Junior Market Beef Numbers Grow Again

Participation in the Fairfield County Junior Fair Market Beef Show has grown again this year! Tying for the largest number of youth to tag in a market steer or market heifer project since 2006, sixty eight (68) youth brought their market beef show prospects to weigh-in at Fairfield Cattle Company on Saturday, March 11th. This represents nearly a 60% increase over the 43 youth that weighed-in market beef animals just five years ago.

In summary, sixty eight 4-H and FFA members weighed in a total of 101 beef feeder calves as their projects in preparation for the 2023 Fairfield County Fair’s finished market beef junior show. Of those 101 head tagged in on Saturday, 5 were market heifers and 56 were bred, born and raised (BBR) here in Fairfield County. The average weight of all calves was 725 pounds. These calves will be finished and returned to the Fair for exhibition on Tuesday, October 10, 2023 after being on feed for 210 days.

To read more on the history of market beef tagging/weigh-in, visit this link!

Livestock Judging at the Ohio Beef Expo!

On behalf of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association and the Ohio State University, we welcome you to join us at the 35th Annual Ohio Beef Expo for the Judging Contest. It will be held on March 17th at 9 a.m. in the Coliseum at the Ohio Expo Center. Check-in will be from 7-8 a.m. There will be NO ONSITE REGISTRATION. Beef Expo is one of Ohio’s largest industry events, bringing youth, breeders and the public together.

The EARLY registration deadline is March 1

  • $10 per participant, $40 per team

The LATE registration deadline is March 12

  • $15 per participant, $60 per team

Link: https://www.ohiobeefexpo.com/schedule-events/youth-events

If you have any questions about the contest, reach out to Karigan at kblue@ohiocattle.org or by phone at 614-873-6736

Market Beef Tagging, Weighing, and DNA Sample Collection Procedure for 2023 in Fairfield County

Again this year families will tag their market beef calves at home prior to weighing them in at Fairfield Cattle Company on March 11.

The time for Fairfield County’s market beef tagging and weigh-in is upon us. Based on the success of the tagging and weigh-in process that has been utilized in recent years, this year will be conducted in a similar fashion with only a few modifications.

In advance of weigh-in youth will be required to tag their own market beef animals with an 840 EID tag (unless they already have an EID tag). Visual numbered tags will not be provided or required this year. However, as in the recent past, participants will submit a hair follicle DNA sample at the weigh-in which will begin at 8:30 a.m. on March 11, 2023.

Beginning immediately and in advance of March 11, families with market beef projects will also be required to reserve weigh-in time, and only those directly involved in transporting and weighing-in calves should plan to attend . . . please, no spectators! The goal remains to reduce congregation at weigh-in and minimize the transfer of paperwork. Specifically, the step-by-step process includes . . . Continue reading

Join the 4-H Meat Judging Team! First Practice – Monday, February 6th

Youth interested in livestock are strongly encouraged to join the 2023 4-H Meat Judging Team! Practices start February 6th and continue through April. The State 4-H Meat Judging Contest will take place Saturday, April 29th at the Animal Science Building on the OSU Campus in Columbus.

Reach out to Meat Judging Coach, Sarah Doner, if questions!

Ohio 4-H Virtual Livestock Judging Contest

How would you like to participate in a judging contest and gain judging experience from your phone? The contest began on Thursday via Facebook. Each week a class will be posted on the Ohio State – 4-H Animal Sciences Facebook page with a link to fill out your information and placing selections. It is open to participants of all ages and states. The species will include cattle, swine, sheep, and goats.

The rules are simple:

  • It is 100% FREE
  • Participate each week before results are posted
  • The contest is open to all ages
  • Results will be posted at the beginning of each week
  • The contest will run for 6 weeks

Division champions will be selected and are divided as follows:

  • Novice (0-7)
  • Junior (8-11)
  • Intermediate (12-14)
  • Senior (15-18)
  • Advanced (19+)
Check out judgingpro.com for additional species and resources.

Participate every week for a chance to be named the Ohio 4-H Animal Sciences Virtual Judging Champion!

Be sure to include this in your 4-H and FFA record books under learning experiences!

Sources: Licking County 4-H Blog and Ohio State – 4-H Animal Sciences Facebook Page

New rule for the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association’s BEST program, BVD testing required


October 15, 2022                        


Hanna Fosbrink, manager of communications
614-873-6736, hfosbrink@ohiocattle.org

New rule for the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association’s BEST program, BVD testing required

(MARYSVILLE, Ohio) – A new rule regarding Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) persistent infection (PI) status will be applied to the 2022-23 Ohio Cattlemen’s Association’s (OCA) Beef Exhibitor Show Total (BEST) program. All cattle (BEST and non-BEST) (in-state and out-of-state) must have a negative BVD test to exhibit at any OCA BEST sanctioned show.

BVD is a respiratory and reproductive virus that wreaks havoc on cattle’s immune systems and their ability to bore calves. It can be passed on to calves at birth and has variable symptoms. The key to ensuring the health of a herd is to spot the signs of BVD early and cut off contact between healthy and infected livestock.

Like declaring a breed at the first sanctioned show, proof of a negative BVD PI test MUST be provided at the next BEST sanctioned show immediately following the first BEST show the animal attended, whether or not you plan to exhibit cattle at the show. Failure to do so will result in the animal being dropped from the BEST point standings and the program. Additionally, any showmanship points garnered with the animal will be forfeited.

A BVD PI test is a one-time test good for the life of the animal. Schedule the BVD PI test with enough lead time to receive the test results prior to a BEST show. A lead time of at least two weeks is recommended prior to the first show. If purchasing show animals, ask your seller if the animal has had a BVD PI test.

Acceptable tests include and are limited to: Immunohistochemistry (IHC) on skin, Antigen-capture ELISA (ACE) on serum (blood test) or skin, Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) on whole blood, serum or skin. Animals must be individually tested and individually identified. Pooled testing is acceptable only if documentation is provided that the animal was specifically included in the pool and that the pool contained no more than seven animals.

The OCA BEST Committee will be working with local jackpot shows and county cattlemen’s associations to offer BVD testing ahead of the BEST show season to reduce the cost of the test for exhibitors and to streamline BEST check-in procedures. More information on these tests is available at www.ohiocattle.org/best or by calling the OCA office at 614-873-6736. If unable to attend one of the pre-season testing opportunities, your local veterinarian may perform one of the approved BVD tests.

For more information on testing, refer to the complete BVD rule included within the OCA BEST rules for 2022-2023 and available on the OCA website www.ohiocattle.org/best


BEST is a youth program of the OCA that recognizes Ohio’s junior beef exhibitors through a series of sanctioned shows. Juniors who participate in these sanctioned shows earn points for their placing at each show. The OCA BEST program promotes educating Ohio’s juniors about beef industry issues, providing career development opportunities, and rewarding the successful accomplishments and hard work of those junior beef producers.

Beef Exhibitors, we want your opinions!

Dear past, present and future, Fairfield County Junior beef exhibitors,

Share your thoughts, make the 2023 beef show the best ever!

We hope you enjoyed the Fair and are already looking forward to next year. In an effort to make the environment in the beef barn and surrounding area the best it can be we are asking for your input.

As you’re likely aware, participation in Fairfield County’s beef projects has been on the rise during the past eight years nearly doubling over that time. As with anything that experiences rapid growth, there are some growing pains. In particular, barn space and the surrounding grooming area spaces have become very tight in recent years.

We are exploring a variety of alternatives to address the many challenges that result from growing participation in the beef project area. And, we want to carefully consider your suggestions and opinions as we proceed.

In an effort to make next year’s beef projects and shows the best experience possible for our youth, their families and spectators, we hope you will take a few minutes and complete our survey. We realize the 20 questions we are asking will take a few minutes of your time, but we sincerely want your thoughts and opinions!

Please tell us what you think by clicking on this link!


Desirae Logsdon & Matt Henwood
Fairfield County Junior Fair Beef Superintendents