2015 Session III

Session III oral and poster presentations were held from 1:15PM— 2:45PM in breakout rooms and the Cartoon Room 1, all located on the 3rd floor of the Ohio Union. Click on the room link for more information about the presenters as well as presentation abstracts.

Barbie Tootle Room:
Umar Abdullah
Juhyun Do
Carolyn Kaplan
Ruilan Zhao

Suzanne M. Scharer Room:
Ruri Famelia
Min Young Kim
Kristy McCray
Elizabeth Palmer

Hayes Cape Room:
Kathleen Farrand
Leiah Groom
Brooke Harris Garad
Ashley Patterson

Rosa M. Ailabouni Room:
Eileen Buescher
Moonsun Choi
Kimberly Murphy
Larkin Weyand

Tanya R. Rutner Room:
Ali Fleming & Kimberly Groshong
Katherine Mollohan
Amanda Roble
Vinta Tiarani

Cartoon Room (Posters):
Jee Ahe Ahn
Taylor Banh
Bradley Cotten
Jessica Dicke
Katherine Gressel
Eun-Sol Her
Laura Hopkins
Jiakang Li
Sarah Lightner
Can Lu & Tingting Zhang
Elly Maras
James Morton
Andrea Murphy
Hanna Paulose
Sujata Ponappa
Sarah Puchala
Sara Thomson
Lauren Wargelin & McKenzie Mallen
Xiangquan Yao & Ali Fleming