2019 Session I: Barbie Tootle

Theodore Chao, Brian Edmiston, Mindi Rhoades, Dean Cristol, Maura Eze, Tamara Roose, Jenal Matricardi, and Youmna Deiri-Rieder
chao.160@osu.edu, edmiston.1@osu.edurhoades.89@osu.educristol.2@osu.edu, roose.30@osu.edu, matricardi.3@.osu.edu, diri-rieder.1@osu.edu

PANEL: Reflecting on Diversity and Equity in EHE after the Ta-Nehisi Coates Lecture

The Teaching & Learning Diversity and Equity Committee presents a reflective panel discussion around implications from the previous evening’s Distinguished Diversity Lecture with Ta-Nehisi Coates. How do the topics from Coates’ lecture intersect with your experiences, as faculty, staff, and students, in EHE? What are implications for the work we have done and need to do? How can we address issues of equity, diversity power, and privilege within EHE? Attendance at the prior evening’s Coates Lecture is not required.