DUNF Forms (Drug Use Notification Forms)

The Drug Use Notification Forms (DUNF) are now available for advisors to pickup from the Senior Fair Office or Extension Office. Forms will be due at weigh-in for each species. As a reminder, our county code is 94. NEW for 2017, per page 7 of the Junior Fair Rule Book, Rule 26 states: Market animals and any species that requires a DUNF must be free from any/all drugs in their system on fair weigh-in day.

4-H Livestock Project Book Competitions

Exhibitor project record books will be judged as part of the Premier Exhibitor Contests for each livestock species (this is required for consideration in any species’ Premier Exhibitor Contest).

However, you do not need to be participating in the Premier Exhibitor Contest to turn in a book and be considered for the Project Book Competition (separate awards will be awarded!).

There will also be a tiebreaker question that youth who are participating in the 4-H Project Book Competition need to answer when they drop off their book at each species’ weigh-in. Project books MUST be turned in at fair weigh-in/check-in and will be judged during fair week. Awards will be presented for each species’ competition at their respective shows.

Please Remember to THANK YOUR SPONSORS!

We need to make sure our sponsors receive thanks and appreciation for supporting Fairfield County’s youth. This would include applying for the Bertha Wilson Scholarship, receiving awards at Summerfest, as well as receiving awards at the Fairfield County Junior Fair.

Please make sure if you are receiving awards (or have received awards already this year), to write a thank you note to your sponsor for these awards. Several people took lots of time making sure there was an address label for your particular sponsor on the back of rosettes/ribbons and attached to trophies.

Please note that we often lose sponsors because they do not receive a note of appreciation and thanks from our youth members receiving the awards that they have sponsored. If a member is not sure of their sponsor for an award received at Summerfest or the Fair, please contact the Extension Office and we will help you get the information you need.

We also strongly encourage youth to share information about their project, award(s) received, and perhaps a picture! Sponsors really enjoy reading this information.

Thank our Livestock Sale Buyers by Participating in the Buyer Poster Contest!

All Junior Fair exhibitors are invited to participate as individual or as a group in their 4-H Club/FFA Chapter in crafting a poster thanking our Livestock Sale Buyers. This contest is sponsored by the Fairfield County Junior Fair Board. Additional details are included in this flyer and prizes are available! You can thank your buyers specifically from past years or thank all buyers in general! Posters will be displayed in Feeder Creek Vet Show Arena on sale days at the 2017 Fairfield County Junior Fair. If you have any questions, please contact Junior Fair Board member, Sarah Doner at sarahdoner78@yahoo.com.

Daily Fair Fun for KIDS of ALL AGES with Junior Fair Board!

New this year, the Fairfield County Junior Fair Board will be hosting daily activities in the #15 FFA Display Barn/Baby Animal Barn which is near the Round Cattle Barn and 4-H Display Barn. Each day, they will host hands-on activities for youth between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. Activities will be targeted toward 4-H Cloverbud members, but all ages are welcome! We hope to see you there!

2017 State 4-H Horse Groom and Clean Contest Results

The Ohio State 4-H Horse Groom and Clean Contest is a fun and competitive event that was held on September 23rd, 2017 at Marmon Valley Ranch in Zanesfield, Ohio.  Junior and Senior teams begin the day with muddying their horses. Once the mud dries, teams set up their cleaning equipment and are given 30 minutes in which to clean their horse. Teams are judged on equipment set up, equipment use, team work, safety, and how well the horse is groomed and cleaned. Teams members also take a test on horse knowledge and are judged on showmanship as well. The team member scores are added together, and the team score is used for placings.

The Fairfield County senior team members were Ellie Tipple, Gabby Gugliemotto, and Jordan Kagey, who ranked 12th of 19 senior teams.

The Fairfield County junior team members were Madelynn Sullivan, Ashley Love, and Renee Hart who placed 3rd of 14 junior teams.

The detailed results can be found here.

Junior Team: Madelynn Sullivan, Renee Hart, Ashley Love


Senior Team: Jordan Kagey, Ellie Tipple, and Gabby Gugliemotto


Ohio State Beekeepers Association renews the 4-H Partnership Program for 2018!

After a successful inaugural 2015 OSBA 4-H Partnership program, Ohio State Beekeepers Association has renewed and refreshed the program for the 2018 beekeeping and 4-H season. For 2018, OSBA will selectively sponsor five 4-H members across Ohio by providing the basic woodenware and toolkits to establish 2 complete hives.

By partnering OSBA, Extension 4-H staff, and local beekeeping organizations with the 4-H members undertaking the beekeeping project, the program supports and encourages young beekeepers by providing experienced practical support and reducing the expenses required to get started in beekeeping. Ideally, active participation of key players, including the student, his/her guardian, 4-H advisor, local association and a mentor will significantly increase the likelihood of success of the 4-H beekeeper through experiential learning.  Local beekeeping associations who participate gain visibility to a new and vital audience and increase positive community involvement of the “next generation” of beekeepers.

Please click here for details: Ohio State Beekeepers 4-H Partnership

Selection Criteria

  1. Youth must be between the ages of 12 and 18 by January 1st of the scholarship year, be a member of 4-H, and enrolled in public, private or home school.
  2. Applicant must complete and return the application by November 21, 2017.

Selection Process

  1. The selection committee will carefully consider each candidate and select finalists.
  2. The OSBA 4H Beekeeping Partnership Program Scholars will be announced by January 6, 2018

The selected Partnership Program Scholars will receive:

  1. Woodenware  and tools for two hives (see attached document)
  2. 1 year free membership to OSBA, with electronic newsletter
  3. Free attendance to the OSBA Fall Convention (including 2 guests)
  4. OSBA Beekeeper Training DVD
  5. OSBA Apiary Diagnostic Kit

 The Sponsoring Local Association will be expected to:

  1. Provide membership and mentorship
  2. Provide beginner beekeeping training
  3. Help find a source for purchasing bees

The Partnership Program Scholar will be expected to:

  1. Provide bees for the two colonies
  2. Attend and successfully complete the agreed upon Beginning Beekeeping Classes.
  3. Keep a written record of the 2018 beekeeping experience.
  4. Provide a quarterly update for the OSBA newsletter
  5. Present a final report to the membership at the OSBA Annual Meeting on November 3, 2018.

A Certificate of Completion and full ownership of the colony and the equipment will be presented at the OSBA Annual Meeting upon successful completion of the program criteria and positive evaluation by sponsoring association.

For additional information, questions or comments see the OSBA website at www.ohiostatebeekeepers.org or contact us at 4h@ohiostatebeekeepers.org or call 567-703-6722.

OSBA looks forward to working with 4-H and local beekeeping associations to help nurture our next generation of beekeepers.