Bottle Cap Project – FINAL RESULTS

Congratulations to the top 3 clubs in the Bottle Cap Project Club Contest:

1st Place: Champions

2nd Place: Thurston Future Farmers

3rd Place: Sewing Shefs

Champions 4-H Club will receive a bench sponsored by the Junior Leaders and a personalized plaque for their bench. Thank you to those clubs who have been collecting caps for the Fairfield County Junior Leaders Bottle Cap Project! We were able to collect 2,391 lbs of plastic bottle caps!! 10 new benches will be purchased and placed on the Fairfield County Fairgrounds.

Curious how how much your club collected? Check out how many pounds your club turned in below:

Bottle Cap Weigh In Final Results
Club Name TOTAL:
General Donation 653
Champions 502
Thurston Future Farmers 396
Sewing Shefs 287
Kountry Kidz 117
Lithopolis Livestock 110
Amanda Work & Win 62
AC Extreme 60
Baltimore Blue Ribbons 52
Carroll Country 36
Awesome Animals 23
Green Extreme 23
Rough Riders 11
Wild About Animals 11
Pygmies Plus 7
Bloomin’ Clovers 6
Fairfield Cavy & Rabbit 5
Shooting Stars 5
Fairfield Fowl Friends 2
Just Kiddin’ 1

Last Call for Winning 4-H Plan Requests – Due Sept 6th

The Winning 4-H Plan is about Making 4-H Accessible for Club Members with Disabilities. Ohio 4-H welcomes and encourages youth with disabilities to participate. If you have not submitted a request and think your child may need one, all request forms are due Sept 6, 2022.

Need more information about the Winning 4-H Plan?

  • Reasonable accommodations will be made for all youth with disabilities.
  • The Winning 4-H Plan Request Form can be found here and is due to Aubry Fowler ( by Sept 6, 2022 if you have a member who need accommodations for skillathon or fair.
  • The 4-H Educator will communicate all accommodations to the appropriate personnel
  • This completed accommodation document will be provided to the youth by the 4-H Educator
  • Requests for accommodations are considered on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the accommodation does not fundamentally alter the event or provide a significant advantage or disadvantage to anyone participating.
  • Accommodations will be specific to the individual.
  • Judges may modify regular judging procedure to accommodate requests and will need to determine that
    modification would not inhibit the ability of other exhibitors and/or animals in the show.

Common Accommodations include:

  • Typed responses or use of scribe for longer passages in project bool
  • Help with _________ (ex. reading, writing, math)
  • Extra time for ___________ (ex. reading, writing, response answering questions, taking test)
  • Rephrase or reword questions as needed for understanding
  • Break down tasks/questions to simple instructions
  • Directions/questions provided orally
  • Hand over hand to perform skill/task
  • Reduce the number of questions/items performed
  • Use of interpreter (sign language)
  • Project books/materials provided in pdf, enlarged print, or other format. Pease contact Laura Akgerman ( to request project books in alternate/electronic format
  • Use of service animal or seeing eye person when deemed safe (in show ring)
  • Change of location to quieter setting for interview/judging/ task performance
  • Use of device, tool or mechanism that helps the individual perform the task

All  members who submitted a winning plan, should have received their accommodation document on 8/29/2022 from Aubry. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Aubry Fowler, 4-H Educator, at 740-277-4626 or

Shop the 4-H Vendor Sale this Saturday, July 30th!

Come out and support our vendors at the Fairfield County 4-H Craft & Vendor Sale this Saturday, July 30, 2022  from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds. We’ll be in the Ed Sands & AAA Buildings. Get some early Christmas shopping taken care of or just shop for yourself, birthdays, and other special occasions coming up!

There are many activities to participate in that day in addition to shopping from 74 Vendors: the A Firefighters for Kids Toy Drive for Fairfield County Youth, Wreath Silent Auction, Pictures with Santa, Ice Cream Truck, and more!

The event, which will be held at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds in the Ed Sands Building 157 E Fair Ave, Lancaster, OH, will help raise funds for county activities like summer camp, state trips, awards, and so much more in the county.

Cleaning Supplies Available!

Hello 4-H Families,

The 4-H Program has received a donation of cleaning solution from Abercrombie & Fitch to share if clubs/families are interested. There are 72 gallons of Peraspray available – This sanitizer is ready to use and can be used on many surfaces. More information & uses for Peraspray view the Peraspray Brochure.

Be sure to write a thank you note to our wonderful sponsor if you pick up cleaner:

Abercrombie & Fitch
ATTN: Rob Pasternak
6301 Fitch Path
New Albany, OH 43054

Please call the office (740-653-5419) to reserve your gallon(s) today! Please pick up by August 1st as we will start finding new homes after that.



Bottle Cap Weigh In: May 7th and/or May 22nd

4-H Clubs do you have bottle caps to weigh in?

Please bring all clean plastic bottle caps in a trash bag and/or box to the May Weigh-Ins at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds!

Weigh Ins will take place in the #4 Beef Barn at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds on:

  • Saturday, May 7th, 9:00 – 11:00am
  • Sunday, May 22nd, 11:00am – 1:00pm

If you have questions, please contact Aubry (

Reminder on the rules:

  • Work within your club to collect clean plastic bottle caps and lids.
  • Collect only caps that are approved – they must be ALL plastic and clean (no food residue please)
  • Store them during our “off” time in bags – inside a box – they will get heavy
  • Bring them to the Extension Office for the Club Weigh-In 
  • Fundraise to purchase a bench for your club Contact Aubry ( for more details (optional)
  • The club who collects the most caps by weight will receive a bench sponsored by the Junior Leaders and a personalized plaque for their bench.

Caps you should be collecting vs unaccepted caps:

NOW AVAILABLE – Purchase your 4-H Books from the Extension Office!

As a reminder, 4-H Project Books are available at the Fairfield County Extension Office. This is the best way to make sure you get the correct book for your project and save a little money.

Members, check with your advisors if they are doing a club order for books. If so, make sure they have the books you want on their list. If your club is NOT doing a big order, you can email Stacy ( your book order. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is ready for pick up.

Advisors, please fill out the 2022 Ohio 4-H Project Books and Resources Volunteer Order Form. It can be found here. Please make sure to download this PDF before filling it out. Book order forms can be emailed to Stacy as well. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is ready to pick up. The Extension Office is open Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m – 4:00 p.m.

Here are some way to find the right project book for you:

  • Find the perfect book. Refer to your Family Guide in print or online to learn about the projects available this year. You can also preview books on Project Central and learn more about each project.
  • Make your own. If you would rather not purchase a book in this way, self-determined projects are an excellent choice for self-motivated members eager to get started by creating their own projects. Although self-determined projects may be better suited for older 4-H members, they are available for any member and are often based on idea starters already available online. Many of the idea starters are great stay-at-home projects too, for example, Music, Bats, String Art, Climate Change, American Sign Language, etc. (For project judging, self-determined projects are judged in self-determined categories.)

If you have any questions, you may reach out to Leslie Cooksey ( or Aubry Fowler ( – Fairfield County 4-H Educators.

Don’t forget to submit your enrollment by April 15th! If you have changes to make to your project list and your 4-HOnline Profile has been approved, just send Missy Koenig ( an email letting her know what changes you’d like to make to your projects.

You’re all Making the Best Better in 4-H!

Bottle Cap Challenge: Battle of the 4-H Clubs!!

The Junior Leaders will be continuing with their Bottle Cap Project for 2022 and need your help collecting plastic caps to turn into benches. Work within your club to collect clean plastic bottle caps and lids. Store them during our “off” time in bags – inside a box as they can get heavy. The club who collects the most caps by weight will receive a personalized plaque for a bench. If your club would like to fundraise to purchase a bench for your club, contact Aubry ( for more details about this optional opportunity.



2022 Ohio 4-H Club Officer Training (VIRTUAL): April 6th (register by March 30)

Ohio 4-H will be hosting a statewide virtual 4-H Club Officer Training on April 6, 2022 from 7-8:30 pm. A list of officers for the breakout sessions is on the flyer and in the registration link.  An “other” option is included on the registration link for those officer positions that are are listed in the box.

Date:  April 6, 2022

Registration Link:

Registration Deadline:  March 30, 2022

  • Participants will receive a zoom link once registration is complete.  Another reminder will be sent approximately 2 days before program.
  • We are tracking county and demographics of participants

This is a great youth leadership opportunity to note in your 4-H project/record books and award forms!

Office Supplies Available

Hello 4-H Families,

The Fairfield County 4-H Program received a donation of office supplies from Abercrombie & Fitch this week. If you  could use any of these items, please call our office 740-653-5419 to schedule a time to come ‘shop’!

The following items are still available:

  • Binders,
  • Staplers,
  • 3 Hole Punches,
  • Desk Organizers,
  • Tape Dispensers,
  • File Organizers!

Our office is open today (12/21), tomorrow (12/22), and Thurs (12/30). We will be back in the office full time starting Jan 3, 2022.  Items are available on a first come, first served basis and all remaining items will be donated Jan. 7th!


Treasurer’s Book Contest Results


The Fairfield County 4-H Treasurer’s Book Annual Contest is proudly sponsored and funded each year by the Friendly Bremen Banking Center. Thank you, Jodi Motta and Vinton County Bank, for their support and organization of this contest.

The role of the club treasurer is to handle all money matters of the club and maintain accurate financial records.  When the Treasurer’s Book is complete, it should document the activities by its members for one year. It becomes a historical document to that accurately records the club’s income and expenses, and shows that the club is in good financial standing.

All treasurers are eligible and encouraged to submit a book each year. There is a monetary award that goes to the winners and they go directly to that individual. The 4-H Treasurer Book Rubric was used to evaluate each treasurer’s book that was submitted in the contest. Employees of the bank will review the books and choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. Each member who places will receive a visa gift card.

The 2021 results are:

  • Tanner Affolter – 1st place. Tanner is a member of the Amanda Work and Win 4-H Club.
  • Marissa Newman – 2nd place. Marissa is a member of the Clearcreek Showmen 4-H Club.
  • Megan Tooill – 3rd place. Megan is a member of the AC Extreme 4-Hers 4-H Club.

Thank you to all of the members who participated in the Treasurer’s Book contest this year. Keep up the good record keeping! If your club did not participate this year, we hope you will keep this contest in mind and participate next year.