2019 Keynote Speaker

Dean, Dr. Donald B. Pope-Davis: College of Education and Human Ecology (EHE)

Dean, Dr. Donald B. Pope-Davis earned his advanced degrees in counseling psychology, Dr. Pope-Davis’s research interests are on the integration of multicultural competencies to the professional practices of psychology and counseling. With faculty experience at a number of institutions across the nation, Dr. Pope-Davis has taught all levels of students while continuing to make a significant impact to his field. More information about Dr. Pope-Davis joining OSU can be found in the EHE News section of the College’s website.


2019 Plenary Speaker

Dr. Kelly Purtell: Assistant Professor, Department of Human Sciences
Program Area: Human Development and Family Science
Contact: purtell.15@osu.edu

Dr. Purtell is a faculty associate at the Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy and a faculty affiliate of the Institute for Population Research.  Her research centers on understanding how contextual factors shape health and development among low-income children and adolescents, and on how policies and programs can enhance the developmental trajectories of these youth. Many of her current projects focus on policies and practices related to early childhood education and their influences on children’s development. The primary themes of her current work are: 1) understanding the role of preschool center directors in the production of quality learning environments; 2) developing a comprehensive understanding of the classroom ecologies that children experience from preschool to grade 3, and the policies that influence them; 3) examining the ways in which classroom age composition influences children’s learning and development in preschool; and 4) understanding barriers to preschool participation among low-income families.