Ohio FFA Foundation Scholarships – 2/1/2023 Deadline

One application for three scholarship opportunities! Applications are now open and due February 1, 2023. Click here to find the application link.

The scholarships are Earl “Doc” Kantner Scholarship, Ohio HBPA Scholarship and Ohio State Fair Scholarship.

The application includes 3 essay questions and students must upload their current resume. Please have your essay responses and resume prepared in other documents to copy into the application, as you cannot save your work and return later. The resume file must be saved as a .pdf file.

Essay Questions (500 word limit for each question):

  1. Describe how your involvement in FFA has shaped who you are.
  2. What are your academic goals? Why did you decide to go to college?
  3. How has your involvement in the FFA prepared you to succeed in college?

***Question ONLY for those applying for the Ohio State Fair Endowment scholarship***

List in detail how you have participated at the Ohio State Fair including areas of participation and year. Be sure to include and highlight your FFA participation at the Ohio State Fair. (Please include your plans for this upcoming year).

You can find the questions and eligibility requirements by visiting the scholarship webpage found at https://ohioffa.org/foundation/programs/scholarships/.

Questions can be directed to the Ohio FFA Foundation staff at kmann@ohioffa.org.

Source: Ohio Ag Ed Newsletter – November 8, 2022

Meat Judging Practice (Open House) – open to 4-H/FFA youth

On November 5th, the meat science program, in the Department of Animal Sciences, will open their doors for all meat judging teams to practice on carcasses, wholesale cuts, and retail ID. Everyone is welcome to take advantage of our product. Doors will be open from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm. OSU will provide hairnets, beard nets and disposable frocks (for those needing). If you are interested in attending, please contact Leslie Cooksey at cooksey.25@osu.edu.

DUNF: Drug Use Notification Forms – MUST be completed before NOON on Friday, October 7th

DUNF Forms – These will be completed online this year. I would suggest that exhibitors should not fill them out until as close to weigh-in/move-in day as possible to ensure the information is correct and their market/lactating animal is drug free moving into fair. The link to the online DUNF Form is: http://go.osu.edu/fairfielddunf. If someone submits a form with errors, please have them contact Stacy Hicks at hicks.686@osu.edu we can delete that record and they will be asked to submit a new form.

Market Poultry exhibitors will not have identification until fair weigh-in for their birds. Please put TBD in the identification field and we will update your form after weigh-in.

As a reminder:

Valid and current Drug Use Notification Forms (DUNF) must be submitted on-line immediately prior to the Fairfield County Fair  for each market or lactating animal that is exhibited by a youth participating in Junior Fair. Animals requiring a DUNF indicating the animal is free from any/all drugs in it’s system on fair weigh-in/move-in day are:

  • Market Beef (Steer or Heifer)
  • Dairy Beef Feeder
  • Dairy Cow (Lactating)
  • MQP Barrow
  • Market Barrow
  • Market Gilt
  • Market Goat
  • Dairy Goat (Lactating)
  • Market Chicken
  • Market Turkey
  • Market Duck
  • MQP Lamb
  • Market Lamb

A separate form must be completed for each animal being brought to the Fair (market chickens should complete 1 form for their pen of chickens). If the information on the form regarding drug use changes or if a drug is subsequently administered at any time after the drug use notification form is filed, an updated drug use notification form shall immediately be filed with the records official.

Forms should be completed no sooner than 5 days prior to animal weigh-in to be sure that their animal is drug free during fair. Forms submitted prior to that timeframe will be deleted and exhibitors will be asked to resubmit the DUNF form closer to their animal’s weigh-in.

To submit your form for each animal, begin by going to this link.

Panorama Invitations – Check Your Email!!

Hello 4-H & FFA Members,

Panorama invitations were emailed 9/30/2022, however people are having issues accessing the invitation or have not received it.

The following members will be recognized during the 2022 Junior Fair Panorama:

  • Junior Fair Queen Finalists
  • County Livestock Representatives
  • Outstanding 4-Hers
  • 4-H State Fair Clock Trophy Winners
  • 2022 FFA American Degree Recipients
  • 2022 FFA State Degree Recipients
  • State Top 4 FFA Proficiency Award winners from each chapter

We look forward to having you be a special part of the 2022 Junior Fair Panorama on Saturday, October 8th. The show begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Feeder Creek Show Arena, north of the racetrack. Please find your official invitation with further details. If you have any questions or did not receive the invitation, please reach out to me by email fowler.443@osu.edu or phone 740-277-4626.


Aubry Fowler

Sign up now for the Livestock Judging Contest!

Livestock Judging Contest: Sunday, October 9, 2022,  9 a.m., East side of the Swine Barn
Contest to follow beginning at 9:30 a.m., at the Swine Barn

Superintendent: James Maynard
Assistant Superintendent: Hayley Maynard

Please sign up for the contest using this link


The contest will be conducted in two divisions: Senior (ages 14-18), Junior (ages 8-13).

  1. All ages are as of January 1st of the current year.
  2. Rules and conditions apply to both divisions.
  3. When available, one class from each of the following will be used: Market Hogs, Breeding Gilts, Market Lambs, Breeding Ewes, Market Goats, Breeding Goats, and Market Beef Steers and Breeding Beef Heifers.
  4. Livestock entered in the Junior Fair and/or Open classes and housed at the fair are subject to be used for the Livestock Judging Contest.
  5. Committee members have the right to bring in outside livestock to fill classes, if not enough animals are made available from FFA and 4-H members on Sunday of the fair. Animals brought to the fairgrounds must be checked by a veterinarian before setting foot on the fairgrounds.
  6. For each species, there will be at least one placing class and one questions class.
  7. The scores will be computed by the committee in charge and displayed.
  8. For Junior Fair Premier Exhibitor purposes, all participants will be grouped into one group per species (regardless of age) and ranked.
  9. Tiebreakers for Livestock Judging Contest Awards shall be (in order):
    a) The highest total score for all questions and answers.
    b) Most consistency of class scores – narrowest spread from high to low score.
    c) Highest score on one set of oral reasons given on a class of the participant’s choice, given to Contest Superintendent(s).

10 Finalists Named for 2022 Fairfield County Fair Queen

LANCASTER, Ohio – Ten Fairfield County teens are competing for the title of 2022 Fairfield County Junior Fair Queen. The young ladies, all of whom participate in Fairfield County FFA Chapters and/or 4-H Clubs, were interviewed on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, by a panel of three community leaders who evaluated the candidates on a variety of factors including: 4‑H/FFA activities, school and community activities and poise.

The 2022 Queen will be crowned along with two attendants by the 2021 Fairfield County Jr. Fair Queen, Hannah Saum, on Saturday, October 8 at 7 p.m. during the Fairfield County Junior Fair Panorama.

This year’s finalists included:

  • Grace Ahrens, 17, daughter of Stephen and Erin Ahrens. She attends Hilliard Bradley High School and is a member of  Cloverleaf Livestock 4-H Club.
  • Lacie Bachman, 16, daughter of Gregg and Christi Bachman. She attends Bloom-Carroll High School and is a member of Unleashed 4-H Club and Bloom-Carroll FFA.
  • Isabella Byrd, 19, daughter of Neilston and Christina Byrd. She attends Columbus State Community College and is a member of Fairfield Fowl Friends 4-H Club.
  • Annie Deyo, 17, daughter of  Heidi and Mark Deyo. She attends Fairfield Union High School and is a member of Rough Riders 4-H Club and Fairfield Union FFA.
  • Evelyn Hill, 15, daughter of  Jessica and Jason Hill. She attends Lancaster High School and is a member of Shooting Stars 4-H Club.
  • Samantha Hurst, 18, daughter of Darren and Amy Hurst. She attends OSU Newark and is a member of Blazin’ Buckeyes 4-H Club.
  • Kate Markwood, 18, daughter of Jodi and Travis Markwood. She attends Fairfield Union High School and is a member of Kountry Kidz 4-H Club and Fairfield Union FFA.
  • Adriana Rodriguez-Denner, 17, daughter of Jody Denner and Sindy Rodriguez. She attends Lancaster High School and is a member of Shooting Stars 4-H Club.
  • Alison Sponseller, 17, daughter of Andy and Melissa Sponseller. She attends Liberty Union High School and is a member of  Wild About Animals 4-H Club.
  • Jadin Triplett, 18, daughter of Jamie Miller and James Triplett. She attends Hockng College is a member of Rough Riders 4-H Club and Fairfield Union FFA.

Contact: Angela Krile, Volunteer Coordinator, Fairfield County Junior Fair Queen Contest, 740-974-3948, angela@krilecommunications.com

Effective for 2022, the use of Ractopamine (i.e. Paylean) is no longer banned in Fairfield County

Effective for 2022, the use of Ractopamine is no longer banned for the Fairfield County Fair.

During their regular meeting on February 15, 2022 the Senior Fair Board is expected to vote to NO LONGER make the Fairfield County Junior Fair swine show ractopamine-free. This will supersede any other announcements regarding the use of ractopamine found on this page.

Previous Junior Fair rules that banned the use of ractopamine were removed from the Junior Fair Rule Book (under Swine Rules). Additionally, this update was shared with advisors in late February/early March at our mandatory advisor club update.


Project Books are required for EACH project coming to fair, read more:

Project Books are required for each project coming to fair.

  • Cakes/Pies/Candies – Bring complete/up-to-date book to judging at fair.
  • Companion Animals – Keep complete/up-to-date books for judging at fair.
  • Dogs – Bring complete/up-to-date books to Dog Check-In Day on Saturday, August 27th.
  • Crops/Hay – Completed project books need to be turned in to the Extension Office by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, September 23rd.
  • All livestock/horse completed/up-to-date project books should either be:
    • A. Brought to their respective Skillathon Day (if participating in that specie’s county Skillathon), or
    • B. Turned into the Extension Office by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, September 23rd (if OSF Skillathon or no county Skillathon is being completed).

ALL LIVESTOCK/HORSE PROJECT BOOKS WILL BE REVIEWED ON SKILLATHON DATES BY OUR BOOK JUDGES. THEY MUST BE COMPLETE IN ORDER TO SHOW AT THE FAIR. INCOMPLETE BOOKS WILL HAVE FAIR ENTRIES DENIED. We will not collect books or give more time for books to be finished between the last Skillathon date and fair like last year.

Final County Skillathon Date: Sunday, September 25th

The Fairfield County Junior Fair will require the completion of at least one Skillathon per 4-H/FFA exhibitor in order to show at 2022 Fairfield County Junior Fair for all beef, dairy, goat, poultry, rabbit (except Pet Rabbits), sheep, swine, dog, horse, alpaca/llama projects. The final county Skillathon date will be Sunday, September 25th for dairy/pygmy goats, horses, alpacas/llamas, poultry, and rabbits.

  • Scheduling for Skillathon is now open – click here to schedule for each Skillathon you wish to participate in: http://go.osu.edu/22skillathon. Scheduling for the last Skillathon date will close at midnight on Wednesday, September 21st. Please contact Stacy Hicks if you need to reschedule.

For a complete list of 2022 Skillathon details, visit: Skillathon Requirement Info for 4-H/FFA Junior Fair Exhibitors (Alpacas/Llamas, Beef, Dairy Cattle, Dogs, Goats, Horses, Poultry, Rabbits, Sheep, Swine)