2018 Session I: Cartoon Room

Leigh Ann Amspaugh
Educational Studies, School Psychology
Laurice Joseph, Advisor

Reading Comprehension and Reading Fluency Outcomes with Listening While Reading Interventions

This current meta-analysis covers listening while reading (also called listening passage preview) experimental studies from the past two decades of peer-reviewed publications. Reading comprehension and fluency outcomes were compiled for students across varyingability levels and ages to determine effectiveness of this intervention.

Laila Ettefagh
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Sanja Ilic, Advisor

Factors Associated with Food Safety Behaviors in Cancer Patients Seeking Treatment

Cancer patients are at a greater risk of foodborne disease due to a weakened immune system. However, food safety practices are not well understood by a majority of the population. This study aims to determine factors associated with food safety behaviors in order to develop effective food safety education for cancer patients.

Nathan Hawk
Educational Studies, Educational Technology
Kui Xie, Advisor

Studying At Risk Students Achievement in Nontraditional School Settings and the role of self regulation, engagement, and technology

The purpose of this study is to explore at-risk and non-traditional students, at a non-traditional community high school in Ohio. This research includes an exploratory approach of at-risk students in one particular charter school setting, by exploring how self regulation and behavioral engagement and prevalence of technology promote achievement.

Britteny Hendrickson, Dalton Faulder & Kenna Rice
hendrickson.1145@osu.edu, faulder.6@osu.edu, rice.775@osu.edu
Teaching and Learning, Early and Middle Childhood Studies;
Young Ah Lee, Advisor

Inservice teachers’ perception of professional development

The purpose of the study is to examine inservice teachers’ understandings and motivations of professional development regarding the contents and methods of professional development. we used a case study approach. The teacher participants were given a semi-structured interview and their responses were analyzed qualitatively.

Ishtiaq Ahmed
Teaching and Learning, Language, Education, and Society
Tiffany Wild, Advisor

A Qualitative Study on the College Experiences of Adults with Visual Impairments in STEM and Non-STEM Majors

The purpose of this study is to explore the quality of experiences of college students who are blind and visually impaired in STEM and Non-STEM majors. The study will compare and examine their explanations for choosing their major. The study will investigate the factors that impacted the successes or failures of these adults in STEM majors.

Ying-Ting Chiu
Teaching and Learning, Language, Education, and Society
Tiffany Wild, Advisor

The Conceptual Understanding of Climate Change by Students with Visual Impairments

This study presents part of the outcomes of a two-year long bio-engineering education project for students with visual impairments. The overall project focused on bio-engineering, a subset of the data that was collected focused on student understanding of climate change. This data will be presented for the purpose of this presentation.

Barbara Hodgdon
Human Sciences, Human Development and Family Science
Dr. Jen D. Wong, Advisor

An examination of changes in physical health and psychological well-being in family caregivers across a ten-year period

This study examines changes in physical health and psychological well-being in a group of midlife and older sandwiched and filial caregivers across a ten-year period. Data will derive from the second and third waves of the Midlife in the United States Survey. A residual change score approach via a set of generalized linear models will be utilized.

Huiling Huang
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Stephanie Liu, Advisor

Do you post the right photos? Effective strategies for marketing tourism experience on Airbnb

Drawing on social influence theories, this study examines the impact of photo type and experience type on consumers’ purchase intention toward tourism experience on Airbnb. Moreover, this study explores consumers’ perceived risk and trust as the underlying mechanism.

Danene Fast
Teaching and Learning, Language, Education, and Society
Tiffany Wild, Advisor

Service Delivery Models for Students with Vision Loss: An Ethnographic Study

Using an ethnographic approach that focused on (1) the educational career of a student who is blind served within varied public educational settings, (2) her personal input, and (3) the input of her parents, this research explores how the experiences and perceptions throughout eighteen years of learning impacts social and academic development.

Jinsil Jang
Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
Alan Hirvela, Advisor

The Relationship between Regulatory Fit Effects on ESL Learners’ Writing Task Performance and Task Repetition

On the basis of the Regulatory Theory (Higgins, 1997) and the role of task repetition (TR) in L2 performance development, this study aims to clarify whether the learning benefits of TR outweighs the influence of L2 learners’ chronic regulatory focus on the task performance, especially in ESL writing composition

Zilu Jiang
Educational Studies, Educational Technology
Kui Xie, Advisor

Keys to effective feedback in online language class: what the research tells us

Feedback is more than the post -assignment comment. Effective feedback has been proved as a key to successful online learning. This paper reviews the effectiveness of feedback in online language learning environment and examine the main types and features of effective feedback in different interactions and activities online.

Duncan Johnston
Human Sciences, Kinesiology
Donna Pastore, Advisor

Motivation as a Moderator for Student-Athlete Success

The purpose of this study is to determine how motivation affects student-athletes’ success for on field performance; classroom and academic achievement; and post-graduate career advancement. This study will utilize a mixed methods approach, specifically a survey and semi-structured interviews.

Ayse Kart
Educational Studies, Special Education
Peter Paul, Advisor

A Qualitative Meta-Analysis of Studies on Visual Phonics

Visual Phonics is a research-based multisensory teaching tool that consists of 46 hand cues and corresponding written symbols for the sounds of a language. The purpose of this study is to analyze studies on Visual Phonics to provide a comprehensive understanding of the effects on reading related outcomes.

Jake Leung
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Ouliana Ziouzenkova, Advisor

Evidence of Insulin Production in the Cerebellum of Mice with Type 1 Diabetes treated with antioxidant amino acid compound (AAC2)

We studied a novel scaffold protein (AAC2) and its effects on insulin levels in the brains of mice with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Our findings indicate that T1D mice produce insulin in their brains. Our results also suggest that AAC2 can stimulate insulin production in the brain, particularly the cerebellum.

Yilin Li & Obidiah Atkinson
li.5524@osu.edu, atkinson.228@osu.edu
Human Sciences, Kinesiology
Weidong Li & Philip Ward, Advisors

Pedagogical Reasoning by Preservice Physical Education Teachers Following Repeated Teaching

Six physical education majors enrolled in an introductory methods class participated in semi-structured interviews following four weeks of repeated teaching. The purpose of this study was to examine how preservice physical education teachers’ perceptions of teaching, pedagogical reasoning and perceptions of repeated teaching were perceived.

Hillary Libnoch & Lorianne Fitzgerald
libnoch.1@osu.edu, fitzgerald.134@osu.edu
Teaching and Learning, Reading & Literacy in Early & Middle Childhood
Shayne Piasta, Advisor

Alphabet Lesson Development in Response to Educator Feedback and Trial Lessons With Children

This project represents part of the initial phase of a series of studies intended to identify best practices for promoting children’s alphabet knowledge. Researchers conducted focus groups to garner educator feedback on sample alphabet lessons and then trialed the lessons with children to gauge appropriateness and feasibility.

Anisatul Maghfiroh
Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
Leslie Moore, Advisor

Teachers’ Beliefs and Implementation of Intercultural Competence in EFL Classes in Indonesia

It is important for a language teacher to have an understanding of intercultural competence because language and culture are linked with each other. This study proposed to find out Indonesian EFL teachers’ belief on the importance of intercultural competence and how they promote it in their teaching practice.

Meghna Mahambrey
Human Sciences, Human Development and Family Science
Anastasia Snyder, Advisor

My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend: A Review of Literature on Consensual Non-Monogamy

Monogamy is the social norm within romantic relationships in the United States. However, studies reveal that some couples privately engage in consensual non-monogamy, an umbrella term for open relationships, swinging, polyamory, and other non-exclusive arrangements. The definition, rationale, and outcomes of these relationships are presenteed.

Clara Mikita
Teaching and Learning, Reading & Literacy in Early & Middle Childhood
Linda Parsons, Advisor

Negotiating Critical Topics in Text Through Classroom Dialogue

This study explores how elementary students draw on their personal experiences when responding to critical topics that are far from their own experiences in realistic fiction. How does their limited personal experience with hardships portrayed in a story impact their construction of meaning?

Youngwon Nam
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Sherman Hanna, Advisor

Risk Aversion and Life Insurance Ownership of U.S. parents in couple households

This study uses the 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances to examine the effect of risk aversion on life insurance ownership of coupled households with at least one child under 18. Controlling for household characteristics, including smoking, risk-aversion had a negative effect on term life ownership but was not related to cash value life ownership.

Julia Novakowski
Educational Studies, Educational Psychology and Philosophy
Bryan Warnick, Advisor

Some Old Literature for Some New Ways of Thinking; Examining Literature on William James and Education

In this literature review, an examination of scholarship focused on famous philosopher-psychologist William James and the field of education will be examined. Through this literature review, themes will emerge on the expanding scholarship on James and education, in addition to gaps and areas for continued research.

Jackie Ridley
Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
Leslie Moore, Advisor

Language choice and socialization: An inquiry into the multilingual practices of refugee and immigrant youth

This project examines the multilingual language practices of newcomer refugee and immigrant youth at an elementary ESL afterschool program in a midsized Midwestern city. Findings focus on how participants made strategic linguistic choices to negotiate their identities and to facilitate social relationships within their new school and community.

Carter Rockhill
Human Sciences, Kinesiology
Donna Pastore, Advisor

Human Capital in Football Coaching

This paper seeks to explore the historical success of head coaches in both the National Football League (NFL) and the Big Ten Conference in relation to how many years of assistant head coaching experience they have.

Kelsey Ross
Educational Studies, School Psychology
Laurice Joseph, Advisor

The Word Box Intervention: A Systematic Literature Review

The purpose of this presentation is to bridge the research-to-practice gap by describing the reading intervention known as word boxes, which effectively improves phonemic awareness and letter-sound correspondence skills. A systematic literature review was conducted to synthesize the intervention effects and provide recommendations for practice.

Afida Safriani
Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
Leslie Moore, Advisor

Defining Vygotsky’s mediation as a concept for understanding second language teacher development

Drawing on Vygotsky’s construct of mediation, the substantial body of current research on L2 teacher education highlights that mediation is conceptualized and operationalized in three interrelated conceptions: mediation as creating a space for externalization, mediation as co-regulation within ZPD interaction, and mediation as verbalization.

Brian Shaw
Educational Studies, Other (not otherwise listed)
Daryl Kinney, Advisor

Arts Education Opportunities in Ohio K-12 Schools

The purpose of this study was to examine factors affecting the breadth of arts courses and availability of licensed arts educators in Ohio schools. The analytic sample was comprised of ODE data for N=3,112 school buildings. Data analysis indicated that locale, school size, and structural and demographic characteristics predicted both outcomes.

Andria Stammen
Teaching and Learning, STEM
Karen Irving, Advisor

Modern genetics learning progression: A proposed research framework

This study focuses on hypothesizing a portion of a learning progression related to modern genetics. The following concept in modern genetics will be explored: proteins have a central role in the functioning of all living organisms and are the mechanism that connects genes and traits. Future steps include collecting data via clinical interviews.

I Shan Tsai
Teaching and Learning, Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
Leslie Moore, Advisor

English Learning Motivation and Motivational Strategies in Taiwan Context

Motivation has a significant role in second language learning. In this paper, the English learning motivation of Taiwanese will be discussed. The relevant strategies applied in pedagogical context will be reviewed. Further, the motivational learning strategy for secondary school students in Taiwan will also be presented.

Jennifer Wall
Human Sciences, Human Nutrition
Ouliana Ziouzenkova, Advisor

The Amino Acid Scaffold Protected Insulin from Cleavage

Cleavage of insulin can reduce its efficacy. We aimed to test degradation of glycated and non-glycated insulin with or without a novel amino acid scaffold (AAC2). The AAC2 protected insulin from cleavage, while glycated free insulin showed the highest rate of degradation. Taken together, AAC2 can improve insulin therapy in diabetics.

Yang Wang
Educational Studies, Educational Technology
David Stein, Advisor

Personal Active Choreographer, a new method to improve learners’ performance of hand-waving dance

Game-based learning has gained a lot of attention these years, and hand-waving dance is an important intangible cultural heritage which is in danger of lost and is urgent to protect. Dance movements learning method, game-based learning concept and evaluation are integrated in Personal Active Choreographer (PAC) system for hand-waving dance learning.

Xiuye Xie & Daekyun Oh
xie.469@osu.edu, oh.477@osu.edu
Human Sciences, Kinesiology; Human Sciences, Kinesiology
Weidong Li & Sue Sutherland, Advisors

Preservice Physical Education Teachers’ Perceptions of their Analytic Skills Following Peer Teaching Rehearsals

We examined perceptions of analytic skills of teaching used by preservice physical education teachers following a six-week teaching lab. Six participants in an introductory methods course engaged in teaching rehearsals, video analyses of their own and peers’ teaching, planning, as well as individual and group analyses. Data were collected.

Yue Yu
Human Sciences, Consumer Sciences
Caezilia Loibl, Advisor

How much are you willing to pay for the new DLC? A Research on the Video Games Market

Downloadable Content (DLC) improves the content of a video game while operating on the original game files. In video games markets, DLC is often released after the original version of a game is purchased by a game player. Though surveys, this research evaluates how much a consumer is willing to pay for DLC.