Session I: Tanya R. Rutner Room

Elizabeth Beggrow
Teaching and Learning, STEM
Dr. David Haury, Advisor

Title: Exploring the Role of Context in Student Learning and Assessment: A Comparison of Biological Anthropology and Biology Students
Abstract: Students’ knowledge may be situated within the context of their learning, thus learning evolution in the context of humans could influence reasoning patterns. A comparison of biology and biological anthropology students explored whether patterns of reasoning about evolutionary change differed depending upon item contextual features (e.g. human vs. animal evolution). Contact:

Deborah Lan
Teaching and Learning, STEM
Dr. Hui Jin, Advisor

Title: Enhancing Secondary Science Teachers’ Understanding of Argumentation on Energy Consumption
Abstract: The recently released NRC Framework identifies argumentation as an essential scientific practice for all K-12 students. We carried out a workshop to enhance science teachers’ capacity of using disciplinary knowledge to construct scientific arguments about energy consumption issues. Pre- and post-assessments were implemented and written work was collected to measure teacher learning gains. Contact:

Amanda Roble
Teaching and Learning, STEM
Dr. Patti Brosnan, Advisor

Title: Formative Assessment in Connected Classrooms: Gaining Insight into Student Thinking
Abstract: This qualitative case study research considered the use of technology to support the formative assessment process by one high school mathematics teacher. Results indicated three question types that provided insight into student thinking. Implications for pre- and in-service teachers will be shared. Contact: