Perfect Stay at Home 4-H Projects – DOWNLOAD 4-H Books for FREE!

Download these 4-H Project Books for free. A special collection of project books is available for free on the Perfect Stay-at-Home Projects web page ( Click on the book you want, and when the file opens on your screen, save or print it from there.

The following 4-H Project Books are available and currently posted on the website listed above:

  • 91 Discovering 4-H
  • 409 Sew Fun
  • 496 My Favorite Things (collectibles)
  • 588 The Writer In You
  • 592 Get Started in Art
  • 442 Family History Treasure Hunt
  • 459 Let’s Start Cooking
  • 462 Yeast Breads on the Rise
  • 485 Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals
  • 359 Your Thoughts Matter
  • 405 The Laundry Project
  • 491 It’s My Home
  • 375 Leadership Road Trip: Where Are You Going?
  • 376 Pantry Panic
  • 611 Explore the Outdoors
  • 621 Ohio Birds
  • 493 Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry
  • 540 Not Just Knots
  • 173 Horseless Horse
  • 500 Science Fund with Physics

For accessible formats of these publications, visit

Additionally, Fairfield County Only Projects (COP) Books are available for a FREE Download for our Pie and Candy Projects. Click here to download these books: COP Fairfield County Pie Project or COP Fairfield County Candy Project.

Please make sure these projects are added to your 4-H enrollment this year. If you have already submitted your enrollment and it has been approved, email Missy Koenig ( with the changes you would like to make to your projects. Enrollments are due May 1st!

New 4-H Members Wanted!

Do you have friends or family members who would like to join 4-H but don’t know how? Visit to learn more about the Fairfield County 4-H!

Encourage them to go to: and be added to our 4-H Interest List for 2020. The 4-H Office will send them further directions on how to get involved and join a 4-H club.  Be sure to share this flyer with them or tell them about your favorite 4-H thing! Parents be on the lookout for 4-H brochures coming home from school as we begin 4-H School Promotion.

If you have any questions or want more information about 4-H, call our office at 740-653-5419!

It’s time to complete your 4-H enrollment!

Thank you to the 875 youth and 180 adult volunteers who have completed their 2018-2019 enrollments.  We still have approximately 600 members and 50 advisors yet to register! Emails were sent to those advisors and members that are incomplete or inactive as of Wednesday April 12, 2019.  Please have your 4-H Online enrollment completed by April 28th, as advisors need to provide our office a list of their club members and a completed enrollment packet by May 1st. 

If you can’t remember your family email we have for you in the system, first contact your club advisor.  They were provided with a list of emails used in the system last year.  If you need to change your email, you can use the old email to log into the system, and then EDIT the family profile and add the new email address.  You will need to reset your password if you change your email address.

If you still have trouble with your email address, please contact the office and Missy can make the change for you. She may be reached at 740-652-7264 or

Here are the instructions on enrolling in case you need them.  These are also on page 7 of your yellow Member Handbook.

Returning Families- Please DO NOT MAKE A NEW PROFILE. Follow these instructions:

  • -Go to
  • -Select ‘I have a profile’
  • -Enter your family email address you have used previously – if you don’t remember what email you used, or have changed emails, please call the office! 740-652-7260
  • -Select ‘Family’ for role
  • -Click ‘Login’
  • -Review your family basic demographic information (make changes by using the edit button, if necessary)
  • -Click on the Edit button to the right of each person’s name
  • -Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Enroll for 2018-2019 year
  • -You can now update individual member information here – add cell phone, member email, parent/guardian updates.
  • -Select the continue button to go to the next page. You will need to use the check boxes for Responsibility and Release, 4-H Code of Conduct, General Permission and Photo Release as well as typing the member and parent/guardian name into the system
  • -Select the continue button again to complete the health form, and then the club page. Your current clubs and projects will be listed. You will not need to select them again! This is where you will add new clubs or projects. Use the continue button to get to your projects to check that you are enrolled in for this year (it will be the same as last year). Make changes by using the ‘Edit’ button to delete old projects. To select a project, make sure you have the correct club listed in the first drop down box, select the project using the 2nd drop down box and make sure you use the ‘Add Project’ button to add the project. Once your clubs and projects are entered, review your entry for completeness. Make changes as necessary. Cloverbuds should be enrolled in 710GPM
  • If you need to delete a project, select the edit button to the right of the project, then delete.
  • -Once done, select the ‘Submit Enrollment’ button.
  • -Missy at the Extension Office will process your enrollment.  Please check your email if you receive a must resubmit on your entry.  Missy will send you very specific information on what is missing and what needs to be changed prior to your enrollment being accepted.

After reviewing your enrollment and if you need to make changes, please email the changes to Missy at by May 10th.  After that, no additional additions or corrections can be made.

2019 Enrollment Updates

We have had many successful enrollments for the 2018-2019 4-H Year.  As a reminder, you need to have your child enrolled in the online system by April 26th to give advisors time to complete their final checks before the May 1st deadline.

The website you should be using is

Instructions for enrollment can be found on page 7 of the yellow member handbook or on our website.

Parents, please check you email to see if you are missing something to have your submitted enrollment accepted.  There are enrollments coming into our office without projects, or with still (summer) projects that were graded last year and need to move to the next level.  Missy is reviewing all enrollments and sending emails to families about missing items.

Please make sure you are checking the school your child attends. There are  drop down boxes to select three things: 1. county 2. school district 3. school.  If your child attends school outside Fairfield County, select the county they attend school in and the school.  If you cannot find you child’s school, please go to the next section and complete the information.   Type in the school name and use the drop down box to select the type of school.  You would do this if your child is home schooled or attends a charter school that is not listed.

If you have questions regarding using the 4-H Online system to enroll your child, please email: or call Missy 740-652-7264.


Ohio State Fair Livestock Possession Date Changes – For Ohio State Fair Exhibitors ONLY!

The possession dates for animal ownership for those 4-H and FFA exhibitors planning to exhibit at the 2019 Ohio State Fair HAVE CHANGED for some species. Again, these are only for animals exhibited at the Ohio State Fair. Animals exhibited at the Fairfield County Fair must follow county possession deadlines as outlined in the 2019 4-H Members Handbook and 2019 Fairfield County Junior Fair Rule Book.

Livestock Animal Ownership changes for 2019 announced:

In order to be more consistent with statewide livestock exhibition ownership rules from the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the Ohio State Fair has modified ownership rules beginning with animals exhibited at the 2019 Ohio State Fair. Specifically, some market animals (swine, lambs, goats and poultry) will have ownership date changes.

To help prepare exhibitors for this change, a list of these modified rules are below. We are sharing this list online and on social media to help inform exhibitors, but would greatly appreciate your assistance in spreading the word.


  • Market Beef – January 1
  • Market Swine – May 26 (changed for 2019)
  • Market Lambs – May 26 (changed for 2019)
  • Market Goats – May 26 (changed for 2019)
  • Market Rabbits – June 1
  • Market Poultry – within 5 days of hatch (changed for 2019)

Breeding animals – dates have not changed for 2019 OHIO STATE FAIR:

  • Breeding Beef – May 1
  • Breeding Swine – June 1
  • Breeding Sheep – June 1
  • Breeding Goats – June 1
  • Breeding Poultry – June 1
  • Breeding Rabbits – June 1
  • Dairy Cattle – June 1

Don’t forget – It’s time to enroll for 2018!

Advisors and members who are inactive or incomplete for 2018 received an email Friday April 13, 2018 reminding them about 4-H enrollment.

Our enrollment deadline is May 1st, but that is the day club advisors have to turn in all their club paperwork, including a list of their members, so members, PLEASE get your enrollment completed for this year.

The web address to go to is, where you will enter your email from last year and your password.  Can’t remember which email you used?  Call or email Missy at 740-652-7264 Monday – Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm and she’ll get you on track.

Our tutorial for completing your registration can be found on our website, or here.

Members – Don’t forget – if you are not taking the same projects as last year, please delete your old projects!