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Help the Fairfield County 4-H Advisory Committee raise money for the 4-H Program while shopping at no additional cost to you!

1. Start at
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3. Search for “Fairfield County OH 4-H Advisory Committee” as the charitable organization you want to support under choose a charity (located under the search bar)
4. Shop Amazon as you normally would and 0.5% of your eligible purchase is donated to the county 4-H program!
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Support the Fairfield County Junior Fair Board – Kroger Rewards

Help the Fairfield County Junior Fair Board raise money while shopping at no additional cost to you! 

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5. The 4-H Advisory Committee will allocate these funds to the JFB upon receipt

4-H Teen Opportunities, Award Forms, and Recognition (youth ages 13-18 as of 1/1/2023)

Attention Teens! Do you want to be a camp counselor? Junior Fair Board Member? Junior Leader? Outstanding 4-Her? Scholarship or Trip Award winner? Do you find yourself asking “How do I get to do that?” We suspect that as you have gotten older you have started to look for new and exciting things where you can be involved. Read on… 4-H has special opportunities for teens only where YOU can play a part!

There are many exciting opportunities that await you as a teenager in the Fairfield County 4-H Program. Soon, 4-H members who will be ages 13-18 as of 1/1/2023 will receive a survey link emailed to them. This survey is an invitation for you to let us know what you are interested in learning more about. Read all about these opportunities, mark which ones you are interested in and we will follow up with making sure you have the correct forms, applications, and information to proceed to the next steps!

The opportunities in awards, trips, scholarships and more available to teens in the 4-H program are incredible. Don’t miss out on learning more and getting involved! Most of these opportunities are open to 4-H members ages 14 and up as of January 1st. There are also a few opportunities for youth ages 13 as of January 1st. Some of these activities require completion of special forms while others just involve asking for more information. Regardless of what you are interested in, be sure to give us a call if you need more information or would like some help with the necessary forms.

If members and parents would like a little extra assistance in preparing their records, feel free to call or email Leslie (740-277-4625) at or Aubry (740-277-4626) at

We encourage you all to broaden your 4-H experience and try something new. We think you’ll find many new friends and much more fun ahead!

Additionally, we invite youth who will be ages 13-18 as of 1/1/2023 to attend the Achievement Form Workshop on Thursday, December 8th from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at the Extension Office / Ag Center.

DUNF: Drug Use Notification Forms – MUST be completed before NOON on Friday, October 7th

DUNF Forms – These will be completed online this year. I would suggest that exhibitors should not fill them out until as close to weigh-in/move-in day as possible to ensure the information is correct and their market/lactating animal is drug free moving into fair. The link to the online DUNF Form is: If someone submits a form with errors, please have them contact Stacy Hicks at we can delete that record and they will be asked to submit a new form.

Market Poultry exhibitors will not have identification until fair weigh-in for their birds. Please put TBD in the identification field and we will update your form after weigh-in.

As a reminder:

Valid and current Drug Use Notification Forms (DUNF) must be submitted on-line immediately prior to the Fairfield County Fair  for each market or lactating animal that is exhibited by a youth participating in Junior Fair. Animals requiring a DUNF indicating the animal is free from any/all drugs in it’s system on fair weigh-in/move-in day are:

  • Market Beef (Steer or Heifer)
  • Dairy Beef Feeder
  • Dairy Cow (Lactating)
  • MQP Barrow
  • Market Barrow
  • Market Gilt
  • Market Goat
  • Dairy Goat (Lactating)
  • Market Chicken
  • Market Turkey
  • Market Duck
  • MQP Lamb
  • Market Lamb

A separate form must be completed for each animal being brought to the Fair (market chickens should complete 1 form for their pen of chickens). If the information on the form regarding drug use changes or if a drug is subsequently administered at any time after the drug use notification form is filed, an updated drug use notification form shall immediately be filed with the records official.

Forms should be completed no sooner than 5 days prior to animal weigh-in to be sure that their animal is drug free during fair. Forms submitted prior to that timeframe will be deleted and exhibitors will be asked to resubmit the DUNF form closer to their animal’s weigh-in.

To submit your form for each animal, begin by going to this link.

Panorama Invitations – Check Your Email!!

Hello 4-H & FFA Members,

Panorama invitations were emailed 9/30/2022, however people are having issues accessing the invitation or have not received it.

The following members will be recognized during the 2022 Junior Fair Panorama:

  • Junior Fair Queen Finalists
  • County Livestock Representatives
  • Outstanding 4-Hers
  • 4-H State Fair Clock Trophy Winners
  • 2022 FFA American Degree Recipients
  • 2022 FFA State Degree Recipients
  • State Top 4 FFA Proficiency Award winners from each chapter

We look forward to having you be a special part of the 2022 Junior Fair Panorama on Saturday, October 8th. The show begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Feeder Creek Show Arena, north of the racetrack. Please find your official invitation with further details. If you have any questions or did not receive the invitation, please reach out to me by email or phone 740-277-4626.


Aubry Fowler

Save the Date: 4-H Camp 2023

In Summer 2023, Fairfield County 4-H will have FOUR summer camp options for youth. Youth will sign up for camp based on the grade of school they are in right now. This will be the same grade you enter when you sign up for 4-H next spring. Registration will be open May 1-15, 2023! We hope you are as excited as we are, so save the date and join us at Alley Park or Tar Hollow next summer!

Last Call for Winning 4-H Plan Requests – Due Sept 6th

The Winning 4-H Plan is about Making 4-H Accessible for Club Members with Disabilities. Ohio 4-H welcomes and encourages youth with disabilities to participate. If you have not submitted a request and think your child may need one, all request forms are due Sept 6, 2022.

Need more information about the Winning 4-H Plan?

  • Reasonable accommodations will be made for all youth with disabilities.
  • The Winning 4-H Plan Request Form can be found here and is due to Aubry Fowler ( by Sept 6, 2022 if you have a member who need accommodations for skillathon or fair.
  • The 4-H Educator will communicate all accommodations to the appropriate personnel
  • This completed accommodation document will be provided to the youth by the 4-H Educator
  • Requests for accommodations are considered on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the accommodation does not fundamentally alter the event or provide a significant advantage or disadvantage to anyone participating.
  • Accommodations will be specific to the individual.
  • Judges may modify regular judging procedure to accommodate requests and will need to determine that
    modification would not inhibit the ability of other exhibitors and/or animals in the show.

Common Accommodations include:

  • Typed responses or use of scribe for longer passages in project bool
  • Help with _________ (ex. reading, writing, math)
  • Extra time for ___________ (ex. reading, writing, response answering questions, taking test)
  • Rephrase or reword questions as needed for understanding
  • Break down tasks/questions to simple instructions
  • Directions/questions provided orally
  • Hand over hand to perform skill/task
  • Reduce the number of questions/items performed
  • Use of interpreter (sign language)
  • Project books/materials provided in pdf, enlarged print, or other format. Pease contact Laura Akgerman ( to request project books in alternate/electronic format
  • Use of service animal or seeing eye person when deemed safe (in show ring)
  • Change of location to quieter setting for interview/judging/ task performance
  • Use of device, tool or mechanism that helps the individual perform the task

All  members who submitted a winning plan, should have received their accommodation document on 8/29/2022 from Aubry. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Aubry Fowler, 4-H Educator, at 740-277-4626 or

FairEntry – FAQ’s and Training Video

Fair entries are rolling in and we have a few updates to share as we learn through this new process together. Additionally, for those interested in seeing what the FairEntry program looks like for our exhibitors, feel free to check out the recorded Zoom video from Monday night. Additionally, here are the instructions for creating fair entries as previously shared by email: Fair Entry – 4-HOnline Family 2022 and Fair Entry – FFA Family 2022

Frequently Asked Questions (will be added to this blog post as we navigate the new FairEntry Program – please check back!):

  1. When creating entries from 4-HOnline login, members must be enrolled in the appropriate 4-H project in order to make a fair entry for that respective Department/Division/Class.
  2. If an exhibitor is in both 4-H and FFA, they should login using their 4-HOnline enrollment. DO NOT create a FairEntry account for FFA only entries as this will create a second exhibitor number for you – and we do not want this to happen.
    • If the exhibitor’s 4-H enrollment (from April) includes ALL potential fair projects, they can make entries as needed in those classes and choose which 4-H Club or FFA Chapter they are exhibiting the project(s) in, respectively.
    • If a project was not on their original 4-H enrollment, they cannot add an entry for a project for FFA through their access of the online entry system. If this applies to you, please email Leslie Cooksey ( all entry information including Department/Division/Class and animal information.

Welcome our New Program Assistant: Haley!

The Fairfield County 4-H Program is excited to welcome our new Program Assistant, Haley Black! Read on to learn more about Haley…

Haley Black-England
Professionally- Haley Black

  • I graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management, and minors in music and business.
  • I grew up in the Fairfield County 4-H program, and was in the program for 10 years, and took Sheep, Swine, Goats and still projects. I was involved in Junior Fair Board and Junior Leaders.
  • I got married in October, and my husband and I have a corgi puppy named Barrie. We enjoy birdwatching, playing board games, hiking, kayaking, and going to Farmer’s Markets together
  • I enjoy telling (and hearing) dad jokes, reading fantasy literature and nonfiction books, playing the piano, and listening to music, specifically Broadway, Classic Country, and Classic Rock.

I am looking forward to giving back to the community that helped me become the person I am.

Haley will be the primary contact for all your 4-H Online questions and other basic 4-H needs, you can reach her at 740-277-4622 or via email at

Be sure to say hello next time you visit the Fairfield County Extension Office!

2022 Fairfield County Junior Fair Premier Exhibitor Contest Information

Objective: The objective of the Premier Exhibitor Contest is to encourage youth exhibitors to explore multiple aspects of the livestock specie project they are enrolled in, and to reward those youth that participate at the highest level.

While some exhibitors may choose to only participate in a single aspect of an animal project, the reality is that all the various opportunities available for any given project are interrelated and participation can enhance the knowledge, skills, and enjoyment gained from the project.

  • Exhibitors will learn that market animals originate from breeding stock.
  • Performance is vital to the profitability of livestock production.
  • Efficient record keeping allows the owner to determine if the project was profitable.
  • Livestock evaluation is the foundation for selecting both breeding and market livestock.
  • Knowing breeds, body parts and muscle names and locations compliment one’s ability to evaluate livestock.

It’s all interrelated and encouraging youth to expand the knowledge of their project by participating in a variety of opportunities while also in a competitive environment will enhance the learning experience.

Updates to the 2022 Premier Exhibitor Program:

  • Addition of Dog, Alpaca/Llama, and Horse Premier Exhibitor Programs.
  • Removal of Rate of Gain for Meat/Market Goat Premier Exhibitor scoring.


  • Exhibitor must be enrolled in a 4-H/FFA project in that species in their respective 4-H Club/FFA Chapter.
  • FairEntry is made in the respective species by August FairEntry deadline.
  • The exhibitor must complete the Fairfield County Skillathon for the specie they plan to compete in Premier Exhibitor. Those exhibitors who participate in the alternative Skillathon options will not be eligible for Premier Exhibitor (i.e. Ohio State Fair VIRTUAL Skillathon, Ohio State Fair IN-PERSON Skillathon, and/or Fairfield County Make-Up Skillathon Test). Project books will be reviewed as part of the county Skillathon event.
  • An exhibitor must complete a Skillathon for each specie they plan to compete for Premier Exhibitor. If an exhibitor does not participate in the Fairfield County Skillathon for that specie, they will be ineligible for Premier Exhibitor in that specie.
  • Exhibitors must show their own animal(s).

Eligible Species: Dairy Cattle, Dairy Beef Feeders, Beef, Swine, Sheep, Dairy Goats, Meat/Market Goats, Pygmy Goats, Poultry, Rabbits, Dogs, Alpacas/Llamas, and Horses.

Scoring: The Premier Exhibitor for each species will be the exhibitor with the highest point total from the activities listed for each specie (dropping the scores as mentioned below).

The goal is to encourage exhibitors to explore various opportunities available to them within their species and allow for lowest scores to be dropped when sufficient experiences are able to be offered (for example, Beef Exhibitors have far more project opportunities available to them than Pygmy Goats). The objective would be to encourage exhibitors to earn points for exhibiting animals in at least two ways at the Fairfield County Fair in addition to participating in Skillathon, showmanship, rate of gain (if applicable), and judging contests (if applicable). If exhibiting more than one animal in an activity, the highest placing animal will be used for the Premier Exhibitor scoring.

Dairy Cattle: The Dairy Cattle Premier Exhibitor will be the highest point total from up to 3 of the 4 following Fairfield County Junior Fair activities: Dairy Skillathon*, Showmanship, Ohio 4-H Dairy Judging Contest, and Breeding Class.

Dairy Beef Feeder: The Dairy Beef Feeder Premier Exhibitor will be the highest point total from up to 4 of the 5 Fairfield County Junior Fair activities: Beef Skillathon*, Showmanship, Fairfield County Beef Judging Contest, Market Class, and Rate of Gain.

Beef: The Beef Premier Exhibitor will be the highest point total from up to 5 of the 8 Fairfield County Junior Fair activities: Beef Skillathon*, Showmanship, Fairfield County Beef Judging Contest, Breeding Class, Feeder Class, Market Class, Carcass Class, and Rate of Gain.

Swine: The Swine Premier Exhibitor will be the highest point total from up to 4 of the 5 Fairfield County Junior Fair activities: Swine Skillathon*, Showmanship, Fairfield County Swine Judging Contest, Market/MQP Class 1, and Market/MQP Class 2.

Sheep: The Sheep Premier Exhibitor will be the highest point total from 5 of the 6 Fairfield County Junior Fair activities: Sheep Skillathon*, Showmanship, Fairfield County Sheep Judging Contest, Breeding Class, Market/MQP Class 1, and Market/MQP Class 2.

Dairy Goats: The Dairy Goat Premier Exhibitor will be the highest point total from all 4 Fairfield County Junior Fair activities: Dairy Goat Skillathon*, Showmanship, Breeding (Kid/Yearling Class), and Breeding (Doe Class).

Meat/Market Goats: The Meat/Market Goat Premier Exhibitor will be the highest point total from 5 of the 6 Fairfield County Junior Fair activities: Meat/Market Goat Skillathon*, Showmanship, Fairfield County Meat Goat Judging Contest, Breeding (Meat Doe) Class, Market/MQP Class 1, and Market/MQP Class 2.

Pygmy Goats: The Pygmy Goat Premier Exhibitor will be the highest point total from all 4 Fairfield County Junior Fair activities: Pygmy Goat Skillathon*, Showmanship, Wether Class, and Doe Class.

Poultry: The Poultry Premier Exhibitor will be the highest point total from 4 of the 5 Fairfield County Junior Fair activities: Poultry Skillathon*, Showmanship, Breeding Class, Layers Class, and Market Class.

Rabbits: The Rabbit Premier Exhibitor will be the highest point total from all 4 of the 6 Fairfield County Junior Fair activities: Rabbit Skillathon*, Showmanship, Breeding Class 1, Breeding Class 2, Market Class 1, Market Class 2.

Dogs: The Dog Premier Exhibitor will be the highest point total from up to 4 of the 5 Fairfield County Junior Fair activities: Dog Skillathon*, You & Your Dog Interview, Showmanship, Obedience Class, and Agility.

Alpacas/Llamas: The Alpaca & Llama Premier Exhibitor will be the highest point total from up to 4 of the 5 following Fairfield County Junior Fair activities: Alpaca/Llama Skillathon*, Showmanship, Public Relations Class, Costume Class, and Obstacle/Agility Class

Horses: The Horse Premier Exhibitor will be the highest point total from up to 4 of the 5 following Fairfield County Junior Fair activities: Horse Skillathon*, Showmanship, Pleasure Class, Pattern Class, and Contesting Class.

The *Fairfield County Skillathon will be a mandatory activity for participation in the respective species’ Premier Exhibitor Contest. A Skillathon is an activity to test knowledge of specific subject matter in a hands-on experiential learning model. Skillathons will take place on the assigned day and times in September and this will be the only opportunity for participants to complete the Skillathon for their respective species and be eligible to participate in the respective Premier Exhibitor Contest. Exhibitors will earn corresponding Premier Exhibitor points based off of their raw score (out of 100 points). Skillathons will be comprised of four stations. A completed project book is required at Skillathon.

The Fairfield County Livestock Judging Contest will take place on Sunday of the Fairfield County Fair for swine, beef, sheep, and goats. Exhibitors will earn corresponding Livestock Judging Contest points based off of their raw score. Total points possible will be determined on the day of the contest.

Rate of Gain will be available to all market beef that are exhibited in the live show, and dairy feeder exhibitors.

Breeding/Market/Showmanship/Rate of Gain class/heat points will be assigned according to class rankings (placing 1st through 5th, followed by participation points).

Livestock Sale: If the Premier Exhibitor has a market animal in that respective species, they will sell third in the market sale for that species following the Overall Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Market Animals. If an exhibitor chooses to take home and earns Premier Exhibitor, they will lose their sale slot. (In that case second place Premier Exhibitor will not move into that sale slot).

Ties: Exhibitors will complete a tiebreaker station at Skillathon for their respective specie. Scoring from the tiebreaker station will only be used to help break ties for the overall rankings of each specie’s Premier Exhibitor.

Awards will be given for 1st place winner of each age group (Age 8/9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18), from which, overall 1st through 3rd place winners will be chosen for the Premier Exhibitor Program for each specie.

  • 1st Place Awards for each age group (Age 8/9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18) will receive a rosette and coupon to be used at the fair for a free sandwich (vendor TBD).
  • 1st Place Award Overall for each specie will receive a vinyl banner and $100 cash award.
  • 2nd Place Award Overall for each specie will receive a vinyl banner and $75 cash award.
  • 3rd Place Award Overall for each specie will receive a vinyl banner and $50 cash award.

Updated 8/2/2022 to reflect updates to Meat Goats and no longer having a Rate of Gain Contest.