2015 Session II

Session II oral and poster presentations were held from 10:15AM — 11:45AM in breakout rooms and the Cartoon Room 1, all located on the 3rd floor of the Ohio Union. Click on the room link for more information about the presenters as well as presentation abstracts.

Barbie Tootle Room:
Kyle Bartholomew
Rachel Brown
Micah Gerhardt

Suzanne M. Scharer Room:
Mengyi Chen, & EunJeong Park & Yanan Zhao
Shiao-Chen Tsai
Yanty Wirza

Hayes Cape Room:
Barbara Boyd
Emma Hooper
Seulki Ku
Qiong Wu

Rosa M. Ailabouni Room:
Michael Fraina
Valerie Heiss
Yilin Li & Xiuye Xie
Megan Parietti

Tanya R. Rutner Room:
Eun-Sol Her
David DiSilvestro
Catherine Saenz
Tingting Zhang

Cartoon Room (Posters):
Brittany Collier-Gibson
Quinn Bailey
Jasmin Carmona
Jing Chen
Cheuk Hee Cheung
Mine Dogucu & Susie Mauck
Kristin Farley
Marissa Green
Seung Yon Ha
Justin Haegele
Trevion Henderson
Michael Kranak
Colin McGinnis
Edward Page
Diana Purwaningrum
Catherine Rogers
Tara Strang
Kim Tran
Emi Tsuda
Martreece Watson
Menglin Xu
Ziwei Xu & Marnie Shapiro