Save the Date: Cloverbud Day at the Fair (October 10th)

Cloverbud Members – Save the Date for Cloverbud Day at the Fair!

Fair is just around the corner so be sure to put these Cloverbud Fair Events on your calendar. As a reminder, all of these activities are optional but members will receive a ribbon or gift for participation.

Cloverbud Day at the Fair: Sunday, Oct 10th

  • Show-N-Tell, 12 p.m., Round Dairy Barn
    • This is an opportunity for club members to tell about their year in 4-H. Members are encouraged to bring a project or item from the 4-H year to show and talk about.
    • All participants will receive a ribbon.
    • If you’re interested in attending Show-N-Tell, please email me with number of members participating. We will all meet at noon in the ROUND CATTLE barn and each club will get a turn to present their show-n-tell.
  • Stuffed Animal Show, Round Dairy Barn
    • Encourage your members to bring their favorite stuffed animal. Each child will get to enter the ring, share a fun fact about their animal, and have a mini experience of what it’s like to show at the fair.
    • This show will take place immediately following Show-N-Tell
    • All participants will receive a ribbon.
  • Cloverbud Graduation
    • We will be recognizing Cloverbud members who are ‘graduating’ from the Cloverbud program and will be traditional 4-H members in 2022.
    • Members should have received an invitation email and survey to fill out if this applies to them.
    • Graduation will follow immediately after the Stuffed Animal Show in the round dairy barn arena!

If you have any questions, please contact Aubry at or 740-277-4626. We look forward to seeing you at the Fairfield County Fair!

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