Summer Judging Award Results and Photos are POSTED!

We are so proud of all of the hard work each of our 4-H members (and their families…and their advisors!) have put into the last few months as you have worked through your 4-H project work and completed summer project judging last week!

Please know that we hope that each 4-H member is able to learn and grow from their 4-H project judging experiences – an opportunity to be asked questions and respond, an opportunity to open up and talk to an adult that they do not know, an opportunity to be brave! As 4-H staff, we truly have the best seat in the house on judging days watching the kids and their projects come through the door and we are so proud!

Did you miss summer judging? No problem…call our office (740-653-5419) to schedule an appointment for late judging which will take place on Tuesday, July 27th at the Ag Center/Extension Office. Members participating in late judging are no eligible for awards for state fair consideration.

The results from 2021 Summer Judging have been posted on our website. Click here to check them out! On the webpage, please select each day to view Summer Judging results. Eligible youth will be contacted when State Fair packets are available. Please note: State Fair Delegates are selected at the discretion of the judge(s). Not everyone will qualify for State Fair Selection.

Save the date for our Summer Judging Awards Program: Summerfest! Scheduled for Saturday, August 21st from 7-9 pm, Ed Sands Building, Fairgrounds. Invitations will be sent to the Award Winners soon!

Additionally, we tried to get photos of most youth while participating in judging this week. All photos have been posted in our Facebook Photo Album: Click here to access.

How do I get ready for summer judging?

  1. Complete your project book and activities as outlined in your the Project Guidelines for your particular project.
  2. Practice reviewing your project with an adult. Have them ask you questions about what you did and learned from your project.
  3. Schedule an project judging appointment by July 8th for each project that you are completing this summer by clicking this link.
  4. What day is my project judging? Review your project information in the 4-H Member Handbook.
    • Can’t make it on your assigned day? No problem! Although you won’t be eligible for county awards/state fair consideration, you can sign-up for late/make-up summer judging on July 27th at the Ag Center/Extension Office by calling 740-653-5419 to make an appointment.
    • That still doesn’t work for you? No problem! Although you won’t be eligible for county awards/state fair consideration, you can talk to your 4-H advisor to work with you to review your project for completion for the year.


Interview judging is a discussion between the judge and 4-H member regarding the member’s project, the member’s learning experience and development and plans for the future. It is a one-on-one discussion. Members do not have to participate in interview judging to complete a project, but it is an excellent way to build skills in interviewing and provides an opportunity to compete for county awards and state fair participation. Listed below are a few statements or questions often used in making the interview meaningful to the 4-H member. These types of statements help a judge find out about the member’s knowledge, accomplishments, interests, and challenges with the project.

a. What projects have you taken in 4-H?
b. Why did you select this project this year?
c. What did you hope to learn from the project?

a. Knowledge of project – subject matter – use of project terms.
b. What went well with the project? What did you do? What did you accomplish?
c. What problems did you encounter?
d. What assistance did you have? – 4-H Advisor, Junior Leader, Parents, Friends or Relatives.
e. Questions related to 4-H project book content.

a. What more would you like to learn in this project area?
b. What project will you take next year?
c. What are your other interests?

a. What 4-H activities have you participated in within your club or county?
b. Leadership experience in local club
c. Overall knowledge of 4-H
d. Plans for future – schooling, career, etc.
e. What was the biggest thing 4-H taught you this year?

This is an interview, so 4-Hers will want to keep in mind:
a. Wear nice clothes (dress pants/slacks, skirts, nice blouses, tops, etc.)
b. Grooming is essential. (hair, nails, etc. should be presentable)
c. Shake the judge’s hand
d. Be polite; use please and thank you
e. Do not have gum or other food in their mouth!

Textile and Clothing Zoom Series begins April 29th for 4-H Sewing Members

Are you a 4-H member interested in learning more about sewing? Join the Zoom Clinic Series presented by 4-H Master Clothing Educator volunteers from across the state. You will expand your sewing knowledge and learn skills to help you with your projects. Attend all sessions or the ones that interest you! Register by completing the online survey at:

Teen Tip Tuesday: Breakfast Made Easy

Today’s Teen Tip video is “Breakfast Made Easy” and contains quick and easy breakfast ideas along with a reminder about the importance of taking time to eat breakfast.  The video can be found by visiting the Ohio State University Extension Belmont County-FCS Facebook page or on the OSU Extension Professional YouTube page by using this link.

Questions about 4-H Award Forms and Applications? Drop in for Open Office Hours via Zoom 12/28 and 12/29

We hope everyone has made progress on their 4-H award forms and applications this month. If you have questions or just want to know where to start… drop in for my office hours via Zoom next week on Monday and Tuesday.

Information on Older Youth Opportunities and Awards (including Junior Achievement Forms):
Award Forms are available at

Open Office Hours via Zoom for Older Youth Award Forms:
December 28th from 1-3 p.m.
December 29th from 1-3 p.m.

Apply now for the 2021 Fashion and Nutrition Board!

The 2021 Fashion and Nutrition Board Application (online application) is now available for youth 13+ with at least 3 years of experience in clothing and/or food & nutrition related projects. Applications are due by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, January 8th, 2021.

Current or previous Fashion/Nutrition Board members do not need to re-apply. Please send Shannon Carter an email that you would like to be on the 2020-2021 board.


Age 14 and older by January 1st? It’s time to explore older youth 4-H opportunities!

Do you want to be a camp counselor? Junior Fair Board Member? Junior Leader? Outstanding 4-H’er? Scholarship or Award Trip winner?

Do you find yourself asking “How do I get to do that?”

We suspect that as you have gotten older you have started to look for new and exciting things where you can be involved. Read on… 4-H has special opportunities for teens only where YOU can play a part! Many exciting opportunities await you as a teenager in the Fairfield County 4-H Program. The opportunities in awards, trips, scholarships and more available to teens in the 4-H program are incredible. Do not miss out on learning more and getting involved!

Most of these opportunities are open to 4-H members ages 14 and up as of January 1st. Some of these activities require completion of special forms, such as applications or the Ohio 4-H Achievement Record, while others just involve asking for more information. Regardless of what you are interested in, be sure to call if you need more information or would like some help with the necessary forms. The deadline for the Ohio 4-H Achievement Form and all applications is Friday, January 8, 2021, so complete this interest survey soon.

To receive specific information about these opportunities, please select the link below or respond the email that was personally sent to 4-H members (ages 13-17 as of 1/1/2020).

Once you complete the survey, you will receive additional information by email regarding your areas of interest. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any question or need assistance with any applications or forms, feel free to call or email Leslie (740-277-4625) at or Aubry (740-277-4626) at We encourage you all to broaden your 4-H experience and try something new. We think you will find many new friends and much more fun ahead!

**Completing the interest survey above is not required to complete any award forms or applications. This merely allows us to help get the information to you and follow-up with those who have expressed interest!**

2020 Junior Fair Updates (by specie) are posted!

2020 Junior Fair Updates by specie have been organized and posted by specie on the OSU Extension/4-H website. Please note that this information is current as of 10/8/2020 and is subject to change. Updated documents will be reposted to this site with the updated date noted next to the specie should that need to happen.

Items that have been updated since they were originally posted on 9/23/2020:

  • Map of parking area
  • Modified Junior Fair Schedule (updated 10/6/2020)
  • Beef Cattle (updated 9/25/2020)
  • Rabbits (updated 10/7/2020)

Please take the time to read all updates as it pertains to your family and Junior Fair participation this year. Please review the 2020 General Rules and Modified Junior Fair Schedule listed at the top of this page. Additionally, since no updated rule book was printed for 2020, it is important to read the 2019 Junior Fair Book rules as well for your respective specie. All of this information is listed on this page of the website.

Please reach out if you have any questions at all!

Here is a screenshot of our OSU Extension/4-H website where the updates are posted. Below the 2020 updates, you will find links to the 2019 Junior Fair Rule Book.

Teen Tip: How much sugar is in the beverages you drink?

Do you know how much added sugar is in the beverages you drink?  What you drink is just as important as what you eat. Miriam Knopp, OSU Extension Intern in Franklin County, explains why sugary drinks should be avoided and explains how to determine the amount of sugar in the beverages you consume.  The “Added Sugar in Beverages” YouTube video link can be found here.

2020 4-H//FFA Project Book Review – PLEASE READ!

4-H members are required to complete a project or record book each year for each of the projects in which they are enrolled. In past years, advisors reviewed project books for livestock, horse, gardening/crop projects at the club level – unless members pursued the Premier Exhibitor Contest, where they turned in their project book at the fair to compete in the Project Book Contest.

Likewise, FFA members are required to complete project records for their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) projects through AET. If FFA members chose to participate in Premier Exhibitor in the past, they also turned in a printed version of their project records from AET to be reviewed in the Project Book Contest.

In 2020, Skillathons returned to the Fairfield County Junior Fair and the Project Book Contest and Premier Exhibitor Test have been discontinued for the Premier Exhibitor Contests. Originally, our plan was to have project books reviewed as a station of in-person Skillathons. The books would have been quickly reviewed in person by a judge who also would have interviewed the exhibitors on what they have learned from their 4-H/FFA project(s). Due to COVID-19 and moving Skillathons virtually, this in-person book review could not take place and an alternative plan was established.

Our alternative plan to review project books this year will be a county level review. 4-H Project/Record Books will be reviewed by 4-H Staff at the Extension Office while FFA Record Books will be reviewed by each FFA Advisor in their respective chapters.

What do exhibitors need to do?

  • Each member will need to turn in a project book for each project you plan to bring to the fair. This includes: All Beef (breeding, market, feeders, dairy beef feeders), Hogs, Sheep (breeding, market), Goats (meat does, market wethers, dairy, pygmy), Poultry, Rabbits (breeding, market – NOT Pet Rabbits), Horses, Dairy (breeding), and Llamas/Alpacas.
  • Records should be completed through September 18th. We understand there are portions of your book(s) that cannot be finished until after fair (i.e. profit/loss statements). We also know that you could not do everything you normally could have done this year with regard to citizenship, leadership, and project activities – but please update these sections of your book(s) the best you can for what you were able to do this year. Complete as much of your book as possible through September 18th.
  • For project completion requirements for each species, please review the 4-H Project Guidelines for Fair Projects.
  • If more work does need to be completed in project books (i.e. a book is turned in with numerous pages not filled out), you should expect to get a phone call asking you to pick-up your book and work on it more in order for it to be complete and be eligible to show at the fair.
  • Remember: Exhibition at the fair is an option beyond completion of 4-H and FFA projects. It is a privilege, not a right. You must be a member in good standing with your 4-H Club/FFA Chapter in order to show at the fair. One of the requirements for both organizations is completed project/record books.
  • Families can choose to drop off books on their own but should communicate that with their club advisor(s).

What do 4-H advisors need to do?

  • Sign the front covers of the 4-H Project Books!
  • Help with book collection and drop off at the Extension Office.
  • Books can be dropped in a box/tote provided by the club at the front door of the Extension Office. Or, you may place books in tote that we will place outside the Extension Office. No appointments are needed for book drop-off only.
  • Families can choose to drop off books on their own but should communicate that with you.

Drop-off schedule:

  • Monday, September 21st from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, September 22nd from 9:00 a.m. – 7:15 p.m.
  • Wednesday, September 23rd from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, September 24th from 9:00 a.m. – 7:15 p.m.
  • Friday, September 25th from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

How will 4-H Staff/FFA Advisors review books?

  • We will not be using a rubric.
  • We will be looking for current, up to date records for this year.
  • We expect the book to be completed for the projects that are taken.
  • We expect the front cover of the book to be completed and legible.
  • We expect members to complete their own project/record books.
  • A quick project/record book review will take place prior to fair. If more work needs to be done in a 4-H project/record book prior to fair (i.e. a book is turned in with numerous pages not filled out), we will contact the exhibitor to pickup their book(s) and to work on it more in order for it to be complete and be eligible to show at the fair.
  • We will keep books until after fair to allow for a more thorough review books and so we can provide feedback on how 4-H members can learn and make their books better. This is meant to be a learning process this year, much like learning how the Skillathons were going to be for the first time this year. Books will be returned in December when 4-H Advisors pick-up Livestock Sale Checks on behalf of the club.

Details on 4-H Project Books:

The newer 4-H livestock record books are designed to include records for all projects taken in that specie. Add additional pages if needed if you are keeping separate records (i.e. pygmy vs. dairy goats). If you are taking more than one project in a specie, you should fill out all information applicable for those projects in your 4-H record book (market, breeding, feeders, etc). Those projects that share ONE 4-H record book are as follows:

  • ONE (135) Project/Record Book should be turned in for all 4-H Goat Projects:
    • (135BD) Dairy Goats
    • (135BM) Breeding Meat Goats
    • (135M) Market Goats
    • (135PY) Pygmy Goats
  • ONE (117) Beef Project/ Record Book should be turned in for all 4-H Beef Projects:
    • (117B) Beef Breeding
    • (117DF) Dairy Beef Feeder
    • (117M) Market Beef
    • (117BF) Beef Feeder
  • ONE (150) Poultry Project and Record Book should be turned in for all 4-H Poultry Projects:
    • (150CE) Chicken, Exhibition
    • (150CM) Chicken, Market
    • (150CEP) Chicken, Egg Production: Hens and Pullets
    • (150DE) Duck, Exhibition
    • (150DM Duck, Market
    • (150GE) Goose, Exhibition
    • (150TE) Turkey, Exhibition
    • (150TM) Turkey, Market
    • (150H) Helmeted Guinea Fowl
  • ONE (190R) Equine Record Book for the following Horse Projects:
    • (174) Beginning Horse Management*
      • *First year members taking (174) Beginning Horse Management can turn in this book with completed records for their first year and do not need to turn in the (190R) Equine Record Book. For second year and up, members taking (174) Beginning Horse Management should turn in the (190R) Equine Record Book.
    • (175) Light Horse Selection
    • (177) Horse Training: How to Talk to Your Horse
    • (180) Learning to Jump
    • (181) Draft Horse
    • (182) Small Equine
    • (184) Standardbred Horses
    • (185) Equine Reproduction and Genetics
    • (188) Trail Riding
    • (189) Dressage
    • (762) Horse Nutrition

The 4-H livestock record books that have not been updated by Ohio 4-H in recent years have separate books for breeding and market. 4-H members taking both market and breeding should be completing a book for each project.

  • SEPARATE Record/Project Books should be turned in for (199) Sheep Breeding and (198) Market Lambs.
  • SEPARATE Record/Project Books should be turned in for (225) Breeding Rabbits and (226) Market Rabbits.
  • SEPARATE Record Books should be turned in for (122 ) Dairy Heifers and (126) Dairy Cows.

Additional books that should be completed for the following projects:

  • Market Hogs: (139) Market Hog Project and Record Book
  • Llama/Alpaca: (132) Llama and Alpaca Project and Record Book
  • Pigeons: (365.22) Self Determined Idea Starter: Pigeons

Book Drop-Off Exceptions:

  • You and Your Dog exhibitors will keep books and bring with them to Dog Judging at the fair on Sunday, October 11th.
  • Companion Animal (including 227 Pet Rabbit) exhibitors will keep books and bring with them to Companion Animal Judging at the fair on Sunday, October 11th.
  • 4-H Gardening/Crop Project exhibitors will keep books and bring with them when they drop off their fair display on Saturday, October 10th between 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. in the 4-H Display Barn.
  • Cakes/Pies/Candies exhibitors will keep books and bring with them to Cakes/Pies/Candies Judging at the fair on Monday, October 12th.

Additional questions can be addressed to Leslie Cooksey, 4-H Extension Educator, by email at Additionally, feel free to listen to this recording of an interview with Connie Smith featured on 88.9 The Farm Page on Saturday, September 12th where 4-H and FFA project/record books are discussed:

 For a printable version of this information, click here: 2020 Project Book Information