2019 Session II: Hayes Cape

Vinta Tiarani
Teaching and Learning, STEM
Karen Irving, Advisor

Elementary Students’ Views About Engineering and Technology: The EIE – Ohio Project Year 1–3

This study aims to investigate the views held by elementary students about engineering and technology. Students from nine elementary schools in the Midwest (grade pK–6) completed two pre/post-test assessments targeting their understanding of engineering and technology. Findings and the comparison between pretest and posttest are presented.

Adam Scharfenberger
Teaching and Learning, STEM
Arnulfo Perez, Advisor

Multiple Representations of Functions: Mediation through Programming Robots

Functions are fundamental concepts in mathematics and can be represented in different ways.  Research shows that students struggle to develop functional representation fluency. This study examines how students use multiple representations of functions in a unit that incorporates functions to program the movement of robots.

Bailey Braaten
Teaching and Learning, STEM
Arnulfo Perez, Advisor

Mathematical Identity of 8th Grade Students Outside of Mathematics Classroom Contexts

If we are to better understand the lack of female participation in STEM careers, it is important to examine female students’ experiences with mathematics during middle school. This study examined two female students’ mathematical identities outside of the mathematics classroom context, and stereotypes they hold about mathematicians.

Michael Nelson, Nathan Hawk
nelson.545@osu.edu, hawk.226@osu.edu
Educational Studies, Educational Technology
Rick Voithofer, Advisor

How Field Experiences Impact the Technology Integration Beliefs and Intentions of Future Teachers

Using a moderated mediation model, this study revealed that prospective pre-service teachers developed positive beliefs about the importance and utility of technology when they saw teachers use it frequently, successfully, and in student-centered ways.  Additionally, these conditions positively impacted their future intentions with technology.