Volunteer Position Open: Junior Fair Meat/Market Goat Superintendent (Apply by February 3rd)



If you are interested in an opportunity to develop leadership and organizational skills and be an active participant in planning the Fairfield County Junior Fair, we would encourage you to apply for the position of Junior Fair Meat/Market Goat Superintendent. We are looking for individual interested in working with the Senior & Junior Fair Board and staff to provide the following duties:

  • Operate the Junior Fair Meat/Market Goat Show during the Fairfield County Fair
  • In December, review the rules for the Junior Fair Meat/Market Goat Show and assist in updating rules to meet current industry standards.
  • In January, work with Junior Fair Director to develop tagging plan.
  • Work with schedule and operation of the July Tag in for goats.
  • Provide input to the Skillathon event as needed.
  • Develop a communication instrument with exhibitors through email through out the year on upcoming events related to the meat/market goat show. Database will be provided.
  • Assign and schedule pen assignments for goat exhibitors.
  • Plan and conduct with your committee the meat/market goat show at the fair.
  • Coordinate meat/market goat showmanship.
  • Complete all required documents regarding meat/market goat show results and champions.
  • Work with sponsors and their commitment to award sponsorship.
  • Seek with assistance new award sponsors for new award areas.
  • Work closely with Junior Fair Director, Fair Manager, and 4-H & FFA leadership.
  • Follow up in early September non-sponsored awards and assist in finding sponsors.

Skills required:

  • Excellent communication and organization skills.
  • Timely follow up on calls, emails, or problems.
  • Ability to work alongside volunteers, Junior Fair Board Members, parents, and exhibitors of all ages.
  • Computer skills utilizing spreadsheets and word processing skills.
  • An outgoing personality that will be the spokesperson for the Junior Fair Meat/Market Goat Program.
  • Work in a cooperatively with the Senior Fair Board, Junior Fair Superintendents, OSU Extension Staff, and 4-H & FFA leadership.

Applicants should send a resume with cover letter to Doug Shell, Junior Fair Director at lshell171@gmail.com by Friday, February 3rd 2023.

All applications will be reviewed by a committee and selected applicants will be interviewed.

And the 2022 Fairfield County Fair Scarecrow Winner is….Helga!

In cooperation with the Fairfield County Senior Fair Board, Visit Fairfield County and the Fairfield County Master Gardeners scarecrows were created to welcome visitors to the Fairfield County Fairgrounds in 2022.  4-H clubs were challenged to create scarecrows representing their club or highlight some of their 4-H projects.  Sixteen total scarecrows were displayed from local FFA Chapters and 4-H clubs.  The Qualtrics survey created for voting captured nearly 80 emails plus gave us the knowledge that our County fair visitors/respondents voting were from 5 Ohio Counties with one respondent as far away as Plymouth County, Iowa.  The winner of the 2022 “First-Ever” Fairfield County Fair scarecrow Contest was “ Helga..The Poultry Barn Scarecrow.”

COME VISIT THE SCARECROWS at the Fairfield County Fair!!!

New this year to the Fairfield County Fair..a scarecrow trail at the 2022 Fairfield County Fair, thanks to a partnership with Visit Fairfield County and the Fairfield County Fairboard.  Here’s the scoop… we are asking our Junior Fair Exhibitors and Royalty to help us educate fairgoers by creating their own scarecrows highlighting their livestock species or special interest at the County Fair Competitions.  The scarecrow voting will take place the week of the Fairfield County Fair, October 9-15!!  All fairgoers at the 172nd Fairfield County Fair will be encouraged to take a minute to look for the scarecrows around the livestock barns and historical buildings and VOTE for their favorite scarecrow!!  The goal of this contest is to have FUN and educate our Fairgoers a bit about the livestock and youth organizations that are a large part of our Junior Fair program.  The scarecrows will only be on display during County Fair Week.  Come out and join the fun at the Fairfield County Fair..it is THE place to be the second week of October! !

Stock the Trailer ..Help us Fill the Pantry!! Canned Food Drive!!

The Fairfield County Junior Leaders are asking for your help with a Fairfield County Fair canned food drive!! Farm Credit Mid-America is challenging County Fairs all across the State to help fill local food pantries with their STOCK THE TRAILER, FILL THE PANTRY food drive.  By participating in this event you will allow youth to compete for monetary prizes awarded by Farm Credit for those Fairs bringing in the most pounds of canned food donated.   The Junior Leaders will be collecting your donations daily at the #50 Show Arena, drop off containers at the Broad and High Street entrance gates to the Fairgrounds.

Don’t want to shop… send a monetary donations to the attention of the Fairfield County Junior Leaders 4-H Club c/o OSU Extension 831 College Avenue, Suite D, Lancaster, OH 43130.  We will send our Junior Leaders out to shop for you.  The contest ends on the last day of the Fairfield County Fair, October 15. Your support helps our YOUTH  give back!!

Be a part of the Fairfield County Fair – Scarecrow Trail!

We are excited to announce a partnership between Visit Fairfield County, the Fairfield County Ag Society, and our Junior Fair Volunteers/Exhibitors – the inaugural Fairfield County Fair Scarecrow Trail!

Over 25 scarecrows will be on display for the Fairfield County Fair – fairgoers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite by scanning a QR code to vote. Which scarecrow will be the Grand Champion Scarecrow of the Fairfield County Fair!?

If you are interested as a 4-H Club/FFA Chapter in creating a scarecrow, please reach out to Leslie Cooksey at cooksey.25@osu.edu for locations available and additional details. Scarecrows will need to be registered by providing us with a contact name/phone/email AND scarecrow name. Scarecrows must be in place by Friday evening, October 7th.


OPEN CLASS Fair Entries: Due September 22nd

Fairfield County Fair Entries are Due September 22, 2022!The Fairfield County Fair is just around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about making those Open Class fair entries! Find out more about all the Open Class categories on the Fair website. https://bit.ly/FCFOpenClassFairBook
We are excited to announce there are three ways to register your Open Class Entries this year!
  1. Enter online! (Your new option) Go to Fair Entry. The first time you use this system, you will need to create an account. After you’ve created the account, you can access it any time before 4 pm on 9/22/22, to add or change your entries. Instructions on creating your account and adding entries is available at: Using FairEntry – 2022 Fairfield County Fair. Please note: This year as we transition to the Fair Entry program, participants will still need to come to the Administration Building to pay for their entry and pick up the exhibit tickets.
  2. Bring your entry form to the Administration Building at the Fairgrounds, 157 East Fair Avenue, Lancaster, OH. Our amazing staff is available from 8:30 am to 4 pm to answer your questions, take entries, payment, and give you your exhibit tickets/stickers.
  3. Mail your entry blank and payment to:
Fairfield County Fair
Open Class Entry
157 East Fair Avenue
Lancaster, OH 43130

FairEntry is OPEN – Fairfield Co. Fair Entries are due August 26th!

The Senior Fair Board has approved the use of a new fair entry program that will allow the integration of fair entry data with livestock sale efforts. Additionally, Junior Fair results will be posted from at our FairEntry page when they become available during fair week. FairEntry (https://fairfieldjrfairoh.fairentry.com) is now open to take entries for the 2022 Fairfield County Junior Fair. Entries will be open through 11:59 p.m. Central Time on Friday, August 26th.

4-H families will log in and make entries for their entire family using their 4-HOnline login information. If they also have a child in their family that participates in FFA only, they are able to make their entries using the same login. Please remember you will be using your 4-HOnline login information NOT creating a FairEntry login. Fair entries need to be made for all livestock, horse, dog, companion animal, cakes, pies, candies, alfalfa/hay, gardening projects that plan to be exhibited at the Fairfield County Junior Fair.

  • Exhibitors who participated in 4-H summer judging projects ONLY do not need to complete fair entries as your project is marked complete for this year.
  • 4-H Advisors who do not have their own children enrolled in 4-H will not be able to login in to FairEntry.

FFA families will need to create a FairEntry login to create entries for their entire family. FFA exhibitors will be responsible for making their own livestock/horse entries through the online FairEntry submission process. County Ag Teachers will submit all shop/crop projects on behalf of their chapter and these respective projects should not be made through the FairEntry process by an exhibitor.

Please review this entire packet prior to beginning your entry process: Fair Entry – 4-HOnline Family 2022 

Please view the following videos to assist you with the entry process:

If you have issues or questions regarding or during the process please contact Leslie Cooksey at cooksey.25@osu.edu.

  • Fairfield County Fair Entries may be entered from August 8 – 26, 2022. Be sure to complete your entries (including the final “Submit” step) prior to 11:59 p.m. Central Time on August 26, 2022.
  • Register all entries for each exhibitor in the family before proceeding to the Payment section. No fees are charged for entries, the Payment section is part of the submission process.
  • Be sure to click the “Submit” button when you have completed your entries. Entries are not final until they have been submitted.
  • Check your email inbox for a submission confirmation email with a list of your entries.
  • You will receive a second email when your entries have been approved by the Fairfield County Fair.

Download and Pre-Fill Saturday’s Tagging Form for Dairy Feeders, Market Goats, Market/MQP Hogs

Click here to download, print and complete your tagging form: FAIRFIELD COUNTY JUNIOR FAIR FAMILY TAGGING FORM 2022. Market/MQP Lambs do not need to complete this form as you already submitted this information when scheduling your tagging appointment. As a reminder, tagging procedures for Saturday are as follows:

Junior Fair Tag in Procedures for July 16th for Swine/ Sheep/ Goats/ Dairy Feeders-2022

The Fairfield County Agriculture Society will be conducting the Junior Fair Livestock Tagging for the 2022 Junior Fair on Saturday July 16th, 2022, on the Fairgrounds. Exhibitors must tag in (and in some species also weigh in) on that day to be eligible to show at the 2022 Junior Fair in October. Exhibitors can bring their own animals, or they can be transported by anyone to the Fairgrounds that day as long as you provide the required information to the person bringing your animals. You do not have to be present that day. The registration sheets will be available that day and online at the Senior Fair and 4-H Websites. Click here to download, print and complete your tagging form: FAIRFIELD COUNTY JUNIOR FAIR FAMILY TAGGING FORM 2022.

Tagging this year is by family tagging. All market animals will be group (family tagged) and any member of the family can show any animal tagged. “Family” means the immediate family of an exhibitor, including exhibitor’s parents, stepparent, foster parent, grandparent, step grandparent, foster grandparent, brother/sister, son daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, or guardian. As defined in Ohio Administrative Code 901-19-01.


  • Swine 7 a.m. till 12 Noon
  • Market Lambs – 7:30 a.m. till 11
  • Dairy Feeders 7:30 a.m. till 10:30
  • Market Goats 7:30 a.m. till 11
  • **If you need to haul multiply loads please let us know  you might need a reasonable amount of extra time so we can make sure everything at weighed in that day.**

Procedure for arriving at the Fairgrounds: Please enter through the main gate off Fair Avenue. Once you are on the grounds you can have your animals tagged at the following locations:

SWINE: You need to travel through the main gate and drive up between the horse barn and Ed’s Sands/Farm Bureau Building pass the AAA and make a right on the top road. Tagging and picture Id will be completed in your trailer animals will not leave your trailer. We will be running several teams of taggers and ID pictures. You will pull off near the shed row barns be tagged and then we ask you to exit through the high street gate. If you have other animals to weigh, we suggest you start with your swine first. You may travel back through the grounds to the front gate by making a right just before the High Street gate and go down by art hall and the main Office. Remember it might be congested will all coming in the main gate and high street might be a better option.

DAIRY FEEDERS: You need to travel through the main gate and drive up and pass the Ed Sands/Farm Bureau Building on the right and pull in the West side of the Beef Barn. Once you are weighed and tagged, please exit to the east toward High Street. You may travel back through the grounds to the front gate by making a right just before the High Street gate and go down by art hall and the main Office. Remember it might be congested will all coming in the main gate and high street might be a better option.

SHEEP: You need to travel through the main gate and drive up pass the Ed Sands/Farm Bureau Building pass the beef barn and then head towards the swine barn. If you are just tagging your project, then you can drive between the horse and swine barn, and they will tag your animals. If you are in MQP and need weighed pull through the swine barn. Please exit east to high street. You may travel back through the grounds to the front gate by making a right just before the High Street gate and go down by art hall and the main Office. Remember it might be congested will all coming in the main gate and high street might be a better option.

Sheep Exhibitors: Please review this additional page for scheduling your appointment time(s) for tagging. Please note, sheep is the only species scheduling appointment times for tagging/weigh-in:

MARKET GOATS: You need to travel through the main gate and once you are in the grounds, please pull your trailer to the right along side of the 4-H and 50 Show Arena where your animals will be tagged. You may then move to another area if you have additional animals or exit to Columbus Street or through the High Street gate by traveling on through the fairgrounds and going south of the Show arena and out the high street gate.