2016 Session III

Session III oral and poster presentations were held from 1:15PM— 2:45PM in breakout rooms and the Cartoon Room, all located on the 3rd floor of the Ohio Union. Click on the room link for more information about the presenters as well as presentation abstracts.

Barbie Tootle Room:
Micah Gerhardt
Seulki Ku
Meng Wang

Suzanne M. Scharer Room:
Karen Koehler
Willy Prasetya
Tara Strang

Hayes Cape Room:
Jee-Ahe Ahn
Vanja Bogicevic
Eun-Sol Her

Rosa M. Ailabouni Room:
Kenneth White
Kyle Bartholomew
Rachel Brown
Sara Mernitz

Tanya R. Rutner Room:
Jin-kyung Lee
Anna Olsavsky
Theresa Settle
Julia Yan

Cartoon Room (Posters):
Erni Adelina
Kristen Arnold
Ana Brown
Cheuk Hee Cheung
Jennifer Cotto
Maretha Dellarosa
Scott Dueker
Kristin Farley
Jiaqi He
Laura Hopkins
Stephanie Lemut
Lakeesha Leonard
Gleides Lopes-Rizzi & Celine Lopes
Can Lu
E. Justin Page
Firman Parlindungan
Victor Pool
Erin Roby
Rachel Seaman
Christopher Torres
Tingting Zhang
Olivia Zimmer