Inspirations

This study is designed to analyze the history textbook adopted for tenth graders in Ontario Province, Canada and to analyze several cases of classroom teaching in history education. The goal of the study is to summarize the strengths and weaknesses of teaching practices concerning the cultivation of student historical thinking abilities. This study offers suggestions and implications for secondary-level history education in China.

Poster #43
Laura Dahl

Educational Studies, Higher Education and Student Affairs
Matthew Mayhew, Advisor

Development of an Integrative Learning Measure

Integrative learning is the ability to connect, apply, and/or synthesize. This study piloted the 7-item Integrative Learning Measure with data from 1,919 college students at 3 institutions. Results from Rasch analysis suggest that the Integrative Learning Measure is valid and reliable and captures this highly valued outcome of college.

Poster #44
Che-Han Chen

Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
Francis Troyan, Advisor

ESP and L2 Reading: A Case Study of a Bilingual Reader’s Reading Process in Professional English

The present study is to investigate a bilingual reader’s reading process in an English for Specific Purposes (ESP) context. In particular, the study seeks to reveal the connection between the purpose of reading and the strategies employed by the reader when approaching highly specialized texts within the target community discourse.

Poster #45
I-Hsuan Chen

Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
Leslie Moore, Advisor

When Disney Meets English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Classroom

This article investigates the possibility of applying Disney films into EFL classrooms. To discuss the possibility, the article analyzes Disney films from two aspects: motivation and culture. The article includes a Disney themed EFL teaching plan, which supports the idea that Disney films can be applied into EFL classroom.

Poster #46
Emily Bumpus, Laura Miller, Shayne Phillips 

bumpus.27@osu.edu, miller.7910@osu.edu, phillips.1778@osu.edu
Educational Studies, School Psychology
Scott Graves, Advisor

The State of Cognitive Assessment Training in School Psychology: An Analysis of Syllabi

Given the lapse of two decades since the last comprehensive review, the renorming of several assessment instruments, the updating of textbooks, and the development of new technological mechanisms of assessment, there is a need to understand the current state of the Cognitive Assessment training course in the field of school psychology.

Poster #47
Jane (Da) Li

Crane Center for Early Childhood (CCEC)

Father Involvement and 9-12 month old Infants’ Cognitive and Social-Emotional Development

Research suggests that fathers are important for child development, although there is little known about father involvement during infancy. The present study examined father involvement with regards to cognitive and social outcomes in 9-12 month old infants. Our findings suggest that father presence is beneficial for male cognitive development.

Poster #48
Ashley Ryder
Human Sciences, Kinesiology
Brian Turner, Advisor

Influence of Specialization vs. Diversification in Youth Sport on Sport and Physical Activity Participation and Enjoyment Among Female College Student

Despite the recent literature that early sport specialization (ESS) has negative outcomes, the phenomenon continues to occur. ESS research has not focused on the influence on females. Using quantitative data, this research shows how specialization negatively impacted participants sport participation.

Poster #49
Evan Davis
Human Sciences, Kinesiology
Donna Pastore, Advisor

The Effects of Team Identification on Social and Emotional Adjustment at a Division II University

Intercollegiate athletics can assist students in their transition to college by serving as a venue where students can build social connections and enhance their sense of belonging through identification with university athletic teams. This study examined the relationships between team identification, personal self-esteem, and school adjustment.

Poster #50
Xianhua Zai
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Lauren Jones, Advisor

The Impact of Individual Differences on Saving Behavior Among Low-Income Individuals

Based on the findings in the behavioral economics literature, we propose that liquidity constraints do not fully explain saving decisions of IDA program participants and hypothesize that psychological factors may play an important role in savings decisions.

Poster #51
Jacqueline Landry, Cazilia Loibl
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Cazilia Loibl, Advisor

Why do Older Adults Not Talk to Their Adult Children About Financial Problems?

We elicit consumers’ beliefs about the effects of their financial situation by using an open-ended interview process. We then characterize older adults’ perceptions about debt management and financial planning strategies. Our focus is on the relationship between older adults and their adult children in situations of financial hardship in older age.

Poster #52
Uma Chaudhary
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Jay Kandampully, Advisor

How Caloric and Nutritional Labels Influence and Affect Customer Choice

Nutritional Information on food labels have become an important resource. Many concerns coincide with eating away from home: portion size, unhealthy choices and lack of information.As a result, increases in weight gain and subsequent obesity are the most negative factors resulting from eating out.

Poster #53
Madeline Stern

Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Irene Hatsu, Advisor

Multinutrients for ADHD Youth (MADDY) Trial: Methods, Design, and Preliminary Trends for Treatment

Current pharmaceutical treatments for ADHD provide a poor long-term risk:benefit ratio. Our study assesses the efficacy and tolerability of a multinutrient supplement as an alternative treatment for ADHD symptoms. Preliminary findings indicate a trend in the improvements of ADHD symptoms in the open label phase of the study.

Poster #54
Madeleine Drost
Human Sciences, Human Development and Family Science
Caezilia Loibl, Advisor

Debt In Older Age, Social Isolation, and Loneliness

We investigate if debt and the feeling of burden from loans in older age are associated with social isolation and feelings of loneliness. We use data from the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA) 2015/2016 to investigate the impact of debt on older adults.

Poster #55
Tangchen Li, Alyssa Covey

li.7154@osu.edu, acovey@wscloud.org
Educational Studies, Special Education
Sheila Morgan, Advisor

The Effects of Behavioral Skills Training (BST) with Peer models on Interactive Play with Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities 

The purpose of the study was to examine the effects of Behavioral Skills Training (BST) with peer models on the interactive play with students with moderate to severe disabilities in the classroom. Four students with disabilities and four typically developing students participated in this study. Two separate multiple baseline designs across participants were used in this study. The first multiple baseline design focused on the accuracy of peer models’ implementation of the play intervention steps, and the second focused on the students with multiple disabilities and the percent of intervals of interactive play. In the first intervention phase, experimenters used BST to teach peer models to implement three interactive play activities with target students. During the second intervention phase, peer models implemented the previously mastered procedural steps using picture task analyses as cues to teach target students to engage in interactive play activities. The results of the study indicated that BST is effective in training peer models to initiate and maintain interactive play with students with disabilities. Also, the peer models can generalize their skills to different subjects and with different activities. The target students’ interactive play behavior increased extensively in the intervention and generalization sessions.

Poster #56
Carter Rockhill
Human Sciences, Kinesiology
Donna Pastore, Advisor

Conceptualizing the Role Social Networks Play in the Professional Development of Black Football Coaches

Historically, the hiring processes of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) programs have failed to promote black individuals into head coaching positions. In this presentation, social network theory will be used to explore potential differences in social networks between white and black football coaches.

Poster #57

Cara North
Educational Studies, Educational Technology
Ana-Paula Correia, Advisor

The Impact of Instructional Design Challenges on Self-Efficacy

Among sixty instructional designers who participated in a six-week instructional design challenge, thirteen provided insights into their own self-efficacy, motivation, success and anxiety while participating in this voluntary activity. This paper provides insights into instructional designer self-efficacy and the participation in challenges.

Poster #58
Nathan Haselbeck

Educational Studies, Quantitative Research, Evaluation, and Measurement (QREM)
Jessica Logan, Advisor

Does Amount of Time in Early Childhood Education Impact Executive Functioning?

This research will explore if dose of early childhood education (ECE) or entry point into ECE contributed differentially to executive functioning skills in children, and if those effects are evident through third grade. This study adds to the understanding of the impact of ECE on child development by exploring dimensions of time in care.

Poster #59
Joshua Peri

Educational Studies, Quantitative Research, Evaluation, and Measurement (QREM)
Minjung Kim, Advisor

Director Influence & Hours Working as Significant Predictors of Director Satisfaction

In this current exploratory analysis, we are interested in observing job satisfaction of various child-care directors and what attributes/variables serve as the best predictors of job satisfaction. We found that directors’ perceived influence over their center and total hours working acted as significant predictors of job satisfaction.

Poster #60
Ceren Korkmaz

Ed Studies, Educational Technology
Ana-Paula Correia, Advisor

Trading Places: Online Discussions Featuring Student as the Co-Designer

In an asynchronous online discussion, the way it usually goes is: everybody greets each other; instructorposts prompts each week; students reply to them; semester ends. This study deals with how being a co-creator of online discussions reshape student perception of the ownership of online courses and how it enables deep learning to take place.

Poster #61
Amy Sharn, Leah May

sharn.3@osu.edu, may.640@osu.edu
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Caroyln Gunther, Advisor

The Southside Simple Suppers Scale-up (S4) Study: Baseline Findings From Initial Pilot Testing

Simple Suppers is a family meal program for Head Start families. The aim of this pilot study is to generate data that will inform the future Southside Simple Suppers Scale-up (S4) trial. S4 can be expected to have a positive impact by understanding the role of healthy family mealtime routines in improving health among children in low-income homes.