Sponsors Needed for Junior Fair Awards (Updated list as of 8/28/2020)

Award sponsors should have received their invoices to make payment toward sponsoring 2020 Junior Fair Awards. Please send payment in as soon as possible. If questions, contact Ashleigh Traster at 740-503-4980 or by email at ashleigh.trasterffw3@gmail.com. Please note, Ashleigh is the new Junior Fair Awards Coordinator!

The following awards are currently not sponsored for 2020 as of August 28, 2020. Please contact Ashleigh (contact information listed above) to be sure the award is still available. Thank you in advance!

Book 1 – Dairy

  • 2nd-6th Place Jr. Dairy Market Feeder Showman – 5 Rosettes at $4.50 each
  • 2nd-6th Place Beginner Dairy Feeder Showman – 5 Rosettes at $4.50 each
  • 4th-5th Place Dairy Showman of Showmen Contest – 2 Rosettes at $4.50 each
  • Junior Champion Guernsey Heifer – 1 Trophy at $18.50
  • Reserve Junior Champion Guernsey Heifer – 1 Rosette at $4.50
  • Dairy Breeding 1st Place, each class – 9 Rosettes at $4.50 each

Book 4 – Sheep

  • 1st Place Sheep Premier Exhibitor – 1 Award at $100.00

Book 6 – Dairy Goats

  • 1st -5th Place Senior Yearling – 5 Rosettes at $4.50 each
  • Reserve Champion Milker – 1 Trophy at $17.50
  • Division II 2nd Place Dairy Goat Showman (ages 12-14) – 1 Trophy at $17.50
  • 1st-5th Place 5 Year Old and Over Dairy Goat – 3 Rosettes at $4.50 each

Book 11 – Rabbits

  • 3rd-10th Place Pen of 2 Home Grown Fryers – 6 Rosettes at $4.50 each
  • 1st-3rd Place Each Breed Class, Does & Bucks – 14 Rosettes at $4.50 each
  • 1st-5th Place Premier Rabbit Exhibitor – 1 ARBA Book at $22.00

Book 12 – 4-H/FFA Crops

  • 1st Place Vegetable or Fruit – 1 Rosette at $4.50

Book 13 – FFA Agriculture Engineering/Production

  • 1st Place Woodworking Small (FFA Engineering) – 1 Rosette at $4.50

Book 14 – Dogs

  • 2nd-5th Place Junior, You & Your Dog – 4 Rosettes at $4.50 each
  • 2nd-5th Place Intermediate, You & Your Dog – 4 Rosettes at $4.50 each
  • 2nd-5th Place Beginner Novice (B) – 4 Rosettes at $4.50 each
  • 2nd-5th Place Pre-Novice – 4 Rosettes at $4.50 each
  • 2nd-3rd Place Dog Obedience Graduate (Novice B) – 2 Rosettes at $4.50 each
  • 1st Place Dog Obedience (Open B) – 1 Trophy at $17.50
  • Junior Showmanship (A) (ages 8-11) – 1 Trophy at $17.50
  • 2nd-3rd Place Senior Showmanship (B) (ages 15-18) – 2 Rosettes at $4.50 each
  • Senior Showmanship (B) (ages 15-18) – 1 Trophy at $17.50

Book 19 – Nutrition

  • 1st Place Everyday Food & Fitness – 1 Rosette at $4.50
  • 3rd Place Everyday Food & Fitness – 1 Rosette at $4.50
  • Overall Best Intermediate Cake – $15.00 Award

Book 20 – Clothing

  • 2nd Place Creative Costumes – 1 Rosette at $4.50
  • 1st Place Look Great for Less – 1 Rosette at $4.50

Special 4-H Club Awards

  • 5 Year Member Pins – 10 pins at $2.00 each
  • 11 Year Member Pins – 5 pins at $2.00 each

Summer Judging Results from Day 3 (Wednesday, July 15th): Engineering & Environmental Science

We are so proud of the hard work 4-H members have put into their projects this year! Congrats to all!

Here are the results of our members who participated in judging on Day 3 (Wednesday, July 15th). For a complete list of results, click here.

Summer Judging Results from Day 2 (Tuesday, July 14th): Demonstrations, Communications, Creative Arts

We are so proud of the hard work 4-H members have put into their projects this year! Congrats to all!

Here are the results of our members who participated in judging on Day 2 (Tuesday, July 14th). For a complete list of results, click here.

Summer Judging Results from Day 1 (Monday, July 13th): Food, Home, Genealogy, Laundry, Health, & Childcare

We are so proud of the hard work 4-H members have put into their projects this year! Congrats to all!

Here are the results of our members who participated in judging on Day 1 (Monday, July 13th). For a complete list of results, click here.


Virtual Style Revue

Today we’d like to present to you our 2020 Virtual Style Revue! An optional event for our clothing/sewing members to participate in this year due to no traditional in-person Style Revue! Please note this video only includes members who submitted videos and does not include all members who participated in judging in July!

Summer Judging – Please Schedule an Interview Time by 5:00 p.m. Friday, July 10th!

Greetings 4-Hers!

Thank you to those who recently responded to last week’s survey regarding project completion options. We have taken survey responses into consideration, along with OSU’s guidance on primarily using virtual options for events due to the potential continued spread of COVID-19. In that light, we will be conducting project judging interviews using the online video conference format called Zoom. This will allow for a live, interactive interview with a judge and 4-Her. For those 4-Hers that do not have access to adequate technology to support a Zoom interview, we will offer a few limited slots for an in-person interview. Please read details below before choosing your judging appointment.

All SUMMER project judging will be conducted the week of July 13th. Projects will be judged on these originally scheduled days:

  • Monday, July 13: Food, Home Dec, Genealogy, Laundry, Health, Child Care
  • Tuesday, July 14: Demonstration, Communication, Creative Arts
  • Wednesday, July 15: Engineering and Environmental Science
  • Thursday, July 16: Clothing

Awards this year will be simplified with Outstandings and Honorable Mentions across projects. There is no state-level competition this year, so the primary focus of county judging will be the interview experience and an opportunity for the 4-Her to share what they have learned. Note: we will not be awarding special overall food or clothing awards this year.

Project displays: in order to offer flexibility, you may create a poster and have it near you for zoom judging, or a digital poster that you could ‘screen share’ and later print out to display at the fair. Note: food projects will NOT be required to complete a portfolio this year. Instead you could do a mini poster to display at the fair. The choice is yours.

Online (Zoom) Judging for all summer projects:

  • Extension staff will ‘host’ the meeting and send a link to the judge and 4-Her. Staff will remain online throughout the meeting as tech support, timekeeper and to provide a 2nd adult to avoid any one-on-one meetings with youth.
  • 4-Her and judge will utilize their own computer with a camera or device from their own homes.
  • This is a ‘live’ interactive interview and the judge can ask 4-Her questions.
  • Training will be provided on how to participate in a zoom interview.

In-person Judging for youth without access to internet or computer/phone:

  • Note: this option is reserved for members who cannot do a zoom interview because they do not have access to technology
  • Safety measures:
    • 4-Hers, judges and staff will be asked to wear masks. (provided if needed)
    • Plexiglass tabletop shields positioned between the judge and 4-Her
    • 6-foot distance between everyone
    • Surfaces will be sanitized after each 4-Her
  • Held at the Ed Sands building at the fairgrounds the week of July 13.
  • 4-Hers will wait in their car until it is time to be judged.

As a reminder, if you have a project that you do not plan to complete, please email Missy Koenig at Koenig.398@osu.edu with the project you wish to drop from your record. You also have the option of interviewing with your club advisor for project completion. Please contact your advisor to make arrangements.

We are excited to see all that you have completed and learned in your 4-H projects this summer. Please click on this link to schedule your SUMMER judging appointment by 5:00 p.m. Friday, July 10th: Summer Judging Scheduling Link Please note:  If you have multiple summer projects or multiple 4-H members, you will need to re-select the link to schedule additional projects, it is not member specific.

~Fairfield County 4-H Team

Please Respond: Member survey regarding 2020 4-H Projects

All 4-H members (excluding Cloverbuds) should have received an email from Stacy Hicks on Tuesday, June 16th that shares an overview of 4-H project completion. Families with multiple 4-H members should receive multiple emails personalized to each member. We are asking that all 4-H members reply to the survey so we can continue making plans for summer judging. We have decided to extend the deadline for response to this email to Sunday, June 21st.  Please refer to the email you received for a link to follow and complete the survey to help us plan for judging this year.  The survey will take less than 30 seconds to complete.  If you have any questions, please contact the office at 740-653-5419. If you did not see an email with this survey link, please let us know (and be sure to check your junk/spam folders in your email).

Thank you for your help!

Summer Judging Update as of 6/11/2020

Due to COVID-19, things are continually changing in our lives and the 4-H program is no exception to that. As 4-H Educators, we wanted to provide an update with details that we know as of right now:

  • Summer Judging for miscellaneous and still projects will take place July 13 – 17th as originally scheduled. Our goal is to have in person judging with safety measures in place and a virtual option for families that may need that. There will be some modifications in place to comply with the Health Department guidelines, and families should expect to receive an email with those updates by mid-June. Keep working on those 4-H projects and getting your books completed!

Perfect Stay at Home 4-H Projects – DOWNLOAD 4-H Books for FREE!

Download these 4-H Project Books for free. A special collection of project books is available for free on the Perfect Stay-at-Home Projects web page (https://ohio4h.org/stayathomeprojects). Click on the book you want, and when the file opens on your screen, save or print it from there.

The following 4-H Project Books are available and currently posted on the website listed above:

  • 91 Discovering 4-H
  • 409 Sew Fun
  • 496 My Favorite Things (collectibles)
  • 588 The Writer In You
  • 592 Get Started in Art
  • 442 Family History Treasure Hunt
  • 459 Let’s Start Cooking
  • 462 Yeast Breads on the Rise
  • 485 Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals
  • 359 Your Thoughts Matter
  • 405 The Laundry Project
  • 491 It’s My Home
  • 375 Leadership Road Trip: Where Are You Going?
  • 376 Pantry Panic
  • 611 Explore the Outdoors
  • 621 Ohio Birds
  • 493 Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry
  • 540 Not Just Knots
  • 173 Horseless Horse
  • 500 Science Fund with Physics

For accessible formats of these publications, visit cfaes.osu.edu/accessibility.

Additionally, Fairfield County Only Projects (COP) Books are available for a FREE Download for our Pie and Candy Projects. Click here to download these books: COP Fairfield County Pie Project or COP Fairfield County Candy Project.

Please make sure these projects are added to your 4-H enrollment this year. If you have already submitted your enrollment and it has been approved, email Missy Koenig (koenig.398@osu.edu) with the changes you would like to make to your projects. Enrollments are due May 1st!