State 4-H Achievement Award Results!

The following individuals have been selected by the State 4-H Achievement Award Selection team as an award winner or an alternate.  In the near future, those state award winners will be receiving contracts and other information from Allen Auck at the State 4-H Office. First and second alternates will not receive anything from the State 4-H Office.

Please join us in congratulating these youth on top State 4-H honors! Fairfield County received 16 awards – awarded to 13 youth. 5 state winners, 3 first alternates, and 8 second alternates! The state winners will be representing Fairfield and Ohio 4-H at the National 4-H Congress in Atlanta, Georgia this fall.

The future is bright! Congrats to all!

Derek Burns – National 4-H Dairy Conference – Second Alternate

Levi Hyme – Environmental Science – Second Alternate

Sydney Malone – Rabbits – Second Alternate

Sydney Malone – Swine – Award Winner

Grant Michael – Dairy – Second Alternate

Grant Molnar – Mechanical & Engineering Science – Second Alternate

Madison Newell – Gardening & Horticulture – First Alternate

Reed Newell – Companion Animals – Award Winner

Emily Praither – Family Life & Child Development – Second Alternate

Hayley Richardson – Photography – Award Winner

Jonathan Stepp – Leadership – First Alternate

Jonathan Stepp – Woodworking – First Alternate

Sydney Stinson – Personal Development – Award Winner

Sydney Stinson – Swine – Second Alternate

Laura Swinehart – Woodworking – Award Winner

Sydney VerDow – Gardening & Horticulture – Second Alternate

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