2019 Session I: Hayes Cape

Tamara Roose
Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, and Multilingual Language Association
Youngjoo Yi, Advisor

Co-Construction of ESL Composition Curriculum through Critical Listening and Teacher Reflexivity
Despite Asian international students’ growing presence on U.S. universities, their voices often go unheard as their academic success may mask their inner struggles. With culturally sustaining pedagogy as a guiding framework, this study explores how teacher reflexivity and critical listening led to the co-construction of ESL composition curriculum.

Jungmin Lee
Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
Alan Hirvela, Advisor

Undergraduate and Graduate L2 Students in a Second Language Academic Writing

This study examines how L2 students adaptively transfer knowledge acquired in EAP courses into disciplinary writing. Data from recall protocols, semi-structured interviews, and classroom observations allow us to discuss learning transfer and motivation to transfer. This presentation calls for teaching for transfer by creating transfer climate.

Eun Jung Ko, Heon Jeon

Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
Alan Hirvela, Advisor

Evaluating Korean as a Foreign Language (KFL) Textbooks from a Transfer Perspective

Using the analytic framework to evaluate transfer potentials of English textbooks, this study investigates 10 KFL textbooks with the goal of evaluating transfer potentials underlying the textbooks and promoting the potentials in classroom.