2016 Session I

Session I oral and poster presentations will be held from 8:30AM — 10:00AM in breakout rooms and the Cartoon Room, all located on the 3rd floor of the Ohio Union. Click on the room link for more information about the presenters as well as presentation abstracts.

Barbie Tootle Room:
Sheng-Lun Cheng & Sheng-Bo Chen
Krista Predragovich & Lisa Longo
Xi Zhan

Suzanne M. Scharer Room:
Taylor Banh
Brad Cotten
Ruri Famelia
Emi Tsuda & Ruri Famelia

Hayes Cape Room:
Leah Frazee
Dinglei Huang & Heather Kellert
Xiangquan Yao & Ali Fleming
Qiong Wu

Rosa M. Ailabouni Room:
Morris Council
& Alana Oif
Trevion Henderson
Meng-Ting Lo
Christopher Travers

Tanya R. Rutner Room:
Marissa Green
Yeoeun Kim
Kari Taylor
Menglin Xu