Apply Now to be a 2023 Camp Counselor!

2023 Camp Counselor Application is now posted as an online application for youth interested in serving as a new or returning Camp Counselor (must be 14 & older to be a counselor by June 1st).

As you complete the online application, you will be asked to upload the following completed forms:

1. Standards of Behavior form

2. Ohio 4-H Camp Cell Phone Policy and Tar Hollow Electronics Policy/Camp Counselor Code of Conduct form

3. Counselor Permission to Participate – 2023 Fairfield County 4-H Camps form

4. Ohio 4-H Health Statement with picture

Please also have at least 2 references including name and email ready when you are working on your online application. The extension office will contact your references for you.

Remember that  2023 camp dates are as follows:

    • Day Camp (Grades 3-9) – June 13-15 at Alley Park
    • Cloverbud (Grades K-2) – June 17 at Alley Park
    • Junior (Grades 3-5) – June 20-23 at Alley Park, Staff Move In June 19
    • Senior – June 30 (Grades 6-9) – July 3 at Alley Park, Staff Move In June 29

If you have any questions, please contact Aubry (!

Be recognized for all you do in 4-H! Members ages 8-13 should complete the Junior Achievement Form!

Fairfield County Jr. Achievement Form (pdf)  (Due January 13, 2023) For 4-H members ages 8-13 as of January 1, 2022 to complete.  This form provides a start towards completing the Ohio Achievement Record form.  There are three levels of awards:  White Clover for members in the first and second year, Green Clover for members in their third and fourth years, and Gold Clover for members in the fifth and sixth year of Traditional 4-H.

The cover letter may be found here.

Example Jr. Achievement Form

2023 Fairfield County Jr. Achievement Forms are due Friday, January 13th at 4:00 p.m.

4-H Older Youth Opportunities – Applications are open!

Do you want to be a camp counselor? Junior Fair Board Member? Junior Leader? Outstanding 4-H’er?  Scholarship or Award Trip winner? Do you find yourself asking “How do I get to do that?” We suspect that as you have gotten older you have started to look for new and exciting things where you can be involved. Read on… 4-H has special opportunities for teens only where YOU can play a part!

The purpose of this email today is to inform you of the many exciting opportunities that await you as a teenager in the Fairfield County 4-H Program. The opportunities in awards, trips, scholarships and more available to teens in the 4-H program are incredible. Do not miss out on learning more and getting involved! Most of these opportunities are open to 4-H members ages 14 and up as of January 1st. Some of these activities require completion of special forms, such as applications or the Ohio 4-H Achievement Record, while others just involve asking for more information. Regardless of what you are interested in, be sure to call if you need more information or would like some help with the necessary forms. The deadline for the Ohio Achievement form and all applications is Friday, January 13th, 2023, so complete this survey soon so that you can get started.

To receive specific information about these opportunities, please select the link below:

2023 Older Youth Opportunities or copy and paste the URL: Once you complete the survey, you will receive additional information by email regarding your areas of interest.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any question or need assistance with any applications or forms, feel free to call or email Leslie (740-277-4625) at or Aubry (740-277-4626) at

We encourage you all to broaden your 4-H experience and try something new. We think you will find many new friends and much more fun ahead!

4-H Junior Achievement Form & Youth Opportunities (ages 8-13)

Youth who have completed at least one year of project work through age 13 as of January 1st, 2023 are invited to record their 4-H accomplishments on the 2023 Fairfield County Junior Achievement Form! Achievement Forms are now available on our website under Member Resources. Or access here. Trip Awards are also available to Junior Achievement Form applicants for Carving New Ideas Workshop and the Junior Shooting Sports Education Camp (age/grade requirements and 4-H involvement are considered for trip award selection).

We also invite you to learn more about completion of this 4-H award form by attending the Junior Achievement Form Workshop on Thursday, December 8th at 6:00 p.m. at the Fairfield County Extension Office/Ag Center. Get ideas on how to fill out this form and WHY 4-H award forms are important! (see attached flyer)

Furthermore, if a 4-H member in your family has reached the age of 13 of January 1st 2023, they might find a few of the older youth opportunities of interest. Please consider age requirements accordingly for joining the following groups:

  • Junior Leaders (join at any time once you reach the age of 13 – contact Aubry Fowler for more info.
  • Junior Fair Board (application is due January 13th) – must be 14 by October 1st of 2023 to apply.
  • Fashion & Nutrition Board (application is due January 13th) – must be 13 to apply.
  • Camp Counselor (application is due January 13th) – must be 14 and older.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any question or need assistance with any applications or forms, feel free to call or email Leslie (740-277-4625) at or Aubry (740-277-4626) at

We encourage you all to broaden your 4-H experience and try something new. We think you will find many new friends and much more fun ahead!

Cloverbud Graduation Video 2022

Cloverbud Graduation is held as part of Cloverbud Day at the Fair. We use that time to recognize Cloverbud members who are ‘graduating’ from the Cloverbud program and will be traditional 4-H members in 2023. As a reminder, all of these activities are optional but members who participated received a gift and are included in the video.  Thank you to the Cloverbud members who participated!
Without further ado, here is the 2022 Cloverbud 4-H Graduation Video!

Outstanding 4-H Alumni Award – Nominations Open!

The Fairfield County Junior Leaders are honored to recognize two former 4-H’ers who have been selected as outstanding 4-H Alumni. This award annually recognizes one male and one female former 4-H member (any county or state) for their outstanding contribution(s) to the 4-H program as adult volunteers. In addition to their own individual plaques, the outstanding 4-H Alumni will also have their names added to our 4-H Alumni Award Plaque which is on display in the lobby of the Fairfield County Extension Office.

Please submit this form: 2023 Outstanding Alumni Nomination Form by Dec. 15th to nominate a former 4-H member for this award along with a short reason why he or she should be recognized.

Anyone is welcome to nominate Outstanding 4-H Alumni! Please nominate one man and one woman who are 4-H Alumni.  They can be from any state or county 4-H program. This award is not limited to just current advisors! This award annually recognizes one male and one female former 4-H member (any county or state) for their outstanding contribution(s) to the 4-H program as adult volunteers. Please submit a nomination form for a former 4-H member for this award and include a short description on why they should be recognized.

Save the Date: December 8th for our Achievement Form Workshops

Be recognized for all you do in 4-H! It all begins with keeping great records of your 4-H accomplishments! Save the date of December 8th for upcoming workshops! Details are in the flyer posted below.

Younger 4-H youth (ages 9-13 as of 1/1/2023) are encouraged to start completing your Junior Achievement Form. Junior Achievement Awards will be awarded in April 2023!

Older 4-H youth (ages 14-18 as of 1/1/2023) are encouraged to explore the many teen opportunities available to them when they complete the Ohio 4-H Achievement Form including: County Merit Awards, College Scholarships, County Trip Awards, Outstanding 4-Her Award, State Achievement Awards – and perhaps earning a trip to National 4-H Congress! County Merit Awards, Scholarships, and Trip Awards will be awarded in April 2023!

Attention youth interested in beekeeping – here’s a scholarship opportunity!

Student Beekeeping Scholarship Opportunity sponsored by the Fairfield County Beekeepers Association.

Fairfield County Beekeepers Association( FCBA) will award  2 or more beekeeping scholarships for 2023, to FFA student members, 4-H participants, or Ag. class students; ages 12 – 19. Students who apply should demonstrate a strong interest in becoming a beekeeper and have a strong work ethic.

The scholarship winners will receive:

  • A beginning beekeeping training class and text book, (Classes, bee yard, and club meetings are at St. Marks Church, Lancaster
  • Hands-on training in our bee yard
  • Monthly “Virtual Mentoring” on the 1st Sat., from 8:30-12:00
  • An experienced beekeeper mentor
  • Monthly educational bee club meetings
  • A  loaned, “work to own ” Beekeeping Kit  and the opportunity to earn the following , by carrying out the task requirements for the  program:
    • woodenware for 2 full beehives
    • a bee jacket with veil
    • bee tools
    •  two colonies of bees.
  •  They will also receive  a 1- year membership in the Ohio State Beekeepers Association, and a one year membership in FCBA.

If all tasks of the program are carried out successfully by the recipient; ownership of the 2 hives, colonies and all equipment will be awarded to  that recipient in January of  2024.

Interested applicants should read through the scope of the program and understand the work and learning requirements of being a beekeeper, before deciding to apply.  Parent permission and support is also required.

  • Applications are due to the club by Friday, January 14, 2023 if emailed. 
  •  If using US mail, applications should be mailed by Tuesday, January 11, 2023.
  •  Awards will be announced during the week of  February 7, 2023, by email and phone call.
  • The recipients chosen  will need to be available to take the all-day Beginner Beekeeping class on Saturday, February 11  or February 18, 2023.

Applications can be found at under the tab > Bee School Scholarship. Information is also attached to this email, if you would like to provide copies to your students. There is also a poster provided.

Please pass this information on to your students as soon as you can!

Thanks for hanging in there to teach our youth during these crazy times!



Jeannie Saum,

Retired elementary educator of 36 years, and

President, Fairfield County Beekeepers Association

614-975-6139 (for your use only) (for questions from you, parents or students)


Ohio Military Kids: Winter Wonderland

Military families may join the Ohio Military Kids program for a FREE Winter Wonderland as we offer crafts, snacks, family activities, and a special visit from Santa in the North Pole! It is Saturday, December 10th, 2022, 1:00pm to 4:00pm in Central Ohio (specific location will be shared once registered).

Please register by November 30th for the event at