You Gotta Believe Livestock Camp (Sheep & Goats)

We have an exciting SHOWMANSHIP opportunity for you in a location near you in Norwalk, OH. Chastin Leggett, from You Gotta Believe Livestock Camps, is holding a sheep and goat livestock camp on May 1st-2nd, 2021 at the Huron County Fairgrounds, Norwalk OH.

Your campers will receive hands on learning and 1 on 1 showmanship coaching with industry leading counselors while working and practicing with your OWN animal.

Things also covered in camp are:

  • Livestock selection and evaluation
  • Livestock basic nutrition
  • How to fit and prepare your animal for show
  • Character strengthening
  • ….and much more!

Camp spots to have a tendency to fill fast, but registration is as simple as going to and filling out your registration form.

Some FAQs can also be found at his website:


If you have any general questions about the camp, please reach out to Lauren Ott at

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