Completing your 4-H project(s) this year!

As we wind down from a busy 4-H year and wrap up project completion at the Fairfield County Fair next month – we wanted to share a few updates about how you can be sure to complete at least one (if not all) of your 4-H projects this year!

If a 4-H member brought their project to SUMMER JUDGING or LATE JUDGING, our office has marked these projects as complete for this year. Any other “summer projects” that have been completed at the club/advisor level, by completing a club/advisor project review must be documented to our office by Friday, September 30th. If a member has not completed at least one project this year, they will not receive a year of completion as a 4-H member this year. If youth need to complete a project review on a summer project, they can share the story of his or her project at a club meeting and/or with a club advisor. Additionally, a complete project book should be reviewed by a club advisor. Full project completion guidelines are included in the Project Member Guidelines for each respective project.

If a 4-H member is planning to bring a project to the COUNTY FAIR, our office will receive completion records from the fair and your project will be complete for the year. This includes: Cakes/Pies/Candies, Crops/Gardening, Companion Animals, Dogs, Livestock, Horses. As a reminder, 4-H members who wish to complete a dog/horse/livestock project can complete Skillathon and Project Review at the county level to be marked complete for this year even if they do not exhibit these animals at the fair.

Please reach out to your 4-H club advisor if you are in need of completing a 4-H project this year at the club level by scheduling an advisor project review.

Additionally, if you DO NOT plan to complete a project this year, please contact Haley Black at so that we can remove this from your 2022 enrollment. Thanks!

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