2018 Session I: Hayes Cape

Rosie Bauder
Educational Studies, Counselor Education
Paul Granello, Advisor

Can Curiosity Improve Overall Wellness? Implications from a Quantitative Study in an Online Wellness Course

There has been extensive research into identifying factors that hinder and promote wellness, but no research has been done examining the role that curiosity may play in someone’s overall sense of well-being. This presentation will be an opportunity to look at the relationship between curiosity and wellness gathered from an online course in wellness.

Zhenjie Weng
Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
Francis Troyan, Advisor

How to write across the curriculum: Self-report from three undergraduate multilingual international students

Through presenting three multilingual international students’ writing across the curriculum, this study intends to deepen content course instructors’ and writing-across-the-curriculum specialists’ understanding of second language writers’ writing needs. Pedagogical implications are also provided for those having multilingual students in class.

Wenli Zhang
Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
Francis Troyan, Advisor

Influences of an Undergraduate Reflective Seminar Course on Preservice ESL Teacher Development

This study explored preservice ESL teacher development in a reflective seminar course. Three major functions of the course have been identified. Findings also noticed that this reflective seminar has promoted preservice teacher development and raised their awareness of crucial benefits from formal instruction in teacher education program.

Xianhua Zai
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Lauren Jones, Advisor

Valuing Primary Schools in Urban China: Evidence from Housing Transaction Data

Education at the primary-school level in China is largely public, and the assignment is residential based in urban area. Parents expend considerable resources to secure admissions into elite schools. Using the boundary discontinuity design, I implement hedonic regression method exploring how much Chinese parents are willing to pay for better schools.