2019 Session III: Barbie Tootle

Tzu- Jung Lin, Jing Chen, Seung Yon Ha, Elizabeth Kraatz
lin.1653@osu.edu, chen.4046@osu.edu, ha.104@osu.edu, kraatz.3@osu.edu
Educational Studies, Educational Psychology and Philosophy

PANEL: Collaborative Social Reasoning Discussions: Efficacy and Mechanisms for Promoting Academic and Social Development

This session discusses the efficacy and mechanisms of Collaborative Social Reasoning discussions. The first paper illustrates CSR’s design principles and impacts on social reasoning and interpersonal competencies. The other papers emphasize cognitive and social dialogue, epistemic cognition, and self-generated goals as the key learning mechanisms.

Kelly Purtell, Jing Chen, Jessica Logan
purtell.15@osu.edu, chen.4046@osu.edu, logan.251@osu.edu
Human Sciences, Human Development and Family Science (HDFS)

PANEL: Understanding the Transition to Kindergarten

Entry into kindergarten is a key transition children experience; however, we know little about what fosters positive transitions. This panel uses recently, locally collected data to explore multiple changes, including academics and friendships, that occur during the transition and their implications for children’s learning and development.