2018 Session I: Rosa M. Ailabouni

Zachary Botkins
Educational Studies, Arts & Sciences (English)
Jolie Braun, Advisor

Progressing the Image to the Word: A Critical Study of the Cut-Ups

In this study, I examine the intentions, the misperceptions, and the practicality of Burroughs’ cut-ups. By first exploring the origins of the cut-ups and then their methodology, I contextualize the argument presented within the third section of the paper. I attempt to capture the overlooked essence of the cut-ups: reunification of word and image.

Taufik Mulyadin
Educational Studies, Higher Education and Student Affairs
Tatiana Suspitsyana, Advisor

Student Engagement in Indonesian Higher Education

In 2013, the Indonesian government working with the USAID initiated to implement the survey on student engagement. This study, using this survey, aimed to examine student engagement in Indonesian higher education. Employing statistical analysis, it revealed a portrayal of student engagement and its difference between first-year and senior students.

Michael Nelson
Educational Studies, Educational Technology
Rick Voithofer, Advisor

How the Quality and Frequency of Classroom Technology Observations Affect Future Teachers’ Intentions to Use Technology

This study utilized experiential sampling to explore how K-12 field experiences affected undergraduate students’ intentions to use technology in their future teaching. Findings showed that the direction of the effect of seeing their cooperating teachers using technology was based on the teacher’s self-identified ability to teach with technology.

Daniel Wray
Human Sciences, Kinesiology
Donna Pastore, Advisor

Analyzing Strengths in University Student-Athlete Development Programming

The purpose of our study is to better understand the current status of student-athlete development programming amongst National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) Division I member institutions.