Missed Skillathon? LAST CHANCE: Makeup Test on Monday, Sept. 26

Skillathons are required to exhibit at the Fairfield County Fair for exhibitors showing dogs, horses, dairy cattle, beef cattle, swine, sheep, goats, poultry, rabbits (no Pet Rabbit), and llamas/alpacas.

If you did not complete an Ohio State Fair Skillathon (in-person or virtual) or County Fair Skillathon (September 10th or 25th), you MUST complete the makeup test in order to show at the 2022 Fairfield County Junior Fair.

Exhibitors can schedule to take a written test by calling the OSU Extension Office at 740-653-5419.

The makeup test will take place on Monday, September 26th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Rickett’s Hall/Ed Sands Building at the Fairgrounds.

IF you need to complete the makeup test option, you will need to have all 4-H/FFA record books turned into the Extension Office by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, September 23rd so that project book judges can review them on the second Skillathon day (September 25th). INCOMPLETE BOOKS WILL HAVE FAIR ENTRIES DENIED. We will not collect books or give more time for books to be finished between the last Skillathon date and fair like last year. No books will be reviewed after September 25th.

Did you complete an Ohio State Fair Virtual or In-Person Skillathon, be sure to turn in your 4-H/FFA Project Record Book by Sept. 23rd.

Skillathons are required to exhibit at the Fairfield County Fair for exhibitors showing dogs, horses, dairy cattle, beef cattle, swine, sheep, goats, poultry, rabbits (no Pet Rabbit), and llamas/alpacas.

  • All 4-H/FFA Record Books will be checked during Skillathon dates for ALL projects (even if you completed the Ohio State Fair Virtual or In-Person Skillathons to meet the county Skillathon requirement).
  • If a participated in OSF Skillathon – books still need to completed and turned into the Extension Office by Friday, September 23rd so that they can be reviewed by our Project Book judges on the second Skillathon date of Sunday, September 25th.

Project Books

  • 4-H and FFA Record Books are required to be COMPLETED for each project.
  • 4-H Members should have a NEW 4-H Record Book each year they take the project.
  • 4-H and FFA Records Books will be reviewed at Skillathon.
    • For those who forget or don’t bring book – will need be completed and turned into the Extension Office by Friday, September 23rd.
    • Exhibitors will who do not properly complete a record book for each of their fair projects WILL NOT be allowed to exhibit at the fair. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • No books will be reviewed after September 25th.

Completing your 4-H project(s) this year!

As we wind down from a busy 4-H year and wrap up project completion at the Fairfield County Fair next month – we wanted to share a few updates about how you can be sure to complete at least one (if not all) of your 4-H projects this year!

If a 4-H member brought their project to SUMMER JUDGING or LATE JUDGING, our office has marked these projects as complete for this year. Any other “summer projects” that have been completed at the club/advisor level, by completing a club/advisor project review must be documented to our office by Friday, September 30th. If a member has not completed at least one project this year, they will not receive a year of completion as a 4-H member this year. If youth need to complete a project review on a summer project, they can share the story of his or her project at a club meeting and/or with a club advisor. Additionally, a complete project book should be reviewed by a club advisor. Full project completion guidelines are included in the Project Member Guidelines for each respective project.

If a 4-H member is planning to bring a project to the COUNTY FAIR, our office will receive completion records from the fair and your project will be complete for the year. This includes: Cakes/Pies/Candies, Crops/Gardening, Companion Animals, Dogs, Livestock, Horses. As a reminder, 4-H members who wish to complete a dog/horse/livestock project can complete Skillathon and Project Review at the county level to be marked complete for this year even if they do not exhibit these animals at the fair.

Please reach out to your 4-H club advisor if you are in need of completing a 4-H project this year at the club level by scheduling an advisor project review.

Additionally, if you DO NOT plan to complete a project this year, please contact Haley Black at black.768@osu.edu so that we can remove this from your 2022 enrollment. Thanks!

Project Books are required for EACH project coming to fair, read more:

Project Books are required for each project coming to fair.

  • Cakes/Pies/Candies – Bring complete/up-to-date book to judging at fair.
  • Companion Animals – Keep complete/up-to-date books for judging at fair.
  • Dogs – Bring complete/up-to-date books to Dog Check-In Day on Saturday, August 27th.
  • Crops/Hay – Completed project books need to be turned in to the Extension Office by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, September 23rd.
  • All livestock/horse completed/up-to-date project books should either be:
    • A. Brought to their respective Skillathon Day (if participating in that specie’s county Skillathon), or
    • B. Turned into the Extension Office by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, September 23rd (if OSF Skillathon or no county Skillathon is being completed).

ALL LIVESTOCK/HORSE PROJECT BOOKS WILL BE REVIEWED ON SKILLATHON DATES BY OUR BOOK JUDGES. THEY MUST BE COMPLETE IN ORDER TO SHOW AT THE FAIR. INCOMPLETE BOOKS WILL HAVE FAIR ENTRIES DENIED. We will not collect books or give more time for books to be finished between the last Skillathon date and fair like last year.

Last Call for Winning 4-H Plan Requests – Due Sept 6th

The Winning 4-H Plan is about Making 4-H Accessible for Club Members with Disabilities. Ohio 4-H welcomes and encourages youth with disabilities to participate. If you have not submitted a request and think your child may need one, all request forms are due Sept 6, 2022.

Need more information about the Winning 4-H Plan?

  • Reasonable accommodations will be made for all youth with disabilities.
  • The Winning 4-H Plan Request Form can be found here and is due to Aubry Fowler (Fowler.443@osu.edu) by Sept 6, 2022 if you have a member who need accommodations for skillathon or fair.
  • The 4-H Educator will communicate all accommodations to the appropriate personnel
  • This completed accommodation document will be provided to the youth by the 4-H Educator
  • Requests for accommodations are considered on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the accommodation does not fundamentally alter the event or provide a significant advantage or disadvantage to anyone participating.
  • Accommodations will be specific to the individual.
  • Judges may modify regular judging procedure to accommodate requests and will need to determine that
    modification would not inhibit the ability of other exhibitors and/or animals in the show.

Common Accommodations include:

  • Typed responses or use of scribe for longer passages in project bool
  • Help with _________ (ex. reading, writing, math)
  • Extra time for ___________ (ex. reading, writing, response answering questions, taking test)
  • Rephrase or reword questions as needed for understanding
  • Break down tasks/questions to simple instructions
  • Directions/questions provided orally
  • Hand over hand to perform skill/task
  • Reduce the number of questions/items performed
  • Use of interpreter (sign language)
  • Project books/materials provided in pdf, enlarged print, or other format. Pease contact Laura Akgerman (akgerman.4@osu.edu) to request project books in alternate/electronic format
  • Use of service animal or seeing eye person when deemed safe (in show ring)
  • Change of location to quieter setting for interview/judging/ task performance
  • Use of device, tool or mechanism that helps the individual perform the task

All  members who submitted a winning plan, should have received their accommodation document on 8/29/2022 from Aubry. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Aubry Fowler, 4-H Educator, at 740-277-4626 or Fowler.443@osu.edu

Summerfest is Saturday, August 13th!

Youth who received 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Outstanding or Honorable Mention with their summer judged 4-H Projects will be honored on Saturday August 13, 2022.  This year we will be holding our recognition in the Wagner Theatre at the Ohio University-Lancaster campus, starting at 7 pm.  Youth should have received their post card invitation within the last week.

We look forward to recognizing all our wonderful youth!

Mandatory Dog Check-In Day and Dog Skillathon is August 27th

This is a reminder to those youth enrolled in 201D You and Your Dog for the upcoming Mandatory Dog Check-In Day. Please plan on joining us on Saturday, August 27th starting from 10 am to 12 pm in the Feeder Creek Veterinary Show Arena on the Fairfield County Fairgrounds.

What do you need to bring?

Mandatory Dog Check-In Day includes: (Saturday, August 27, 10:00 a.m.)

  • Health Check
  • You & Your Dog Interview Judging
  • PetPALS (for dogs) Interview Judging
  • Canine Ambassador Interview – Youth meeting the age requirements will be sent info soon!
  • Skillathon – required for 2022!
  • Rally Show n’ Go – $5 cash/run optional

New for 2022: Dog Premier Exhibitor! Highest score from a combination of Skillathon/Interview Judging, Showmanship, Obedience, and Agility (lowest score to be dropped). For more information about Premier Exhibitor, click here.

We look forward to seeing you on the 27th! Please visit the Ohio 4-H Dog website for Ohio 4-H Dog Show Rules and additional information.

Congrats to Ohio State Fair Project Winners (non-livestock)

The non-livestock results from the 2022 Ohio State Fair are posted online. Click here to see a complete list.


Rian Raver, Sundresses and Jumpers, Outstanding of the Day

Saige Howard, Sew for Others – Junior, Outstanding of the Day

Hannah Brown, Dress Up Daywear, Clock Trophy Winner

Julia Ribo, Sew Fun – Senior, Outstanding of the Day

Mary Cate Kitsmiller, Clothes for High School and College, Outstanding of the Day

Scarlett R. Sims, Designed By Me, Outstanding of the Day

Rachel Sponseller, Ready, Set, Sew Active, Outstanding of the Day

Creative Arts:

Isabella Byrd, Get Started in Art – Senior, Outstanding of the Day

Jaela Kim, Seeing Through Graphic Design, Outstanding of the Day

Creative Arts – Cake Decorating:

Alexis Kline, Cake Decorating Advanced – Junior, Clock Trophy Winner


Gracie Weber, Demonstration – Junior, Outstanding of the Day

Companion Animals:

Hannah Jones, You & Your Dog Interview (Ages 8-10), Outstanding of the Day

Gracie Weber, Reptiles & Amphibians (Age 8+), Honorable Mention

Engineering Excitement:

Kendall Wild, Science Fun with Electricity, Outstanding of the Day

Family Life:

Megan Maloney, Babysitting, Outstanding of the Day

Food and Nutrition:

Charlotte Werner, Yeast Breads on The Rise, Outstanding of the Day

Julia Luallen, Kitchen Boss, Outstanding of the Day

Cece Woods, Sports Nutrition – Senior, Outstanding of the Day


Max Sims, Staying Healthy-Junior, Clock Trophy Winner

Matthew Taylor, First Aid in Action-Junior, Outstanding of the Day

Home Decorating:

Sophia Preston, Makeover My Space-Junior, Clock Trophy Winner


Kate Johnson, Club Leadership, Clock Trophy Winner

Grace Terflinger, Leadership Self-Determined (Camp Counseling), Outstanding of the Day


Daisy D’Amico, Controlling the Image – Level 2, Outstanding of the Day


Gracie Weber, From Airedales to Zebras – Vet Science I, Outstanding of the Day

Shooting Sports:

Alayna Leppert, Shooting Sports-Archery, Junior, Outstanding of the Day

Brendan Logsdon, Shooting Sports-Archery, Senior, Outstanding of the Day

Natural Resources:

Josiah Edwards, Beekeeping – Junior, Clock Trophy Winner

Gracie Weber, Outdoor Adventurer: Beginning Fishing, Outstanding of the Day

Lucille Fish, Explore the Outdoors, Outstanding of the Day

Julia Ribo, Grow Your Own Vegetables, Clock Trophy Winner

Workforce Prep:

Brin-Leigh Hoisington, Workforce Prep – Junior, Clock Trophy Winner


Livestock Project and Record Book Examples

Hey Livestock Exhibitors! We know many of you are working on your 4-H and FFA project books in preparation for club advisors to review these soon prior to fair!

I have found a great resource for you if you would like to see examples on how to complete your books! 4-H and FFA members from across the state have volunteered their books to serve as examples. Copies are available to review online by clicking here. Scroll to the bottom of the page under “General Resources.” Sample books are posted for Lambs, Poultry, and Beef.

Please only use as a resource and DO NOT COPY!

Save the Date for 4-H Summerfest: Summer Project Awards Ceremony is August 13th

Our annual Summerfest Awards Program will be held Saturday August 13, 2022 at the Wagner Theatre at the Ohio University – Lancaster Campus. Members who completed their summer projects and received a 1st-3rd place, Honorable Mention or Outstanding will be mailed postcard invitations to the event soon. The event will begin at 7 p.m.  We look forward to seeing you help us celebrate the great work done with summer projects. This event is open to the public.