Cartoon Room I (Posters)

Poster #1
Jingyang Hu, Keyin Li
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Jay Kandampully, Advisor

How Consumers Select Products Through Reviews on Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites empower consumers to write product reviews and select products based on comments from a huge number of consumers. This study researches on consumers’ mechanisms and preferences for product selections via online reviews.

Poster #2
Moetiz Samad
Human Sciences, Kinesiology
Donna Pastore, Advisor

The Recruitment of Black Athletes by White Head Coaches at Predominately White Institutions in Power Five Conferences

A qualitative approach to a conceptual study regarding the recruitment of black and African American athletes at predominately white institutions with white head coaches in their respective sport. Utilizing Critical Race and Transition theories, athletes will provide insight into motivational factors on the decision-making process.

Poster #3
Xi Yu
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Stephanie Liu, Advisor

Writing the Menu by Hand: the Influence of Written Formats and Perceived Risk on Consumer Behavioral Intentions

The menu is a crucial component of a restaurant’s physical servicescape and brand image, and little research has examined the effectiveness of handwriting menus. Drawing on regulatory focus theory, we examine how different menu formats (handwriting vs. printed) influence the diners’ purchase intention and willingness to pay in this study.

Poster #4
Sina Saeedi
Teaching and Learning, Language, Education and Society
Elaine Richardson, Advisor

African American Literacies of Inter-racial Interactions

This study is explores Black students’ perceptions of racialized inter-racial interactions they have had in the past with White educators. It considers these perceptions as forms of Literacy upon which Black students draw in order to resist and problematize White conceptions which try to render racialized situations as colorless and unpolitical.

Poster #5
Bin Li
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Sherman Hanna, Advisor

The Adoption of Mobile Payment in the U.S.

The importance of mobile payment has increased at a fast rate. This study used the 2015 National Financial Capability Study to analyze the determinants of the adoption of mobile payment. The results of logistic regression with 20,122 samples showed that several demographic characteristics contribute to the acceptance of mobile payment by consumers.

Poster #6
Katie Stock
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Richard Bruno, Advisor

Dietary Gamma-Tocopherol Supplementation Reduces Stroke Severity in Lean Mice

We investigated the potential neuroprotective mechanisms of dietary gamma-tocopherol (g-T) supplementation in a murine model of ischemic stroke. Consistent with our hypothesis, g-T supplementation reduced infarctvolume in lean mice although, it did not ameliorate post-stroke locomotor function loss as predicted.

Poster #7
Avinash Pokala
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Tonya Orchard, Advisor

The Difference in Self Reported Added Sugar Intake by Weighed Food Records Compared to Weighed Food Records Plus Photos in Postmenopausal Women

Increased added sugar intake is involved with the development of many preventable diseases. The intake of added sugar has been proven to be difficult to measure, this study tested two different dietary assessment methods for accuracy. An objective added sugar biomarker was also used.

Poster #8
Laila Ettefagh
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Sanja Ilic, Advisor

In the Classroom with Dietitians: Student Interest and Engagement in Food Safety

For optimal health, food needs to be nutritious and safe for consumption. The purpose of this study is to describe the food safety risk awareness, knowledge and attitude of dietetic program students as well as their attitudes and self-efficacy delivering food safety messages to patients.

Poster #9
Aya Amin
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Sanja Ilic, Advisor

Novel Approaches to Reduce Risks of Campylobacter Infections Among Consumers

Educational intervention used to reduce infections by increasing awareness and knowledge about campylobacter among parents and improving food safety behaviors in domestic kitchens by improving attitudes, normative beliefs, and perceived behavioral control. Campylobacter risk awareness and campylobacter control strategies both increased

Poster #10
Bryan Olmstead
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Richard Bruno, Advisor

Purified Green Tea Catechins Irrespective of a Gallate Moiety Prevent High Fat Diet Induced NASH to a Similar Extent as Green Tea Extract

Epigallocatechin gallate and catechindo not elicit unique intestinal-level benefits in preventing high fat diet induced NASH irrespective of the presence of gallic acid offering similar protection as green tea extract, by maintaining tight junction protein expression preventing endotoxin translocation that induces TLR4/NFκB dependent inflammation.

Poster #11
Jackson Dickman, Victoria Smedley
Teaching and Learning, Early and Middle Childhood Studies
Brittany Collier Gibson, Advisor

Perceptions that affect Males Entering the PK-9 Classroom Teaching

Gender discrepancy in the teaching force is a recurring topic in educational discourse. As a male and a female teacher candidate in middle and early childhood, we attempted to investigate teacher candidates’ and inservice teachers’ perceptions of male teachers that may influence the number of male teachers entering the PK-9 teaching profession.

Poster #12
Joseph Antonides
Teaching and Learning, Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics
Ana-Paula Correia, Advisor

Current Issues and Trends in Research on Career and Technical Education

This proposal seeks to identify trends in research on career and technical education (CTE) that have been developing over the past decade, CTE factors and areas that practitioners identify as needing additional research, and the academic journals that have the highest activity in CTE research are also the focus of this work.

Poster #13
Alexis Little
Educational Studies, Educational Policy
Karen Beard, Advisor

Voices of the Unheard: Black Girls and the School Discipline Gap

Despite Black girls’ overrepresentation in public school discipline records over the past 30 years, research specifically on this group is still burgeoning field of study. My study explores
Black girls’ experiences in Ohio’s urban public schools, their perspectives on effective discipline, and supportive resources in their school.

Poster #14
Gabrielle Hicks
Educational Studies, School Psychology
Antoinette Miranda, Advisor

How Much Does it Cost to Teach a Black Boy How to Read: A Cost-Analysis of the School-to-Prison Pipeline

School policies such as a suspensions and expulsions push students toward the juvenile justice system. Statistics provide evidence of a correlational link between educational attainment and incarceration. We examine whether a cost-benefit exists to increase the reading achievement of a Black boy in comparison to juvenile justice system placement.

Poster #15
Yu Ling Chen
Educational Studies, Special Education
Sheila Morgan, Advisor

The Effects of Behavior Skills Training on a Mother’s Implementation of Constant Time Delay for Her Children with Autism and Developmental Delay

This study examined the effects of BST on parent implementation of a constant time delay (CTD) procedure for her three children (ages 2-6) with autism or developmental delay. The experimenter trained the mother with an intellectual disability to use CTD to teach her children to tact pictures.

Poster #16
Eun Jung Ko, Jinsil Jang,
Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, and Multilingual Language Education
Alan Hirvela, Advisor

L2 Learners’ Investment and Imagined Identities

This study aims to explore Korean as a foreign language (KFL) learners’ investment and imagined identities through looking at how the KFL learners’ investment in Korean learninginfluences their imagined identity construction, and, in turn, how the KFL learners’ imagined identities influence their investment in Korean learning.

Poster #17
Mary Beth Zavodnik
Teaching and Learning, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Patti Brosnan, Advisor

Co-teaching in STEM Education: Past, Present, and Future

This poster presentation discusses the past, present, and future of co-teaching research in STEM Education. I will discuss how co-teaching research has developed over the years and willexpand on the current gaps in co-teaching research that need to be addressed with future research.

Poster #18
Somin Park
Teaching and Learning, Reading & Literacy in Early & Middle Childhood
Shayne Piasta, Advisor

Preliminary Evidence from a Pilot Study to Teach Alphabet Knowledge

In this pilot study, we investigated the efficacy of lessons for enhancing preschool-and kindergarten-aged children’s alphabet knowledge using a small-scale experimental, within-subjects, pretest-posttest design. We recruited children who needed extra support in learning letter names/sounds and provided a series of 15 min alphabet lessons.

Poster #19
Leiah Groom
Teaching and Learning Reading & Literacy in Early & Middle Childhood
Shayne Piasta, Advisor

Instructor Perceptions of the Social Validity, Facilitators, and Challenges of Implementing a Small-Group Emergent Literacy Intervention

This study examines the social validity of a small group emergent literacy intervention for preschooler’s identified as at-risk for literacy difficulties. Findings indicate that instructors view the program as generally feasible in a classroom context and describe characteristics of the program as well as external factors related to the facilitation of or challenges to implementation.

Poster #20
Erin Clarke
Educational Studies, Educational Technology
Ana-Paula Correia, Advisor

A Critical Review of Research on Academic Libraries Use of Online Digital Literacy Instruction

Academic libraries have adapted to stay relevant and meet the needs of students in the digital age. This critical review of the literature will analyze online digital literacy instruction which is just one way in which academic libraries have attempted to change with the times.

Poster #21

Eric McChesney
Educational Studies, Higher Education and Student Affairs
Matthew Mayhew, Advisor

Innovation is for Everyone: Building Innovation Through Curricular Intervention

Innovation-boosting curriculum has been widely adopted, but the empirical study of its efficacy lags behind. Two undergraduate classes were given different levels of innovation-boosting experiences and one was kept as a control group. Both semester-long and single-session participants boosted their innovation scores compared to the control group.

Poster #22
Beth Ashley Staples
Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA)
Matthew Mayhew, Advisor

The Impact of Political Leaning and Interfaith Engagement on First-Year Students’ Global Citizenship Inclinations

Higher education institutions seek to graduate global citizens into the workforce. This poster examines the impact of political leaning and interfaith engagement activity on the global citizenship inclination of first-year students. The findings are from a national, longitudinal study of student encounters with worldview diversity.

Poster #23
Taliah Horne
Crane Center for Early Childhood (CCEC)
Abel Koury, Advisor

Informal and Formal Social Supports: Where do Low-Income Women go for Help?

Social support is a critical to well-being and may serve a particularly important role for low-income mothers. Our study adds to the research by examining how low-income mothers piece together different types of formal and informal supports during the first year of their child’s life.

Poster #25

Zach Hooten
Educational Studies, Higher Education and Student Affairs
Matthew Mayhew, Advisor

Examining the Influence of Support Systems and Critical Thinking Disposition on College Student Academic Confidence.

Utilizing data from the Assessment of Collegiate Residential Environments and Outcomes, I sought to examine the influence of students’ self-reported critical thinking disposition on academic confidence moderated by students’ perceived support for their major. The findings indicate a strong interaction between major support and academic confidence.

Poster #26
Mehmet Kart
Teaching and Learning, Language, Education, and Society
Tiffany Wild, Advisor

Obstacles and Challenges in School Life of People with Visual Impairments

Students with visual impairments face problems throughout their school lives. The purpose of this study is to explore how people with visual impairments describe the challenges and obstacles based on their experiences in their school lives.