Final Reminder – Sign up for Summer Judging!

The sign ups for summer judging opened Friday afternoon, June 14th.  By participating in this judging, you may be selected to represent Fairfield County at the Ohio State Fair.  If you need to know what projects are being judged what days at the state fair, they are available at this link.

To participate in judging you’ll need to schedule an appointment using the following instructions (Registration will close on July 3rd):

  • Go to to log into your account using the same email and password you used to register for 4-H this year.  Please remember to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser.  Also, use a regular computer, not your phone please. 
    • If you don’t know which email you used, reply to this email or contact the extension office (740-652-7260)
  • Once you are logged into your account, you should be on the page with ‘Announcements and Newsletters’ as well as an arrow that says ‘go to family’. Directly above the “Announcements and Newsletters” you will find the My Meetings section in small blue font. Select My Meetings. If you are not on this page, please select the house symbol on the top right of your profile to get to the page.
  • This will show your available meetings.  There should be the 4 days of judging listed.  Choose the correct project area and go to the far right to the blue ‘Sign Up‘.
  • Use the drop down box to select the correct family member and then the topic (which we have as project number).  Once you have selected the project number, the times will populate.  Use the drop down box to select the time you would like for judging. There are projects being judged by more than one judge, so please check the second (or third) judge as well to see if they have a time available that fits your schedule better.  If there are multiple judges, you only need to sign up with 1 judge. Multiple judges mean there are more members signed up for the project that one judge can complete in a scheduled day.
  • If you have problems getting your judging scheduled, please contact Missy at 740-652-7264 or
  • We also have additional instructions on the website at

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