2018 Session I: Barbie Tootle

Michael Leonard, Alexis Little & Christopher Yaluma
leonard.302@osu.edu, little.515@osu.edu, yaluma.1@osu.edu
Educational Studies, Educational Policy
Ann Allen & Jan Nespor, Advisors

Expulsions, Suspensions, and Arrests: Zero Tolerance Policies and their Effects on Ohio Students’ Graduation Tests

Zero-tolerance policies are known to have a negative impact on student performance. In this study, we intend to determine the proportion of variability in the percentage of students who achieved proficiency or advanced (school-level) on math and reading scores that can be explained by student arrests, out-of-school suspensions, and expulsions.

Natosha Willis
Educational Studies, Educational Policy
James Moore, III, Advisor

Narratives of the Formerly Incarcerated

Using a qualitative narrative inquiry design, this study examines the factors that intensify the probability of incarceration for Black men. This study collected personalized accounts of previously incarcerated Black men to better understand the role families, schools, communities, and other social systems play in contributing to incarceration.

Kirsten Smith
Educational Studies, Educational Policy
James Moore, III, Advisor

Inside the Experiences of High-Achieving African American Male Students in Gifted Programs

A qualitative research study was conducted to examine what factors influence the academic success of gifted, African American male high school students. This study shares an in-depth perspective through the lens of the students as they explored teacher and parental expectations and support, opportunity structures, peer influences, and isolation.

Kyler Cowgill
Educational Studies, Educational Policy
Jan Nespor, Advisor

Ohio’s Teacher Unions Responding to Anti-Union Threats

Local and state teachers’ unions in Ohio face many impending challenges that threaten their ability to remain stable organizations. Using semi-structured interviews with officers and staff of teacher unions in Ohio, this in-progress study investigates how Ohio’s teacher unions are responding to anti-union threats.