2021 Barrow and Lamb MQP Information/Deadlines Announced

Barrows will be harvested and processed at Bay Packing in Fairfield County. In order to accommodate such a large harvest and process the pork in a timely fashion, participants or those who have purchased the freezer pork from the participants, must agree to pick up their fresh/frozen pork prior to the Fair at a time to be announced. Cured product, such as bacon or ham, will be available for pick-up at a time yet to be determined after the fair.

Lambs will also be harvested at Bay Packing. Likewise with the freezer pork, in order to be able to accommodate such a large harvest and process the lamb in a timely fashion, participants or those who have purchased the freezer lamb from the participants must agree to pick up their fresh/frozen lamb prior to the Fair at a time yet to be announced.

The application process being required is intended to allow the Barrow and Lamb MQP Show Committees the opportunity to clearly communicate in a timely fashion to participants where they rank on the participant list. The subjective and age appropriate evaluation of the essays by several ‘judges’ will serve as the basis for that ranking that will be completed and announced by May 15 or as soon as possible.

Both Fairfield County’s Barrow and Lamb MQP programs will operate under the following guidelines:

  1. Applications for the 2021 Barrow and/or Lamb MQP programs must be postmarked or received in the OSU Extension office (831 College Avenue, Suite D, Lancaster) by the end of business on May 1, 2021. Applications are  available on the OSUE website under livestock forms. Paper forms will be sent upon request.
  1. With the application, on a separate paper, an essay, not to exceed 300 words, must be included for each contest that is entered. The title of the essay is to be, “Why I want to participate in a livestock project that’s focused on producing high quality pork/lamb that meets the consumer’s demand.”
  1. The essays will be scored and ranked by an independent panel of judges. Only the author’s age, not their name, will be revealed to the judges. Applicants will receive notice by May 15th or as soon as possible of their ranking on the participants list.
  1. If a participant must withdraw from the program, he/she must agree to notify the OSU Extension office immediately in order that participants that ranked below them may be moved up on the list.
  2. MQP barrows must be in the exhibitor’s possession by July 15th, and tagged by the club/chapter advisor between July 19th and 30th. The live MQP barrows must be delivered to the Fairgrounds for the conclusion on Sunday, September 26th, between 1 and 2 p.m.
  1. MQP lambs must be brought to the Fairgrounds for tagging and weighing on July 10th, and the live MQP lambs must be delivered to the Fairgrounds for the conclusion on Sunday, October 3rd, between 12:30 and 1 p.m.
  1. Freezer pork and freezer lamb cutting/processing sheets must be submitted when the animals are delivered to the Fairgrounds. These sheets will made available to exhibitors in September.
  1. Immediately following delivery on their respective dates and following the live evaluations, the Show Committees will transport the animals to Bay Packing for harvest on the following morning.Carcass data for both contests will be collected at Bay’s and the scoring of the contests will be conducted under the direction of OSU Swine Specialist Dr. Steve Moeller or his designee.
  1. The fresh frozen freezer pork and lamb must be picked up at a time to be determined prior to the Fair. Smoked/ cured pork product will be available after the Fair.
  2. A concluding educational program where the placings will be announced will be scheduled at a time and place yet to be determined prior to the Fair.

We are privileged to have a local packing house such as Bay Packing who is willing and able to help facilitate the Fairfield County Barrow and Lamb MQP programs by harvesting and processing at least 30 barrows and 25 lambs. We also appreciate the effort of faculty and students in the OSU Animal Science Department who are willing to help score and facilitate this unique program.

Applications can be found on the Fairfield County website under Livestock Information and Resources:


4-H Polar Mystery SPIN Club for Grades 6-8

Fairfield County Youth – sign up and participate with other youth from around the state in the newest SPIN (Special Interest Club) Club offered virtually!  See below for additional information.

4-H Polar Mystery SPIN Club for grades 6-8
A polar scientist has gone missing and no one can find her. Using data and maps, you will pinpoint her location and help to discover who took her in this virtual 4-H Special Interest Club to be held on Zoom Mondays Jan. 25 to March 15 3:30 to 4:45 p.m. Register online here. Offered jointly by Ohio 4-H, the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center and collaborators at Rutgers University. Read more.

2021 International Travel Update

Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, our 2021 in-person International Exchange Programs (both hosting and traveling) have been cancelled. We understand the disappointment this will cause for those who were hoping to participate. We look forward to many Ohio youth and families traveling and hosting with us safely in 2022!

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities that are usually offered, please visit https://ohio4h.org/statewide-programs/international-program


Do you like writing? How about an International Pen Pal?

Since International Travel and hosting is cancelled for 2021, they’ve found other opportunities for 4-H youth and their families!

For 2021, we will instead offer several “virtual” international activities:

  •  Winter International Pen-Pal Program (January-April; info posted below) 
  •  Summer International Pen-Pal Program (May-August; identical to winter program; info will be posted in March)
  • Virtual Hosting Family Program (June-August; info posted in March)

Pen Pal spots are limited – ACT NOW if interested! If you would like to be a pen pal, please follow the link below for the instructions.

S4H Flier – Winter 2021 Pen Pal Program (Jan.-April)

Ohio Youth Livestock Skillathons – Rabbit Results

Congrats to the Fairfield County youth who participated in the Ohio Youth Skillathon for Rabbits!

  • Molly Barber, 4th Place Age 13
  • Sebastain Coulter, 5th Place Age 13
  • Aubrey Duke-Ward, 9th Place Age 12
  • Katelyn Lykins, 3rd Place Age 14, 6th Place Intermediate Overall, 17th Place Overall
  • Anna Wolfe, 6th Place Age 12
  • Tommy Wolfe, 10th Place Age 15

Additional youth participating:

  • Rhoslyn Rose
  • Mollie Smithberger

For more information and all results, visit: https://ohio4h.org/animalsciences/ohio-youth-skillathons/rabbit-skillathon

Ohio Youth Livestock Skillathons – Beef Results

Congrats to the Fairfield County youth who participated in the Ohio Youth Skillathon for Beef!

  • Addie Dennis, 7th Place Age 10, 22nd Place Overall Junior Beef
  • Lily Dennis, 6th Place Age 13, 12th Place Overall Intermediate Beef
  • Andrew Huffman, 5th Place Age 15, 24th Place Overall Senior Beef
  • Ashton Huffman, 8th Place Age 12
  • Demi Lee, 10th Place Age 8/9, 25th Place Overall Junior Beef
  • Delaney Moore, 7th Place Age 15
  • Sadie Moore, 7th Place Age 12
  • Jordyn Smith, 8th Place Age 13, 15th Place Overall Intermediate Beef
  • Lydia Smith, 8th Place Age 8/9, 23rd Place Overall Junior Beef

Additional youth participating:

  • Landon Moore

For more information and all results, visit: https://ohio4h.org/animalsciences/ohio-youth-skillathons/beef-skillathon

Junior Fair Entry Form now available

The  Junior Fair Entry form is now available. Please submit one form per youth per club/chapter they belong to.  (an example would be a youth taking livestock in 4-H and FFA would need to submit 2 forms).  Advisors may turn club forms into the Senior Fair Office (SFO), Monday – Friday, August 17-21 and 24-28, between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm.

Youth and their parents must complete the form using the  2019 Junior Fair Book for class numbers, and turn the form into their advisor.  The advisor is to check the form over, and then will submit all member forms for their club to the Junior Fair Office.  Don’t forget to sign the form – Member, Parent and Advisor!

Please enter all animals (including backup animals) for each member, as we know many of you aren’t sure which market animal you will be bringing to the fair yet.  The form does ask for the Fairfield County Market Tag and Sex in the last column – this is new this year.  Don’t forget to enter those!

Youth entering dogs, companion animals, crops and gardening projects, or cakes, pies and candies will also need to complete this entry form.

Dogs and Horses will need to complete their separate show entry forms as well.  Once those are finalized, we will share those with you.

When going to the Senior Fair Office, located in the brick Administration Building on the fairgrounds, advisors must enter the door marked Junior Fair.  This door is closest to Fair Avenue.  Masks are expected to be worn into the office, and Sandy will be wearing appropriate PPE to accept your paperwork.  There will be a limit of 2 advisors in the office at a time, so if you see people waiting, please wait your turn.  You are expected to stay 6 feet apart when waiting as well.

Once inside the office, turn left to Sandy’s desk and hand her your club entries.  She will review the entries and ask questions if she has any.  Once all entries are finalized, the SFO will prepare pass packets and let advisors know they are ready for pickup.

Please remember, due to COVID-19, the SFOis asking you be patient when dropping off entries.  They will be doing their best to keep the lines moving, but you may have a slight wait.  Also, once the Senior Fair Board finalizes advisor/member/parent pass information, we will share that with you as well.

2020 Fairfield County Junior Fair Project Guidelines

The 2020 Junior Fair Project guidelines are now available.  This is an overall snapshot of what should be completed in your project book,  possession dates, quality assurance and skillathon information, as well as what is expected for those projects that are to be interview judged at the fair (cakes, pies, candies, companion animals).

All dates are subject to change as adjustments are made to accommodate health and safety priorities related to COVID-19.

New Virtual Mailbox for families to submit forms to OSU Extension (Due May 1st: Dog Permission, Horse EquiSTEP, Horse Permission, Home Grown Market Wether, Home Grown Market Rabbit, MQP Barrow, MQP Lamb)

  • We have created a NEW online mailbox to submit forms to us that are due in May, June and July. We are encouraging families to submit forms on their own rather than giving them to your club advisor to submit on your behalf.  If possible, it would be extremely helpful for you to name the files before uploading – “Last Name, First Name, Form Name 2020.”  For example: Clover, Chris, MQP Barrow 2020.
  • Signatures on forms – scanned copies and digital signatures (if you know how to do that!) are acceptable.
  • Forms will need to be downloaded on the computer prior to completing the information. You will need to save each form before uploading the online mailboxes. Failure to do so may result in submitting a blank form. 
  • Choose the member mailbox below to submit your forms as soon as you have them completed.
  • Member Mailbox

4-H Enrollment Due May 1st!


  • If the youth is new to Fairfield County 4-H and does not live in Fairfield County, please have them complete an Across County Lines form as soon as possible.
  • Across County Line Membership Policy and Request Form – to be completed once in the lifetime of 4-H Club Membership unless the child moves.
  • All forms are pending approval by 4-H Educators in the county of residence and the county they wish to join.
  • Please email these forms to us NOW rather than waiting until May 1st if at all possible considering the approval process. Send forms to Leslie at Cooksey.25@osu.edu as soon as you have them.
  • Do not assume all requests will be approved.