Session III: Tanya R. Rutner Room

Ali Fleming & Kimberly Groshong
Teaching And Learning, STEM
Patricia Brosnan, Azita Manouchehri, Advisors

Title: How Teachers Understand Mathematical Practices
Abstract: The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) are being implemented in K-12 schools across the United States. The CCSSM outline eight Standards for Mathematical Practice that focus on the development of mathematical dispositions by children. This study investigated mathematics teachers’ understanding of four of these standards.

Katherine Mollohan
Teaching and Learning, STEM
Lin Ding, Advisor

Title: Epistemologies in an Intermediate Level Biology Course
Abstract: This study investigates student attitudes and beliefs about biology and learning biology in an intermediate-level majors’ course. Survey results (n=102) indicate that student epistemologies improved over the course of a semester, and qualitative interviews (n=15) indicate that students see several factors as related to their learning in biology.

Amanda Roble
Teaching And Learning, STEM
Patti Brosnan, Advisor

Title: Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Formative Assessment Practices Supported By Technology
Abstract: This qualitative case study research considered secondary mathematics teachers’ formative assessment practices in classrooms that used TI-Nspire Navigator System to assess student understanding of content. The question types that emerged from classroom observations and teachers’ uses of real-time data to inform instruction will be shared.

Vinta Tiarani
Teaching and Learning, STEM
Karen Irving, Advisor

Title: Paradigm-Shift Of Teaching Approach In Central Java, Indonesia: Auto-Ethnography And Primary Science Classrooms
Abstract: This study applied an auto-ethnographic and document analysis research methodology to investigate primary science teaching approaches. There is a serious dearth of research concerning primary science teaching in Central Java, Indonesia, making it particularly important.