2019 Session II: Round Room

Megan Beaver, Deanna Wilkinson, Tiffany Gore
beaver.162@osu.edu, wilkinson.110@osu.edu, groce.32@osu.edu
Human Sciences, Workforce Development and Education
Deanna Wilkinson, Advisor

Engaging Teens in Urban Farming and Entrepreneurship: Getting the Crops to the Farmer’s Markets

As Novice Farmers and Marketers, Urban GEMS Learned Many Lessons Regarding Indoor and Outdoor Garden Management in 2018. Youth/Staff Perspectives are Analyzed to Shed Light on How Youth Experience Entrepreneurial Activities.

Iksang Yoon
Educational Studies, Educational Administration
Roger Goddard, Advisor

Examining the Mediating Role of Teacher Self-Efficacy Between the Quality of Teachers’ Professional Development and the Use of Instructional Practices

This study examined the mediating role of teacher self-efficacy between the quality of teachers’ professional development and their use of effective instructional practices. I found that three facets of teacher self-efficacy mediated the relations between the quality of PD and instructional practices

Sahra Ahmed
Educational Studies, Educational Policy
Antoinette Errante, Advisor

Going Above and Beyond: Practices of Successful Teachers of Refugee and Immigrant Students

Refugee and immigrant English language learner (ELL) students represent a growing part of the K-12 student population, but are often underserved in mainstream classrooms. Ohio has one of the largest refugee communities in the US, with families from Somalia, Nepal, Bhutan, Iraq, and Syria. There have been 16,956 refugees who have resettled in Ohio.

Abel Koury
Crane Center for Early Childhood (CCEC)

Summer Learning: Actually, Most Are Learning Away From the “Average” and Toward Nuance

Although the phenomenon of summer learning loss appears to be well-established, more recent work highlights that the literature is actually quite mixed. Using a nationally representative dataset, this study is the first to examine WHO slides across the summer. Results suggest that most children actually gain over summer break before 1st grade.