2019 Session III: Tanya R. Rutner

Lindsey Rowe
Teaching and Learning, Language, Education, and Society
Michiko Hikida, Advisor

Supporting Spanish in the English-dominant Classroom: Digital Tools Mediating Second-Graders’ Heritage Language Use

This paper looks at the affordances of digital tools for supporting emergent bilingual students’ use of their heritage languages when composing in English-dominant classrooms. Specifically, it examines how second-grade students used oral voice recordings, emojis, and Google Translate to support their Spanish-use when composing digitally.

Mario Martinez- Garcia
Teaching and Learning, Language, Education, and Society
Peter Sayer, Advisor

The Spanish that I Speak: Pre-Service Bilingual Teachers’ Voices on Their Heritage Language

This study explored bilingual teacher candidates’ perspectives on the development of their Spanish proficiency in a bilingual teacher preparation program in the Pacific Northwest. Findings indicate bilingual teacher candidates tend to show negative views on their Spanish proficiency derived from the variety they speak and translanguaging practices.

Nathan Hawk
Educational Studies, Educational Technology
Kui Xie, Advisor

Individual and Contextual Factors Influence on Technology Use for Cognitive Tasks Across Content Areas

As technology improves, its use to aid in cognitive tasks is appealing, and may differ in various content areas. This study’s goal was to explore how both individual and contextual factors influence students’ use of technology to perform cognitive tasks, and how content area moderates these relationships.

Ashley Ryder, Shea Brgoch, Leeann Lower
ryder.50@osu.edu, brgoch.2@osu.edulower.34@osu.edu
Human Sciences, Kinesiology

Influence of Specialization vs. Diversification in Youth Sport on Sport and Physical Activity Participation and Enjoyment Among Female College Students

Despite the recent literature that early sport specialization (ESS) has negative outcomes, the phenomenon continues to occur. ESS research has not focused on the influence on females. Using quantitative data, this research shows how specialization negatively impacted participants sport participation.