Session II: Hayes Cape Room

Su Yun Bae, Stewart Heckman, Travis Mountain and Tingting Zhang

From Left: Su Yun Bae, Stewart Heckman, Travis Mountain and Tingting Zhang presented at the 2014 Student Research Forum. Copyright 2014 – The Ohio State University. All Rights Reserved.

Su Yun Bae
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Dr. Nancy Rudd, Advisor

Title: American Apparel, Sweating or Sweatshop-free? Sexual Objectification and Ethical Judgment of Consumers
Abstract: The study investigates how women are portrayed and objectified in the advertising campaigns of American Apparel and Dolce & Gabbana, and examines the perception of consumers toward the controversial marketing practices of American Apparel.

Stuart Heckman
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Dr. Catherine Montalto, Advisor

Title: How Much Are Students Willing to Borrow for a College Degree?
Abstract: A human capital model is used to examine the amount students are willing to borrow for a college degree. The average student is willing to accumulate $31,500 in student loan debt. Wage expectations, attitudes towards debt, and tuition costs have an important effect on student willingness to borrow. Contact:

Travis P. Mountain
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Dr. Sherman Hanna, Advisor

Title: Assessing the Impact of Financial Disclosure Forms on the Mortgage Selection Process
Abstract: Structural Equation Modeling is employed to determine the relationship between both a Truth in Lending Act disclosure form and a Federal Reserve Board mortgage selection disclosure form on the likelihood of choosing the most appropriate mortgage type.

Tingting Zhang
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Dr. Jay Kandampully, Advisor

Title: Will Length of Time of Service Encounter Affect Customer Satisfaction and Relationship in Different Service Contexts?

Abstract: This study adopts scenario-based experiments to test how length of time of service encounter in hedonic/utilitarian service settings will affect subsequent customer satisfaction and relationship with the service firms. Contact: