2020 Livestock Changes

Major Changes Affecting Livestock Projects for 2020 include:

  • County Fair will be opening on Friday with animals moving in on Thursday night
  • Dairy Feeder Steers may be purchased anywhere in the state of Ohio and exhibitors may sell up to two dairy feeders
  • Only castrated male Market Lambs and male Market Goats will be exhibited (no females)
  • Dairy Feeders, Market Lambs and Market Goats must be castrated by tag-in (June 6). A Veterinarian will be present at tag-in (see ruleĀ  35 for details).
  • See your Jr Fair Guide for county fair show time/day changes
  • Waterford Hog exhibitors will need to provide their own 5 X 7 picture for livestock sale buyers
  • Barlow Duck exhibitors will show showmanship on Thursday evening and market classes on Friday morning.

See your 2020 Jr Fair Guide for complete updates!