2018 Session II: Cartoon Room

Omotayo Adeeko
Educational Studies, Educational Administration
Belinda Gimbert, Advisor

Examining the relationship between internal coherence and authorizer effectiveness

The entities that govern charter schools (often referred to as authorizers or sponsors) are often overlooked in academic research, despite their critical role in ensuring high-quality charter schools. The proposed research study seeks to examine the relationship between internal coherence within Ohio’s authorizers and student academic achievement.

Morayo Akinkugbe
Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
Alan Hirvela, Advisor

Reading-Writing Connections: Exploring Six L2 Doctoral Students’ Approach to Synthesizing in a Naturalistic Academic Task

This proposed study will attempt to provide a deeper understanding of reading-writing relationships and contribute to the existing scholarship by exploring how L2 doctoral students approach synthesizing using their candidacy examination essays (a sophisticated and high-stakes site for the application of reading-writing connections) as a tool.

Mary Barczak
Educational Studies, Special Education
Helen Malone, Advisor

A Review of Self-Management Interventions in Vocational Settings for Individuals with Moderate to Profound Disabilities

Effective vocational instruction and support are essential for helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities gain and maintain employment. This review focuses on how self-management interventions are used to provide workplace supports and instruction for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Karen Bruce
Educational Studies, Educational Technology
Ana-Paula Correia, Advisor

The Influence of Choice on Engagement of Medical Employees in Mandatory Online Training

Hospitals need to offer mandatory training to ensure employees have crucial knowledge and skills, and are complaint with regulations . Employees are not highly motivated to take this training, which may be due in part to lack of agency. My study examines how giving employees a choice of mode (text, video, interactive) influences their engagement.

Rachel Dawson
Human Sciences, Human Development and Family Science
Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, Advisor

Father’s Mind-Mindedness and Emotion Regulation in School Age Children

Prior research has pointed to a link between the development of strong emotion regulation skills and parent-child relationship. This research seeks to investigate the associations of father’s mind-mindedness with children’s emotion regulation at age seven using data from The New Parents Project.

Rosa Gaerlan
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Jay Kandampully, Advisor

Is this a hospital or a hotel? Enhancing the hospital patient experience through Servicescape and Customer-Centric Amenities

Competition abounds, even among healthcare organizations. From being utilitarian, hospitals have evolved with customer-centric focus, offering amenities typically found in hotels. This proposed case study will look into what hospitals can learn from the hospitality industry to lessen patient’s anxiety and increase satisfaction.

Marla Goins
Teaching and Learning, Multicultural and Equity Studies in Education
Timothy San Pedro, Advisor

Social justice education and college readiness and enrollment among afro-Brazilian girls in secondary school

In this ethnographic study, I will research how national policies on schooling, and social justice curriculum in and out of schools impact the day-to-day educational experiences of afro-Brazilian girls in secondary school. I investigate the communities that students become involved in that support their in-school social justice curriculum.

Kelsey Higginson & Kyuil Cho
higginson.4@osu.edu, cho.915@osu.edu
Human Sciences, Kinesiology
Phillip Ward, Advisor

Changes in preservice physical education majors’ thinking about teaching

Changes in preservice physical education majors’ thinking about what teaching is were examined over several weeks in an introduction to physical education pedagogy course and lab section.

Laura Hopkins& Allison Labyk
hopkins.774@osu.edu, labyk.3@osu.edu
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition;
Carolyn Gunther, Advisor

Examining the Relationship of Weight and Health with Learning in Underserved School-Age Children during the Summer

The purpose of this study is to determine if and to what extent changes in child health relate to changes in learning during the summer. Participants are low-income, urban pre-K-5th graders in Columbus, Ohio. Diastolic blood pressure was significantly, inversely related to Math (p=0.02), Academic (p=0.01), and Achievement (p=0.01) cluster scores.

Duncan Johnston & Carter Rockhill
johnston.748@osu.edu, rockhill.7@osu.edu
Human Sciences, Kinesiology
Donna Pastore, Advisor

The use of podcasts and blended theory

As an additional, supplemental way of learning, collegiate sport management classrooms have been instituting podcasts. This paper seeks to explore the extent to which the use of podcasts as an educational tool to supplement a class, effect student’s comprehension, and interest in a topic.

Marjorie Kelley
Human Sciences, Other (not otherwise listed)
Sharon Tucker, Advisor

Mobile Health Interventions Used for Lifestyle Behavior Change in Cancer Survivors: An Integrative Review

Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death globally. Lifestyle changes attenuate risk of death. Mobile health (mHealth) interventions offer novel opportunities for lifestyle modification, but reviews of evidence in cancer survivors are lacking. This review synthesizes the evidence on use of mHealth for lifestyle behavior change in cancer survivors.

Nicole King
Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
Francis Troyan, Advisor

A Multimodal Systemic Functional Interaction Analysis in a Second Grade French Immersion Classroom

This poster conveys a methodology for functionally analyzing both French and English interactions in a second grade classroom through a multimodal lens. Examples of multimodal transcripts detail the evolution and refinement of this data analysis methodology over time and in response to the research context.

Eun Jung KoI & Jinsil Jang
ko.253@osu.edu, jang.364@osu.edu
Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
Alan Hirvela, Advisor

Imagined Identities and Learning Korean as a Foreign Language

This study seeks to explore the influence of Korean as a foreign language (KFL) learners’ imagined identities on their language learning development and changes of their imagined identities based on L2 motivation self system and imagined communities. This study will contribute to the field of KFL by examining the effects of imagined identities.

Ceren Korkmaz
Educational Studies, Educational Technology
Ana-Paula Correia, Advisor

A Review of Research on Machine Learning in Learning Technologies

Machine learning has been a hot topic in the field of engineering for quite some time, and recently the implications have spread into educational studies. This study investigates the trends in the body of research on machine learning in learning technologies published between 2007 and 2017.

Aejin Lee
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Ouliana Ziouzenkova, Advisor

A novel amino acid scaffold protein reversed type 1 diabetes in mice with or without insulin

Insulin treats type 1 diabetes (T1D) but with detrimental effects. Here we designed and tested AAC2 and insulin combination that overcame limitations of insulin therapy in mice with T1D. Remarkably, AAC2 without insulin also improved glucose metabolism and survival in T1D mice. Insulin/AAC2 therapy could be translated for treatment of T1D patients.

Youngjoo Lee
Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
Alan Hirvela, Advisor

Biliteracy Development in Young Bilinguals: Contributing Factors and Practices

This presentation will discuss the recent findings from a systematic research synthesis of biliteracy development in young bilinguals. These findings will shed light on the complex and dynamic process of biliteracy development of children and suggest some instructional methods, strategies and practices.

Tangchen Li
Educational Studies, Special Education
Sheila Morgan, Advisor

The Comparative Effects of Incremental Rehearsal and Cover-Copy-Compare on the Math Performance of Students with ASD

This study will examine and compare the effects of a revised version of oral incremental rehearsal (O-IR) versus an oral cover, copy, compare (O-CCC) procedure on math facts accuracy and fluency for a sample of students identified with autism spectrum disorder.

Hochieh Lin
Teaching and Learning, STEM
Theodore Chao, Advisor

Literature Review on Male Teachers in Elementary Schools

The decline of male teaching force is significant worldwide, especially in elementary schools. The aim of this study is to review the literature to understand why there are so few male elementary school teachers, identify differences between male and female teachers, and discuss ways to solve the gender gap.

Alexis Little
Educational Studies, Educational Policy
Jan Nespor, Advisor

Black Girls and the School Discipline Gap

Aside from Black boys, Black girls have been the highest represented group in school discipline records for over two decades. Despite this fact, research and policy focus on Black girls is still a burgeoning topic. My qualitative study will contribute to the field by exploring narratives of 6-8 Black girls in an urban, public Ohio middle school.

Leah May
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Carolyn Gunther, Advisor

Project SWEAT: A Community Nutrition and Physical Activity Assessment of USDA Summer Food Service Program Sites in Urban Low-Income Zip Codes

Due to the increased risk of unhealthy childhood weight gain in the summer months, we aim to examine the nutrition and physical activity environment of Summer Food Service Program sites. Data collection occurred in 3 urban zip-code areas of Columbus. This study will reveal environmental factors to which children are exposed during summer programs.

Kevin Mo, Nikola Kurbatfinski & Kristen Motil
mo.73@osu.edu, kurbatfinski.1@osu.edu, motil.13@osu.edu
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Sanja Ilic, Advisor

Removal Rate of Food-borne Pathogens by Novel Microfiber Towel

The efficacy of single-use microfiber towels for removal of human pathogens is not known. Novel microfiber towels were tested for efficacy in removing Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes cocktails. The findings suggest novel microfiber towels may be an effective intervention to prevent foodborne illness in foodservice.

Holly Paden
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Sanja Ilic, Advisor

Cross-Contamination Rates of Human Pathogens from Sustainably Sourced Cutting Surface to Fresh Produce

This study considers the rate of transfer of human pathogens, Salmonella enterica spp. and Listeria monocytogenes, from sustainably sourced kitchen cutting surfaces to fresh, ready-to-eat produce.

Sina Saeedi
Teaching and Learning, Language, Education, and Society
Elaine Richardson, Advisor

Critical Race Theory and Inter-Racial Interactions: A Race-Conscious Analysis of Ethical Narratives

The PhD in Language, Education and Society is a research-driven program that focuses students’ studies on how language, culture and social processes affect educational issues.Students pursue their own research interests to shape the educational discourse in language, culture and learning in our nation’s schools and beyond.

Robin Sayers
Educational Studies, Educational Psychology and Philosophy
Eric Anderman, Advisor

Teacher Caring, Procrastination and Academic Achievement in High-School English

How can perceived teacher caring help explain the relationship between procrastination and academic achievement? This proposed study intends to look at perceptions of teacher caring, self-reported procrastination and course grades to explore how caring teachers might impact the relationship between procrastination and academic achievement.

Beatriz Schmidt
Human Sciences, Human Development and Family Science
Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, Advisor

Coparenting support and agreement across the transition to parenthood: Qualitative evidence from Brazilian families

We investigated coparenting support and agreement in Brazilian families across the transition to parenthood. A longitudinal, qualitative multiple case study was conducted. Six mothers and fathers participated in interviews at the 6th, 12th, and 18th month after their first child’s birth. Within and cross-case thematic analysis was used.

Amy Sharn
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Carolyn Gunther, Advisor

Project SWEAT – HEAL MAPPS: A Qualitative Approach to Combating Unhealthy Weight Gain in Summer Months in Underserved School Age Children

Healthy Eating Active Living Mapping Attributes using Participatory Photographic Surveys (HEAL MAPPS) engages the use of a smartphone-like device for caregivers and children to photograph images along common neighborhood routes of facilitators and barriers of their food and physical activity environments during summer months.

Vicki Simmerman
Educational Studies, Educational Technology
Dr. Ana-Paula Correia, Advisor

OHI/O Hackathon: The Design of a Comprehensive Program Evaluation

The OHI/O Hackathon at The Ohio State University is the first university-wide, full-scale hackathon offered to support tech learning and an entrepreneurial mindset among students, faculty and staff. A comprehensive program evaluation was designed to support the growth and betterment of the OHI/O Hackathon.

Salam Tiba
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Carolyn Gunther, Advisor

Reliability and Validity of the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Nutrition Education Survey

There is need for valid and reliable tools to assess nutrition and physical activity outcomes in low-income, racial minority children and families who are at increased risk for poor health behaviors and obesity.

Joanne Vakil
Teaching and Learning, STEM
Paul Post, Advisor

Ohio Technology Education Status Study

This research revisits a 2001 status study describing technology education programs. Using stratified random sampling of high school tech programs in Ohio, the survey will reassess enrollment and recruitment numbers of instructors and students, as well as seek any patterns towards program name, content, overall purpose, and inclusion of minorities.

Bin Wang
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Milos Bujisic, Advisor

Are customers really willing to be engaged? Moderation of Products Types and Alignment of Benefits

The study aimed at examining drivers of customers’ willingness to enter an engagement with a company, the moderation of product types (utilitarian vs. hedonic) between customers perceived benefits and their willingness to engage, and the moderation of alignment of benefits in the relationship between willingness to engage and actual engagement.

Andrew Whalen
Teaching and Learning, Multicultural and Equity Studies in Education
Timothy San Pedro, Advisor

Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies with Preservice and First-Year Teachers

In this study, I am utilizing ethnographic principles to examine the nature of experiences and understandings among middle childhood preservice and first-year teachers, specifically regarding asset pedagogies and teaching for social justice. This work could lead to ways of better preparing teachers to practice culturally sustaining pedagogy.