2018 Session II: Round Room

Yahyahan Aras
Educational Studies, Counselor Education
Colette Dollarhide, Advisor

Working with Muslim Students: Perspective and Suggestions for Counseling

Hate crimes and legislation have recently created a hostile environment for American Muslim students (AMSs). The primary purpose of this study is to examine the environmental and political dynamics influencing AMSs academically and psychologically. The secondary purpose is to investigate school counselors’ experience of working with the AMSs.

Mijoo Kim
Human Sciences, Kinesiology
Samuel Hodge, Advisor

The Need for Greater Academic Learning and More Employment Preparation for Korean Student-Athletes

Korean student-athletes typically focus on athletic performance more than academic preparation, so they often struggle in society. This study explores their perception of the value of academic learning, how confident and satisfied they are with their schooling, and how prepared and confident they feel to find employment after graduation.

Jane Mburu
Teaching and Learning, Multicultural and Equity Studies in Education
Cynthia Tyson, Advisor

The Intersection of Public Education and Social Justice: The challenges of Achieving Education for All in Kenya

The introduction of Free Primary Education (FPE) and the initiation of Education for All (EFA) in 2003 was a milestone in the promotion of access to basic education in Kenya. However, access to quality education remains an illusion to many children. With limited access to learning resources, FPE gains are yet to be evidenced by most students.